Preparing your presents for the holiday have never been easier! Need some inspiration on how you can create an incredible gift unboxing? Consider using custom wrapping Tissue for a seasonal touch. For an unboxing experience that goes beyond, store everything in a custom Box and watch as your grand surprise will bring big smiles! For more holiday packaging ideas, head to this story.

Classics are playing in the stores, your favorite singers are belting on the radio, and the new feeling of cheer and possibility is in the air. The holiday season is just around the corner, and we definitely couldn’t be more excited about it! 🎄

But the holidays aren’t just about fun and festivities. It’s also the perfect time to support the environment and small sustainable businesses! Not only will you be helping out micro economies by shopping these noissue customers – you’ll also find some of the most unique treasures in small brands and businesses that you won’t find anywhere else!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite businesses that have ethics and sustainability at their core for guilt-free shopping and gifting experience. By using noissue's sustainable packaging, like compostable Tissue or recycled Boxes, these brands are showing us what it truly means to be good to people and the planet. From vegan and recyclable sandals to responsibly-made and cruelty-free beauty products, keep on reading to discover gift options for a more ethical and earth-friendly (but still festive!) holiday season. 🎅

Sunies Official


Beautifully unique footwear that’s also made of 100% recyclable, vegan, and waterproof materials? That might not be something you hear of everyday, but that’s exactly what Vienna-based brand Sunies Official is all about. From vibrantly-hued sandals and slides to sophisticated beach purses, every single one of Sunies Official’s products is carefully crafted and designed by hand with 77% natural resources like bamboo, sugar cane, and coconut fibers. Each product is designed with its water resistance, comfort, and elegance in mind. Perfect for gifting to anyone who’s always headed to the beach or a night out!

Oh—and did we mention they also have an ongoing recycling program? Once you’ve made full use of your Sunies footwear or bags, all you’d need to do is contact the Sunies team to ship them back for recycling. And you’d also get a special discount for future orders! Talk about a circular fashion model.

Step into a more sustainable lifestyle with a pair of Sunies Sandals—and look absolutely great doing so!

Green Gaea


Jewelry is a staple at every gift-giving season, and nature-inspired jewelry definitely never goes out of style! Based in Singapore, Green Gaea’s handcrafted jewelry pieces take inspiration from the natural world, and help give back to it at the same time, too! Everything at Green Gaea is carefully and sustainably made by hand by artisan partners, so that every purchase made at their store directly benefits these social enterprises, as well as the environment.

You’d be hard-wired not to be charmed by Green Gaea’s line of beautifully delicate, nature-inspired necklaces and earrings!



Nothing says timelessness quite like sustainably-made jewelry that’s carefully made to last for generations to come. And that’s something that jewelry brand RG inherently understands! Based in California, RG’s jewelry pieces are as timeless as they are versatile, delicate enough to wear for everyday use, and designed with a classic aesthetic to be passed on for future generations to come.

The timelessness of RG’s jewelry isn’t just on the outside with their noissue Tissue packaging — they’re built within the very pieces themselves, too! The brand uses only the finest, ethically sourced alloys to create every piece, and incorporates sustainability in their day-to-day operations at the office, too, from operating on solar power to implementing strict reusing and recycling policies.

From minimalist hoop earrings to delicate ID bracelets, any piece from RG’s Gold-Filled collection is a must-have for any jewelry lover.


Custom noissue Tissue by @zoologiaworld

The journey into sustainability can never really start too young. When kids are aware of the environment from a young age, they’re capable of making better decisions for the planet when they’re older! And what better way to start conversations with kids about the environment than through beautifully illustrated and carefully crafted children’s clothing?

With quaint, beautiful illustrations of wildlife species gracing every single one of their pieces (and their custom noissue Tissue), looking at Zoologia’s kidswear catalog is almost like looking through a vintage children’s storybook. Not only does this brand honor the beauty of wildlife with their clothing, they’re also dedicated to protecting it, too! All of the clothing you’ll find under Zoologia is made with natural materials, and a percentage of all sales are donated to wildlife conservation efforts.

Know any young ones in your life? From tops and bottoms to dresses and jumpsuits, Zoologia’s beautifully sustainable kidswear are absolute charmers!

Mama Movement

Custom noissue Tissue and Compostable Mailer by @mamamovement_au

Who says activewear is predictable and boring? Eco-Alliance member Mama Movement’s activewear ensembles are anything but. Based in Australia, Mama Movement is an activewear brand with many missions to fulfill: to spread body positivity, and to create colorful and high-performing activewear that’s guaranteed to spark joy every time you put them on! And they’re dedicated to sustainability, too. Whatever pattern or size of activewear you go for, you can be guaranteed that everything you bring home from Mama Movement is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester made from old water bottles!

It’s been scientifically proven that exercise helps get those endorphins up and running. And with Mama Movement’s one-of-a-kind activewear, they might just get an extra boost! You can’t go wrong with a pair of their best-selling leggings as a gift. Keep an eye out for your activewear order to come wrapped in lovely noissue Tissue and deliver in a Compostable Mailer for a completely earth-friendly experience!

Emma Lewisham

Skincare is never a bad idea for a present! For all the skincare enthusiasts in your life, what better way to help start a more sustainable lifestyle than by gifting natural and sustainably made skincare that’s also of the highest quality and innovation?

At Emma Lewisham, every skincare product you purchase is carefully crafted to be of the best possible quality for your skin and for the earth! Based in New Zealand, this skincare brand is one that’s out to make some waves with illuminating cleansers, exfoliants, and skin shields. Beside their dedication to crafting simple skincare that scientifically works, they’re also moving the beauty industry towards a more circular and sustainable model with their Beauty Circle circularity program!

Luxury skincare with a heart for the environment—this Skin Reset Serum is a gift that’ll keep on giving!

Akiiwan Beadwork


Nothing conveys love and holiday cheer quite like handmade accessories. Even more so if they’re handmade with a good purpose!

At Akiiwan Beadwork, accessories are more than just that — they’re also a medium for its creators to reconnect with their Indigenous culture and heritage. Based in Minnesota, all of the beautiful and truly unique beaded accessories you’ll find under Akiiwan Beadwork are handcrafted with much care by artist and brand owner Tayla, who herself is of Indigenous heritage. And with every piece she creates, she hopes to share and uplift her culture with the wider world!

And you truly won’t find anything like their pieces anywhere else. Looking through Akiiwan Beadwork’s online store is almost like looking through a gallery of beautiful Indigenous art pieces, many of which take much inspiration from the natural world and are dedicated to helping protect it! Alongside honoring their culture and being as sustainable as possible by using custom noissue Stickers on their packaging, they also regularly donate 5% of all sales towards efforts that end violence against Native women.

Gift someone something truly unique this holiday season with one of Akiiwan Beadwork’s handcrafted earring sets.

Scruffy Little Terrier


Our pets deserve the very best—there’s absolutely no question about that! And this holiday season, our canine companions deserve some pretty paw-some presents, too! Scruffy Little Terrier is just where you’ll find everything you need for just that. Based in the UK, Scruffy Little Terrier has everything you could possibly need to gift to the dedicated dog-lover in your life, from dog treats and pet tags to the most adorable bowties and bandanas, and much more!

It’d be difficult not to fall in love with at least a few of the many adorable items under Scruffy Little Terrier. Full of irresistible charm, everything you’ll find under Scruffy Little Terrier is made with organic, ethically sourced fabric and printed with vegan-friendly inks. What’s more, they also make sure to partner with a different charity each year to donate a percentage of all their sales!

Name a more iconic duo than a dog and its human — we definitely wouldn’t dare! Scruffy Little Terrier’s natural dog treats, charming pet tags, and tote-ally adorable totes are the perfect present to give the dog-lover in your life a paw-sitively festive holiday season!

🎁 That’s a Wrap!

Whatever kind of present you’re looking to give this holiday season, shopping from these small brands only doubles (and triples!) your giving efforts. Happy sustainable shopping for unbeatable gifts that don’t have a negative impact on people or the planet!

And hey, why not take your earth-friendly efforts a step even further with eco-friendly and fully festive packing materials? From greeting cards to stamps and tape, noissue has you covered on all the wrapping materials you’ll need this holiday season. The perfect way to wrap up the festivities!