When you run a food service business, choosing the right packaging is essential to giving your food the boost it deserves. Great food packaging does more than hold your tasty creations, it hints at what’s to come for your customers!

But the question is: which food service takeout bags are the ones for your business? Brand association is a big deal when the products you sell are consumable, because they don’t stick around for very long! That said, the right experience will hang around for much longer than even the hardiest product.

While the biggest part of that experience is – rightly so – the delicious food you’re providing them with, there’s a lot to be said for crafting your brand identity. Make your mark on your customers, from the moment they see your iconic bags to the moment they sit back, food finished, and drop into a food coma.

Let’s jump into the five kinds of custom bags in our food service range to help you make your choice.

Custom Takeout Bags

noissue custom takeout bags give your pick-up and delivery game a serious facelift.

Brand your goods for pick-up and delivery with recyclable, custom paper takeout bags your patrons will love. Takeout bags give you the power to expand your brand beyond the four walls of your venue, featuring your logo (or another design element) proudly emblazoned on the side.

These bags are the ultimate sustainability triple threat, branching across all three segments of our sustainability triad. If you’re looking for a sturdy, branded alternative to single-use plastic bags, these will effortlessly elevate your delivery experience while keeping your food in great condition.

With our low minimum option, these bags come in two sizes with a kraft paper base. Wholesale, you can choose from custom sizes, handles, and finishes (as well as altering the base to white paper for more design versatility).

In the Wild: Custom Takeout Bags from Brooki Bakehouse

noissue custom takeout bags for @brookibakehouse

If you’re in the baking industry – or if you’ve ever tried to nail a batch of macarons – then you know how much time and patience goes into making cookies. For Brooke Saward, owner and operator of Australian bakery Brooki Bakehouse, showing that consideration in her packaging was important.

Not only that, she needed a sustainable, secure way for customers to carry their orders away. With her design, sustainability, and security needs in mind, she created these iconic bags that are emblematic of her brand.

Custom Bread Bags

noissue custom bread bags are the packaging your bread deserves.

Anyone heading out to buy a loaf of handmade bread is looking for the artisanal experience, and that’s something you can deliver! Custom bread bags allow you to brand your bakery goods sustainably. Each one is crafted from our grease-resistant paper, meaning they’re moisture friendly and matte to the touch.

These branded bags are recyclable and compostable, helping you to align with your values while nailing that artisanal feel. If you run a bakery that’s proud to display its selection of handmade breads, these are an essential addition to your packaging suite.

Choose from three sizes:

The Baguette Bag – the perfect length for a crispy baguette, this wouldn’t look out of place in the front basket of a French bicycle.

The Artisan Loaf Bag – the first of our two loaf shapes, ideal for artisanal breads.

The Italian Loaf Bag – the second of our two loaf shapes, less wide than the first but longer to accommodate a true Italian loaf.

Custom Paper SOS Bags

noissue custom paper SOS bags are the versatile boost your food business needs.

No, these bags aren’t calling for help, but they’re certainly offering it! Our custom paper SOS bags are a classic choice for branding your takeout experience. With an elevated silhouette and your logo proudly displayed, these bags keep your café, restaurant, or market goods safe and sound  while proudly declaring your business to the world!

Out of all the bags on this list, the paper SOS bags are possibly the most versatile. Whether you’re taking out or dining in, incorporating this bag into your packaging suite will guarantee a branded bag for any situation.

On the sustainability scale, these bags rank well. Made from recycled material and recyclable themselves, these are a great demonstration of circularity.

In the Wild: SOS Bags for The Peach Truck

noissue custom SOS bags for @thepeachtruck

This is what we mean when we talk about versatility! Down in the depths of Georgia, a company named ‘The Peach Truck’ peddles its namesake in simple, rustic SOS bags. These bags stand up to entire bushels of peaches and jars of peach jam, which speaks to their strength!

Those flat bottom bags make the world go ‘round, and in this case they gift the whole world with fresh Georgian peaches.

Custom Sandwich Bags

noissue custom sandwich bags will be the second best thing about your sandwiches.

While they may be called sandwich bags, these smaller on-brand bags are excellent for any number of food items. Crafted from our grease-proof paper, these bags are recyclable and compostable to put the disposal in the hands of your customers.

Store fries, host a delicious sandwich, or transport pastries with these ultra-versatile bags. Choose from six different sizes with our standard order quantities or unlock custom sizes with bulk quotation orders to give you ultimate flexibility.

If you run a café or takeout restaurant, these bags are the perfect addition to a well-branded packaging suite.

Custom Bakery Bags

noissue custom bakery bags elevate your pastries one serving at a time.

Last but not least, maybe our custom bakery bags are what you’ve been looking for. A bakery bag is designed with a pinch bottom, making it ideal for enjoying a pastry on the go. While this is the standard choice for bakeries and cafes offering delicious baked treats, this can also work for sandwiches or even fries in a pinch

This is also made from our iconic grease resistant paper, ensuring it will protect your customer’s hands from even the most buttery pastry. Thanks to this material, it joins the host of other takeout bags that are both recyclable and compostable.

In the Wild: Custom Bakery Bags by Machine Shop

noissue custom bakery bags for Machine Shop 

Speaking of which, The Machine Shop in Philadelphia is a bakery with an emphasis on the functional (yet delicious) aspects of life. As the area’s staple for baked goods, they needed bakery bags that would stand up to their robust pastries while putting sustainability first. Recyclable and compostable, these bags are the foundation for their takeout service.

You’ve got this in the bag!

No matter which type of custom food bag you’re after, the noissue team has got the solution for you. Create high-quality custom bakery bags, bread bags, and more. Check out our range of custom bags and use our easy online editor to make your packaging look as good as your food does.