Sustainability. It’s the word on many people's lips, from shoppers looking to reduce their carbon footprint to businesses looking to serve a greater purpose that helps the environment.

Some brands believe that sustainability can put limits on their creativity, but this is definitely not the case! Elevating your customers' unwrapping experience and balancing the eco-friendliness of your materials is more than just possible – with noissue, it’s easy.

Arts and craft brands across the globe are showing how their true creativity isn’t limited to just their products – they are displaying it cleverly across all of their packaging, too. And with the mixed use of recyclable, compostable and reusable materials, they are making the ecommerce world a greener place at the same time.

Here are 10 crafty individuals whose sustainable packaging ideas are delivering all kinds of artistry.



Are smiles contagious? Because this cartoon cutie is making us grin from ear to ear. Smoleart's illustrations give customers an instant understanding that this brand is all about sharing some joy – and it’s made even more special with the knowledge that it’s printed on eco-friendly tissue and card. Designer Mel of Smoleart sees the sustainability of her brand as a key focus point for the future: “For my business, I want to push forward with more eco-friendly materials and spread the message that there needs to be a change in how we handle recycling.” A perfect mix of creativity and sustainability.

Barbara Wurszt


Trendy, bendy, and totally eco-friendly – it looks like illustrator Barbara Wurst had some serious fun designing her noissue Kraft mailers. The bold icons and filled spaces creatively use the one-color option during the design process and the end result mixes wonderfully with the rustic brown background. With Kraft paper mailers’ ability to print unique and customizable designs on its 100% compostable material, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the hottest packaging options right now.

Black Lamb Studio


Cartoons, cacti, and cotton-candy colors: Black Lamb Studios’ customized tape is bound to sprinkle joy in your heart. These bright tones and cute illustrations give customers a little moment of happiness, which is exactly what founder and designer Isabel aimed to do: "I always wanted to give my customers a complete experience from receiving their packages to what they'll find inside - it all speaks to our founding value of making people smile! That's why I selected noissue because since it is a sustainability-driven company that offers beautiful quality products, it was the perfect fit!" Now that’s what we call packaging that’s ‘off the arts.’



Artist Federica Santaroni has transformed a plain brown envelope into a pretty package in one swift stamp. Her sophisticated stamp design subtly marks her brand's information alongside a charming floral focus point that shows off some real personality. These noissue custom stamps are eco-friendly and can be reused, over and over, for up to 10,000 impressions of your logo, illustration, or message. The soy-based-ink cartridges leave no petroleum behind when decomposing, making it the perfect choice for minimizing waste without ever compromising your branding.

Steffi Lynn


Here’s a packaging design after our own 'art. Lettering genius Steffi Lynn uses bright noissue custom paper stickers to perfectly tie her branding together. We love her range of sunny stickers that all use a similar peach and orange color palette to her tissue design – totally on brand. Not only are paper stickers the perfect addition to your custom packaging experience, they are sustainable too! Mix together eco-friendly soy-based ink and acid-free paper to get a double hit of eco-friendliness that won’t leave any nasty chemicals behind when decomposing.

Cheese Before Bedtime


Y’all thready for this? These fresh and fashionable illustrations are inspired by textile artist Amy Jones’ own stitching creations. We love the muted color tones merged with the fine illustrative details in the images. The central sticker brings it all back to the brand name itself, while the tissue itself is left unbranded – perfect for customers who will definitely unwrap with care so they can use it again. It's always great to create packaging with the idea of the customer paying it forward, especially when it’s this beautiful.

Creaciones BM


Creaciones BM offers unique and fun accessories that are “handmade with love.” That’s love for their customers, love for their products, and, by using our noissue compostable mailers, love for their planet! The perfect alternative to plastic poly-mailers, these 100% biodegradable packets are a great step towards showcasing your commitment towards sustainability as a brand. And who can resist that striking black and pink color combination?



Who can resist being intrigued when an eye-catching postcard like this when it arrives in your mailbox? Every little detail helps when making a connection with your customers, and this quirky little card by illustrator and artist Vanessa Morales instantly adds character and color to their unboxing experience. Fully compostable and printed on either 100% recycled card or a recycled FSC mix, noissue custom cards are the perfect addition for adding a thoughtful touch to any branded packaging.

Living Weaving


Stamp away! A custom stamp is a simple yet functional tool that unlocks a world of possibilities for branding your packaging. And it doesn’t have to stop with your envelopes or boxes. Textile designer Living Weaving uses their noissue stamp to flaunt their fresh new logo directly on their products. All you knit is love – and a variety of stupendous branded packaging.

Cissy’s Art Cafe


With so many options to choose from, why stick with one piece of branded packaging when you could create a whole arsenal of sustainable packaging gems? Creative artist and accessory designer Cecile combines all of noissue's options to give her customers a full-on branded experience. From tissue, tape, stickers, cards, mailers and stamp prints, she shows that the packaging world is your oyster. Time to shuck it.

The shift of focus towards sustainability is good news for everyone, and we encourage everyone to keep it green when designing your packaging. Think your brand is the boss at mixing environmentally friendliness with your own expressive artistry? Tag us on Instagram or check out our Pinterest to share some inspiration with like-minded creatives. Working together to change the world, one perfectly packaged parcel at a time!