It’s always a good day for pizza. 🍕 And as per usual, pizza goes into the pizza box. Nothing short of normal, right? Well, let us tell you right now: pizza boxes do not always come with pizza inside (don’t lose heart; it gets better!).

A lot of businesses today take pride in their on-trend packaging designs that get their customers to share on social media platforms for all others to gush about. Others, on the other hand, take pride in defying the norm and diving right into trying out new things. Now wouldn’t that be exciting! 🤩

💡 To give you an idea (and inspiration, of course), here’s some of our favorite unique pizza box usage:

Moustache, the iconic milk and cookie bar in Auckland, uses what normally would be a pizza box as their cookie pie packaging, so not only can their cookies be enjoyed in-store in their Manukau and Remuera branches but also outside during picnics, celebrations, and get-togethers. Easy peasy!


Hospitality workwear expert Tilit, in partnership with San Pellegrino, uses pizza boxes as on-brand packaging for their collaboration merchandise, such as shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and aprons, in "celebration of the versatility of the pizza community and artistry in NYC.".

Bandit Pizza & Wine

From the wonderful branding work of Divide Agency, Bandit Pizza & Wine boasts a fun and creative way to reuse their pizza boxes by incorporating a board game design on the back. So not only do you get a fantastic pizza, but a free game as well to keep the good times rolling!

Tanuki Sushi & Grill Chicago

The viral sushi-zza box from Tanuki Sushi & Grill in Chicago—what more can we say? It’s such an incredible and convenient way to eat your favorite sushi anytime, anywhere, and probably in one sitting, or better yet, with friends and family!


And, last but not least, New York’s Dougnuttery! Famous for their mini donuts that fill their pizza box packaging almost to the brim with traditional and seasonal flavors (sweet, savory, or spicy), they will definitely satisfy whatever donut craving you have for the day.

Got inspired? Check out our newly-updated Custom Pizza Boxes pricing here and get started on your pizza (or not) business!