Imagine waiting for weeks to light the beeswax candles you ordered online. But when the package arrives, it looks like it has been run over by a truck and smashed to pieces.

If this happens to your buyers often, even the highest quality products won't stand a chance of retaining them. In fact, 70% of shoppers avoid brands that give them a bad shopping experience.

Thankfully, with reliable protective packaging, breakage/damage shouldn't be an issue. There are various types of packaging boxes that can keep your products safe while in transit. The only tricky part is deciding which one may be best for your brand.

To makes things easier, this article will help you find the packaging box that best meets your business needs and your customer's preferences.

6 types of packaging boxes for efficient shipping

Finding the right packaging box isn’t clear-cut. But there are a few rules you should know. Fitting your product into the box is the most important thing. If not, you risk damaging your product as well as your reputation and sales.

Next, you must ensure that the material is suitable for protecting your products. For this, you need to familiarize yourself with different types of boxes that have already proven their value in the packaging industry. Check out these top 6 options for ideas and inspiration.

1. Corrugated cardboard boxes

If you often shop online, you’re probably used to seeing big, brown boxes at your doorstep. Those sturdy, stackable piles of shipping containers are called corrugated cardboard boxes. Popular among retailers, the global production of corrugated boards is projected to surpass 190 million tons this year.

Corrugated boxes are in high demand owing to their superior protection. They have multiple fluting layers (either a single wall or a double wall) sandwiched between flat liners. This design creates structural stability, allowing the box to shield your goods from shock and vibration damage.

Despite being strong and durable, corrugated boxes are lightweight and easy to assemble. They don't add much to a shipment’s chargeable weight. Thus, they’ve become the go-to packaging solution for heavy and large-sized items, such as those in the apparel, electronics, and textile industries.

This type of box is recyclable as long as it’s dry, clean, and free of wax or plastic film. noissue’s Custom Container Shipping Boxes are the perfect example. These are also great for branding purposes. They can be customized on both sides with your logo/designs using non-toxic, water-based inks that make them safer and more sustainable.

The clean layout of noissue’s Custom Container Shipping Boxes provides the perfect canvas for our Custom Packing Tape and Stickers.

Corrugated boxes are cost-effective, sturdy, and sustainable shipping containers. And with a little tweak, they become brand-friendly and visually appealing too.

2. Folding carton boxes

Cardboard and carton boxes are often mixed up, but they're not the same. Folding carton boxes aka product packaging boxes are smaller and thicker than the former and made of paperboard — not cardboard. To distinguish them from other types of packaging boxes, look for high-quality graphics on their surface. Or better yet, imagine cereal boxes.

Product packaging boxes feature folds and tuck flaps that slide into opposite sides for closure. This collapsible structure reduces your freight-in expenses because your supplier can ship them flat. By stacking the boxes on top of each other, you can order them in bulk without wasting too much space.

While these boxes aren’t as rugged as cardboard boxes, they’re tough enough to add extra protection to your products. They’re also versatile to meet any packaging needs. For instance, you can print directly on the box material or add special features like die-cuts, windows, metallic foiling, and gloss or matte coating.

Folding carton boxes are custom-made to fit your product dimensions. They’re the most common packaging for luxury products, such as cosmetics, perfumes, and premium candles. During shipping, the box protects the items from moving, breaking, or splattering out.

noissue’s Product Boxes are fully customizable with your branding – and sustainable, too.

Folding carton boxes are also often compostable and curbside recyclable — such as the ones from noissue. They are a worthy packaging investment if you want to secure your products during transport while adding a flair of elegance to your brand.

3. Recycled kraft boxes

With 52% of consumers demanding products with recycled packaging, the demand for kraft boxes has increased dramatically. Today, the kraft packaging market holds 4% of the global packaging market amounting to $914 billion.

Since paper is produced from trees, it isn't naturally white. The fibers must first undergo bleaching several times before they can transform into the sheets of paper we write on. On the contrary, virgin kraft paper comes from the unbleached pulp in its purest and most natural form.

Recycled kraft boxes are made out of old and used kraft paper. This recycled paper reduces the amount of landfill waste, as well as the demand for virgin kraft paper.

Kraft mailer boxes — particularly suitable for shipping small items — are best suited for eCommerce businesses on a budget or craft stores. They are more affordable, but with their uncoated, rough texture, your packaging will look rustic and handmade.

Here’s how handmade macramé shop @iwouldratherknot boosts its branding through packaging from noissue. Our compostable Kraft Boxes complement the macramé products' zero-waste, plastic-free beauty. Inked with a noissue Custom Stamp, the owner transforms an otherwise plain packaging into a branded one brimming with personality.

noissue Kraft Boxes and Custom Stamp by @iwouldratherknot

The packaging industry continues to seek ways to reduce post-consumer waste and carbon footprint. As a business owner, using recycled kraft boxes to ship your products is a revolutionary move to contribute to this cause.

4. Corrugated mailer boxes

Corrugated mailer boxes are so called because they’re small enough to fit through letterbox gaps. They're more compact and customizable versions of cardboard boxes. But they share the same corrugated material, protecting your in-transit products from dents and scratches.

noissue’s Custom Mailer Boxes can also provide your customers with stunning unboxing experiences. You can tailor it to your exact product specifications. Adding printed logos, text, and other graphic elements on both the exterior and interior can also highlight your brand’s visual style.

noissue Custom Mailer Boxes are 100% compostable or curbside-recyclable.

If you want to go the extra mile, packaging inserts like dividers or foam corners are worth the extra cost. They restrict the product’s movement inside the mailer box. These add-ons are common for delicate and fragile items like electronics, cosmetics, and ceramic products.

Tissue paper also works — especially if you're on a tight budget and sell less sensitive items. It’s a small but impactful way to add a finishing touch to your packaging. As such, 22% of subscription box customers demand more personalized experiences. Using Custom Tissue Paper in your packaging is a great way to deliver them.

Whether you’re selling homemade cookies or gift items, corrugated mailer boxes can help your business look more official. They ship your products safely, but they also leave a wow factor to customers upon delivery. They also break down easier, making them an excellent alternative to plastic packaging.

The right packaging can protect your shipments while increasing your brand visibility. With corrugated mailer boxes, your products can withstand the rigors of shipping while arriving at your customer’s doorstep exquisitely and in one piece.

5. Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes, or set-up boxes, are made of heavier paperboard and have a thick, sturdy structure. This box style is more classy and sophisticated than most types of packaging boxes. Its high aesthetics can help increase your products’ market appeal over time.

Think iPhone, Rolex, and Pandora boxes.

High-grade printing paper or premium fabric wrap covers these boxes. To add extra depth — visually and physically — some also use embossing and debossing techniques. This process allows them to imprint striking visuals on the surface.

Rigid boxes can have either a partial finish or a full finish. In a partial finish, only the outside of the chipboard is wrapped, leaving the inside bare, whereas every space and edge is entirely covered in the latter.

This retail packaging ensures that your products hold steady en route to customers. It comes in a variety of styles for different packaging needs. The following are the two most well-known examples.

Rigid telescope boxes

These have two separable rectangular pieces: a lid and a tray. The tray is slightly smaller, so it slides off the lid when opened. Here's an example from a stylish sleepwear brand, WOKE UP LIKE THIS.

Image Source

6. Folded takeout containers

Plastic packaging waste is becoming increasingly uncontrollable as the demand for food delivery grows. For instance, in a developed nation such as the UK, the waste burgeons to 2.2 million tons each year. This problem calls for more eco-efficient packaging alternatives, such as folded takeout containers.

Made of food-grade paperboard, these circular to-go boxes are ideal for takeout food products. They're safer than standard foam or plastic containers because they’re free from chemicals that can seep into the food and cause poisoning.

Folded takeout containers are sturdy and grease-proof, ensuring that the meal arrives to customers in the best possible condition. A sturdy structure and a well-designed package are essential to preventing leaks and spills in food packaging.

These containers often have large opening flaps for easy access. They're also collapsible, requiring less storage space than other types of packaging boxes. You can often see them available in kraft, black, white, and colorful layouts.

The noissue Custom Folded Takeout Container in this example highlights the shop's primary brand colors. You can use them to get the word out about your chart-topping dishes and dainties.

noissue Folded Takeout Containers are FDA approved and recyclable after use

Food products deserve high-quality and protective packaging. Look for to-go containers that can travel the distance without jeopardizing your deliveries.

Wrapping it up

Whatever you sell, the right packaging can make or break it — literally — in transit. Therefore, online retailers should prioritize finding the best packaging solution for their business needs.

Make your products look more professional, and your brand stand out with noissue. We provide an array of circular packaging solutions, all of which are customizable to fit your specific needs. Browse your options and start wrapping your products with care today!