It’s no secret that sustainability is a huge focus for modern, eco-conscious consumers. More than ever before, consumers are looking to brands that share their commitment to the environment through products, processes, and packaging.

With the shocking statistic that 79% of all plastic waste ever produced has ended up in landfills or the natural environment, incorporating the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – wherever possible, is paramount for any successful brand.

The sustainability of your packaging is an ideal place to start when it comes to doing your bit for the environment, and noissue has some perfect alternatives to plastic poly mailers.

From 100% Compostable Mailers, recycled and compostable Kraft Mailers, and new Recycled mailers that are giving plastics a second chance at life, there’s never been a better and easier time to go green for ecommerce businesses.

Check out how these 10 businesses from a variety of industries are packing their products with eco-friendly mailers.



This mailer definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. AlbaBG sends out her tarot card products with an eye-catching design that perfectly pops in brilliant blue ink. With noissue’s Kraft mailers, you can choose from Pantone or CMYK color to print in, allowing your packaging to colorfully reflect your brand identity from the moment it drops through your customer’s mailbox.

Lotus Wrapping Co


Lotus Wrapping Co. champions sustainability with its reusable fabric gift wrapping kits. Their elegant fabric is the gift that keeps on giving to both their customers and the environment. With this eco-conscious agenda in mind, it’s a no-brainer that they send out their products in recycled plastic mailers. These mailers even have a second adhesive strip so they can be reused once again, echoing the beauty of Lotus Wrappings’ reusable eco-friendly products. Great minds think alike!



Los Angeles fashion line, glōu, is a sustainable clothing brand that uses upcycled fabric in its collections. Sustainability is a pillar of the brand which ensures the business has the least environmental impact throughout production. Along with her customized branded tissue paper, glōu founder Avanti also loves her noissue mailers: “The compostable mailers are a game-changer (not to mention affordable),” she says. “We chose noissue because its brand story, mission, and values align with glōu’s, so using this as our packaging made absolute sense.”

Oana Befort


Talk about beautiful packaging! illustrator Oana Befort’s gorgeous neutral themed wrapping cleverly contrasts the colorful artwork waiting inside. Elegant, ethereal, and oh-so-sophisticated, this branded Kraft mailer definitely makes a memorable impact on her customer’s unwrapping experience. We just love the white and gold color theme – it's magical.

Oonio Studio


New York based Oonio Studio specializes in unique handcrafted items, including these gorgeous high-quality face masks. Not only are they keeping up with the latest trends, their deliciously designed fabric masks are sent out in noissue 100% recycled mailers – proof that you can look super fine while also staying healthy and being eco-aware. Time to join the green side.

Little Danube


Vegan beauty brand Little Danube has a zero plastic philosophy and its founder, Katrina, was looking for packaging that could boost her brand and help to reduce her environmental footprint: "As a customer, I love the unboxing experience, and when looking for packaging for my products, I wanted something that was in line with my branding and can be personalized. The fact that the mailers are made from plants and compostable materials creates such a unique experience, and it was totally in line with the sustainable element we were looking for.” Amen to a future of plastic-free products.

Lore Illustration


Lore Illustration's majestic humpback whale is a shade of turquoise that instantly takes us back to vacations near shimmering aquamarine seas. What better way to highlight the beauty of our planet, and that caring for animals is also caring for the environment? The custom noissue Kraft mailer used is made from 100% FSC-certified recycled paper that not only do their bit for the planet but can be customized with any design your heart desires. An ideal choice for unique, branded packaging that is ‘green’, no matter what color you print in.

Bubbi Pets


You’d be barking mad not to fall in love with Bubbi Pets packaging. From the friendly pup smiling out from their stickers, to the detailed illustrations on the pretty-in-pink tissue paper, you just know this brand aims to see the brighter side of life. Even better, all this fun is delivered in an eco-loving recycled mailer. When it comes to packaging, anything is paw-sible.

Thea With Love


Thea With Love is a swaddle, clothing, and nursery print range that produces sustainably and ethically made products using certified organic cotton. Taking endless inspiration from Australian wildlife, this Perth-based brand doesn’t just stop at their products when using quality, eco-friendly materials. Made from a combination of corn-based biopolymers, the Compostable Mailer is an environmental marvel that composts in 6 months at home or commercially. Now that’s packaging to go gaga over.

Laura Lhuillier


Captivating characters, intricate details, and trademark illustration style – talk about a transformation from plain paper packages. The effort in the small stuff really makes your brand pop by boosting your customer’s unboxing experience at the same time as reducing your environmental footprint. Illustrator Laura Lhuillier’s addition of a thank you message to her customers instantly sends out all kinds of good vibes.

Signed, sealed, delivered

So, now you’ve been showered with incredible inspiration, it’s just a matter of choosing which type of mailer you should go for.

If you need a little help, check out our dedicated blog post to help you decide if Kraft, Compostable or Recyclable mailers are best for your brand.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure your helping the the planet with your forward-thinking philosophy. It’s time to make every day Earth Day.