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If you're in the business of selling soap, you know that it's a product that needs to be well protected during shipment. Soap is a delicate product that can be easily damaged if not packaged properly. That's why it's essential to choose a suitable packaging for your soap products - and that is also representative of your brand!

Hygiene products like soap are also susceptible to moisture and water damage. Thus, your packaging should protect the content of the elements while enhancing the visual appeal of your product. Having packaging that’s protective and aesthetically pleasing will significantly impress customers buying your products, and can result in increased sales with every enjoyable unboxing experience your brand provides. So don’t miss out on making your soap packaging as squeaky clean and refreshing as your product!

In this article, we’ll cover what you need to consider when creating your business’s soap packaging that will not only get your products to customers in one piece but will also help your elevate your brand.

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Another important aspect of packaging is branding. Creating a custom packaging for your soap that includes your logo, brand colors, and other design elements is a great way to make your product stand out from the competition.

Custom packaging can also be used as a marketing tool to promote your soap business. Including coupon codes or discounts in the form of QR codes on your packaging is a great way to generate new customers and sales.

What should you consider when designing your brand's soap packaging?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right packaging for your soap business:

  • The type of soap you're selling (e.g., bar soap, liquid soap, etc.)
  • The size and shape of your soap products
  • Your budget
  • Your brand identity
  • The needs of your customers
  • The type of shipping you'll be using (e.g., air, ground, etc.)

Of course, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the proper packaging for your soap business. But, these are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

What can sustainable soap packaging look like?

Depending on the format of your soap, there are a variety of sustainable packaging options. Cardboard boxes are both great eco-friendly options for soap packaging. If you're looking for something a little more luxurious, try using mailer boxes or cloth bags, or a mix of both!

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How to keep your brand's soap fresh throughout shipment with the right materials

One of the most important things to consider when choosing soap packaging is how to keep your product fresh throughout shipment. As mentioned above, soap is a delicate product that can be easily damaged by moisture or water.

That's why it's crucial to use materials to protect your soap from damage. We recommend using kraft paper tubes, cardboard shipping boxes, and cloth bags because they're all excellent materials to safeguard soap.

Kraft paper is a great material for wrapping soap because it's absorbent and will protect your soap from moisture damage. Cardboard boxes are also a great option because they're durable and keep your soap safe during transit. Finally, cloth bags are a good choice for brick and mortar soap stores because they're breathable and allow your soap to air out during transit.

How to choose the right packaging for your brand's soap products

When it comes time to actually make a decision about your soap packaging, keep in mind the above considerations. The type of soap you're selling, the size and shape of your products, your budget, and your brand identity are all important factors to consider when choosing your company's packaging.

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How to keep your brand's soap fresh throughout shipment

Sometimes, it helps to add an extra layer of protection around your soap to keep it fresh during transit. Tissue paper is a great way to add an extra layer of protection around your soap bars and show off your branding at the same time! Simply wrap each bar in tissue paper and place them in a product box. Seal the tissue-wrapped product with a sticker for more branding and security, and your customers will appreciate the extra thought put into protecting your soap.

For liquid soap, sustainable void fill is a great way to protect your bottles during transit. The void fill will absorb any shock or movement during transit and keep your bottles safe. As for boxes, noissue's recyclable shipping boxes are an excellent option for protecting your soap during transit. They're made from recycled materials, making them light yet durable and will keep your soap safe from damage.

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Here are some creative and sustainable soap packaging ideas

The most popular format of soap sold today is bar soap. Bar soaps are easy to use and can be stored easily, making them a popular choice for many people. If you're selling bar soap, here are some creative packaging ideas to make your product stand out.

1. Use kraft paper tubes to package your bar soap

Kraft paper tubes are a great eco-friendly option for soap packaging since they can be recycled and don’t require extra void fill to pad its interior. They're also easy to store and ship within shipping boxes, making them a prominent choice for small businesses. Customize your brand’s paper tubes with your logo and a unique design to really make your product shine!

2. Use eco-friendly stickers and labels to decorate your soap packaging

Stickers and labels are a great way to add a personal touch to your soap packaging. They're also a great way to show off your brand's identity without adding more weight to your package.

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3. Use reusable cloth drawstring bags to package your bar soap

Small organic cotton bags are a great eco-friendly option for soap packaging. They're also breathable, which helps to keep your soap fresh during transit, and look quite luxe!

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4. Use recycled mailer boxes to package your soap

Mailer boxes made out of recycled materials are ideal for soap packaging because they're durable and easy to ship. Plus, they offer a superior level of protection during transit while being customized to your branding, leaving a great first impression on your customers!

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🎁 Wrapping it up

If you're looking for more sustainable packaging options, consider using kraft paper, cardboard, or cloth bags. These materials are all great for protecting soap during transit. Plus, they're all eco-friendly options that will help you reduce your environmental impact. Customers will not only be appreciative of your brand for being less wasteful, but they’ll also experience an unforgettable and branded unboxing full of soapy success!

Get started on your custom soap packaging today! Our design tool makes it easy to create beautiful packaging made from better materials that fit your brand. For more soap packaging inspiration, check out this story. Shop packaging and shipping products by your brand’s industry or product category, and bring your dream packaging to life.