Motherhood is a road not to be taken lightly and, most importantly, alone. It is one of the many life-altering and joyful events that can happen to one's life, and it, just like any other, can be just as challenging, especially in today’s world. U-Fhern believes that a community full of love and care is exactly what any mother—new or not—needs and deserves, thus creating Elan House of Wellness.

Elan House of Wellness is a wellness brand that mainly focuses on postpartum care for the modern woman. The community-based care model that Elan has is greatly influenced by founder U-Fhern’s Chinese heritage, tradition, and experience as a mother and wellness advocate, offering a wide selection of products that range from healthy and nourishing food options and alternatives to traditional Chinese medicine, skin care products, and more.

A lot of Elan’s values also go with other aspects of the brand. From the carefully curated products that serve exactly their purpose to restore nutrition, bring comfort, and provide care, to the packaging they use that reflects the brand’s mission and dedication to supporting all those on the path of motherhood. Learn more about Elan’s story, design process, and packaging essentials only here!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

Elan House of Wellness is a small Melbourne-based e-commerce business that aims to support mothers during pregnancy and postpartum. After the delivery of her first child and observing traditional Chinese Confinement, our founder U-Fhern, dreamt of bringing better postpartum care rooted in tradition to the modern woman.

By presenting a community based model of care, and drawing from her cultural traditional Chinese heritage, Elan House of Wellness emerged. Through Elan, we aim to support, restore and nourish mothers and their families with our retail offering including our nourishing food, educational resources, self-care tools, and thoughtful gifts.

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

Elan House of Wellness draws from traditional Chinese practices, especially confinement, also known as “zuo yue zi”. The term Confinement is often misinterpreted and conjures up the image of a jail cell. However this beautiful practice should be seen as a Woman's Winter and time for rest and recovery post birth. Commonly, Chinese women practice confinement for the first thirty to forty days after birth. At the end of this period, if observed well, it is believed that the mother has fully recovered and bloomed from maiden to mother, and emerges out of her cocoon just like a butterfly.

Our design on our tissue paper symbolizes a cocoon which homes a butterfly, ready to emerge into the world after being held, nourished and supported in. The gold thread symbolizes the chord that connects mother to child.

Our compostable tape featuring our custom font was thoughtfully designed. Our font was designed to cohesively blend strength (boldness) and softness (curved edges) to symbolize the power, strength and gentleness a mother holds. It also symbolizes the paradox that is motherhood.

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

We were looking for a reputable eco-friendly supplier with high quality packaging products to align with the Elan brand. Elan House of Wellness is dedicated to sustainability efforts by making careful decisions regarding our products and packaging, as the decisions we make today have an impact on our children and future generations.

Having heard positive feedback from word of mouth, we chose noissue for their seamless, friendly customer service and their quick turnaround time for custom orders.