6th and Detroit’s flagship store at Linden Ave. in Long Beach, California

Your personal space is just as sacred as anybody else’s. With all the little trinkets, treasured finds, and family heirlooms that are carefully displayed and beautifully arrayed, each and every space is uniquely written with your own personality. You might even say that’s what makes a space a "home".

6th and Detroit is filled with all of these things and more.

6th and Detroit is a home décor boutique located in Long Beach, California. Founder Michelle Qazi created the brand back in 2015 as an Etsy shop, which—fun fact!—was named after the intersection of her first ever apartment in Los Angeles. When it quickly gained a huge following online, she then decided to build its flagship store in the following year, 2016.

Michelle Qazi, the founder of 6th and Detroit

What makes 6th and Detroit one-of-a-kind is its signature “every-era-all-together” aesthetic, which encompasses their selection of furniture and décor to homewares and kitchen utensils, all thoughtfully curated by the founder herself.

And just in time for the holiday season, their Long Beach boutique is now beginning to look a lot like Christmas—adorned with all things vibrant, festive, and merry, and filled to the brim with curations that will add even more magic to your home.

Additionally, as it’s the season of giving, 6th and Detroit partnered with noissue to create a sustainable packaging pair to use for purchases in-store and orders online, designed to look and feel effortlessly as gifts, should their customers choose it.

noissue Custom Tissue Paper for @6thanddetroit

They use our Custom Tissue Paper, which is made from FSC-certified recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks, making it fully compostable, and our recyclable Custom Masking Tape. Now, let’s talk design: The inspiration for each of their noissue packaging essentials, Michelle shares, is, “Our sun logo embodies my love for vintage and California - inspired by my very first mirror find I fell in love with that had a sun etched on it.  The font for the masking tape is very Art Deco, which I loved mixing with the retro sun because mixing eras cohesively is a part of the shop’s aesthetic.”.

noissue Custom Masking Tape for @6thanddetroit

For any kind of business, packaging is one of the many factors that makes a customer’s overall experience of the brand unforgettable, so it’s imperative that it’s quality-made, on-brand, and, above all, sustainable. For 6th and Detroit, what makes noissue the perfect choice is, “Using recycled materials and sustainability is very important to us when choosing packaging.  As a vintage shop, we are in the business of doing all that we can to help our environment and I really liked that noissue is in alignment with our vision.”.

It’s finders keepers this holiday season at 6th and Detroit: come and visit their flagship store at 105-B Linden Ave. in Long Beach, California, and get your hands on their wide selection of home products, because by March 2024, 6th and Detroit will be moving to an exciting new location at Belmont Heights (more updates here)! So what better time to feast your eyes on all things vintage than now? You can also shop conveniently online through their website here: https://www.6thanddetroit.com/

All featured photos are by Emma Jane Kepley (Website and Instagram)