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QR (quick response) codes have rapidly infiltrated the retail industry and with good reason. QR codes provide a solution to enhance workflow efficiency, use materials more sustainably, and improve the customer experience.

QR code marketing will undoubtedly become more mainstream in the next decade as it's highly beneficial for businesses that gather and store data. Even companies that don't rely on data collection and storage can benefit from utilizing QR codes in their marketing campaigns. If you're a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, smart packaging and touchless transactions should be on your radar.

The Growth of Touchless Transactions

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A shift toward touchless transactions has occurred in the last few years, and this trend accelerated after the pandemic, forcing millions to embrace new technologies.

One of the key drivers of touchless transactions has been the introduction of the contactless card. A few years later, Apple introduced Apple Pay, enabling purchases from a user’s device. Now, even more contactless payment options are available.

The beauty of touchless transactions is how easy they make the shopping experience. Consumers no longer need to deal with cash when making in-store purchases or try to remember their card details when buying products online. Instead, dynamic QR codes offer a contactless way for consumers to interact with your brand.

QR Codes for Consumers

A digital shopping experience with QR-code packaging can boost customer retention and improve the shopping experience.

Printing a QR code on packaging means customers can quickly access your landing pages, social media channels, or other digital platforms by scanning the code to take action. Cameras on all standard smartphones recognize QR codes, bridging the gap between the physical world and the online world for consumers.

Almost 60% of people in the US say they will continue to use QR code shopping permanently. In a recent survey, over half of US consumers aged 18 to 19 said they had scanned at least one QR code in the previous three months.

Why Are QR Codes Effective for Marketing?

QR code compatible packaging is a great way to connect to your customers from the first touchpoint they have with your brand

From custom shipping boxes and mailer bags to packing tape and QR code stickers for business, smart packaging creates a powerful connection with your customers from their first interaction with your brand.

According to the Global Web Index, 8% of the North American population are current QR code users, and 4% globally. QR code use has grown drastically in the last year alone and will continue to do so as more marketers recognize the benefits of QR codes in marketing.

QR code scanning was introduced to smartphone users a while back. Since then, the ability of mobile devices to scan and interpret QR codes has become essential.

Integrating QR codes into widely used consumer technologies, like cell phones, has opened up new opportunities for retailers and marketers to engage with their customers. By strategically incorporating QR codes, companies can address common customer pain points, foster greater brand loyalty, and drive sales growth.

Using QR Codes in Your Business

Here are some practical ways to use QR codes in your marketing strategy:

Website Traffic

Effective QR codes can drive traffic by directing users to your social media profile, specific website URLs, product pages, or landing pages. They’re a cost-effective way to increase engagement naturally and authentically through a microsite.

Designer Wardrobe uses a tissue paper newsletter with a QR code to direct customers who receive a package from them to their website

Once your QR code system or software is in place, you'll incur minimal ongoing fees. Instead of paying for regular online ads that cut into your marketing budget, you can increase web traffic through QR code shopping without any additional charges.

Add a clear call to action (CTA) and the relevant steps your customers need to take after they scan the code so they know where to go next.

Data Collection

In 2019, consumers scanned and redeemed over 5 billion QR coupons worldwide. Presenting discounts and special offers to QR code users helps drive engagement and encourage more consumers to embrace QR technologies.

The more people who use your QR codes, the more first-party data you can gather about customer behavior and preferences. When users scan QR codes on your product packaging or marketing materials, you can monitor which products they're interested in and which items they purchase.

Product Reviews

Food gifting service Angel Delivery includes a Custom Card with a QR code in each order. This connects customers to their website and gives them the option to leave a review

Most customers read through a product’s reviews before making a purchase. If you’re a product-based company, include QR codes on your product page, landing page, or QR-compatible packaging that direct users to your online review pages when scanned. This can help people make purchasing decisions and increase customer retention by showing them how much others love your products.

Getting more reviews on your website can also increase your brand authority and reputation.

Other Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing Campaign

In addition to driving traffic, collecting data, and gathering product reviews, you can use this valuable tool in many other ways to create a successful QR code campaign:

  • Print QR codes on your business card, promotional flyers, or other digital marketing materials to direct users to your social media pages, app, or landing page.
  • Use QR codes in print ads, brochures, direct mail, or email marketing campaigns to provide recipients with instant access to promotions.
  • Add QR codes to packaging that link to how-to videos, user guides, or thoughtful disposal methods.
  • Place QR codes in your retail store that link to digital coupons, loyalty programs, or exclusive content. Include QR codes on event tickets or trade show displays to provide attendees with additional information.

Get creative with your QR code design ideas and placement. By doing so, you can improve the user journey and drive real results.

Wrapping It Up

There's no better time to start using QR codes for marketing! At noissue, we make it easy to create custom QR-compatible packaging that helps you gain more traction as a brand.

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