Custom noissue Greaseproof Food Wrapping Paper and Compostable Sticker by @sarakuzmaco

Food packaging doesn’t sound like the most glamorous part of the small hospitality business process. After all, we’re so used to seeing plastic wrap or foil-lined plates litter wastebins and landfills. In recent years, take-out food and drink packaging made from virgin plastic and styrofoam dominated 80% of global ocean litter. That’s why restaurants and delivery brands should consider packaging that makes food look irresistible without generating excessive waste! And since consumers are placing sustainability at the top of their priorities when purchasing from brands, hospitality companies must be proactive in choosing more responsible packaging materials for wrapping and packaging food.

Elevating your cafe, bar, or experience brand is as easy as switching to more sustainable foodsafe packaging solutions made from eco-friendly materials. Quality, foodsafe packaging products like compostable food wrapping paper, custom reusable coasters, recycled shipping container boxes, and more are available to show your branding. Make your takeout and delivery packaging stylish and social-media-share worthy to keep customers coming back for more! This article will break down:

  • What foodsafe packaging is
  • The differences between packaging methods
  • The best packaging and shipping products to help build your hospitality brand.

Keep reading if you’re keen to give your hospitality business’s packaging a fantastic foodsafe facelift!

What is foodsafe packaging?

Custom noissue Compostable Food Wrapping Paper by @latergator.adl

Foodsafe packaging products are designed to withstand use with food items and baked goods. This type of packaging doesn’t affect food’s taste or integrity, so it’s a standard solution for restaurants and shops serving scrumptious bites in-person or in takeout orders.

Many hospitality businesses typically use Styrofoam to-go boxes and plastic bags, but those generate a significant amount of non-renewable waste. Eco-friendly sandwich wrap and cookie wrapping paper are examples of foodsafe packaging in more sustainable forms and designs for delectable food presentation!

Foodsafe packaging made from responsibly sourced and biodegradable paper can be easily composted at home, so no waste is left behind after a delicious meal. But you might be wondering – what eco-friendly packaging is safe to use on and around your food? The answer lies in greaseproof foodsafe paper.

What is greaseproof paper?

Greaseproof foodsafe paper is a trusty alternative to traditional deli paper, cookie wrapping paper, and other takeout box liners. Greaseproof paper is thick enough to perform and more flexible for wrapping and lining than cling film or plastic wrap. Use greaseproof food-grade paper to wrap sandwiches, baked products, and other hand-held items for easy eating and portability. Lining to-go boxes and wrapping food with greaseproof paper is a solid choice for hospitality and delivery businesses!

Adding a logo to custom food wrapping paper will extend your branding beyond the first bite and transform the typical takeout look into a five-star experience. Greaseproof foodsafe paper will reliably keep slips from happening while customers chow down on outdoor and delivery orders, so they dig in without worry!

What’s the difference between parchment paper and greaseproof paper?

Custom noissue Food Wrapping Paper by @macarondejayne

You should know that greaseproof paper is not the same as parchment or wax paper, so avoid using greaseproof paper in the oven or during reheating. Parchment paper is more commonly used in baking due to its high heat resistance, thanks to its silicone or wax coating. Greaseproof paper isn’t as resistant to high temperatures or large amounts of liquids, so it’s ideal for lining takeout boxes or pairing with compostable plates and cutlery.

A patterned and artistic design on greaseproof paper will give customers a memorable first impression of your brand, which will help your food stand out more than plain parchment paper!

Now that you know the difference between parchment and greaseproof paper, let’s talk about eco-friendlier alternatives to serving your savory sandwiches, fresh salads, and so much more!

Here are the best foodsafe packaging products for hospitality and delivery brands

From compostable sandwich wrap to eco-friendly packaging for shipping and more, check out these food-grade packaging products to customize with your branding. Turn your takeout and experiences into total knockout with biodegradable plastic wrap alternatives and more conscious packaging solutions that’ll have customers drooling over your food for days!

Greaseproof Food Wrapping Paper

Custom noissue Greaseproof Food Wrapping Paper by @__lunch__box__

noissue Recyclable and Compostable Custom Greaseproof Food Wrapping Paper

  • Made from FSC-certified 38gsm paper that’s acid-free, lignin-free, and sulphur-free
  • FDA-approved for use with food products
  • 100% recyclable and compostable
  • Comes in 10 different sizes and 2 types (Kraft or White)
  • Available for double-sided printing with water-based foodsafe inks
  • This product is uncoated to keep it compostable and plastic-free
  • Customize with a logo pattern for a compostable sandwich wrap or to-go box lining that’s unique to your branding
  • Pair with custom reusable paper coasters for an impressive dine-in or takeout experience

Other Food Wrapping Papers

For heavier, saucier food items, our customizable coated Wax Paper and Deli Paper variations can provide more support for mess-free portable eating! Both products are recyclable due to being made out of acid-free, double-sided wax coater paper.

And stacked subs don't stand a chance against noissue Sandwich Wrap Paper, which can be conveniently composted after your customers finish their meals. If you're serving up your sandwiches for in-person dining, use our compostable Food Basket Liners for a 10/10 presentation (and for folks to keep condiments off surfaces or laps!)

Takeout Containers and Shipping

noissue Recycled and Recyclable Custom Folded Takeout Containers

Impress hungry customers with custom folded takeout boxes that protect and present your fresh food!
  • Top-lock takeout boxes made from 60% recycled 337gsm kraft paper with FDA-approved food-safe polyethylene (PE) interior lining.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Greaseproof interior prevents leaks
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Choose from 1-color or 4-color outside-only print options in water-based, food-safe inks that won’t affect recyclability
  • Wholesale orders start at 5,000 units
  • Pack cafe lunches and pastries in custom takeout containers, which can stack inside custom food delivery paper bags for easy carry out

noissue Compostable Custom Clamshell Takeout Containers

Show and tell customers all about your brand with custom clamshell takeout containers, which can also be composted at the end of the day!
  • Clamshell bagasse takeout boxes keeps hot or cold food fresh and contained while preventing tips or spills
  • Made from tree-free, petroleum-free sugarcane fiber or a blend of regenerative Southeastern US fibers (Switchgrass or Kraft)
  • 100% Compostable
  • Leakproof, oil and moisture resistant, microwaveable, and freezer-safe
  • Available for single-sided multicolor printing with non-toxic HP inks
  • Pair custom clamshell food containers with wax paper or deli paper lining for extra security while showing off your logo during takeout transport

noissue Recycled and Compostable Stock Pizza Boxes

A sturdy kraft pizza box will prevent crushes while making carry-out and delivery orders effortless for your customers!
  • Stock pizza boxes keep pies hot and mess-free for easy carry-out and delivery
  • Made from 30-60% recycled B-Flute corrugated kraft
  • 100% Compostable
  • Features a white uncoated outer and kraft inner
  • Wholesale orders start from 1,000 units
  • Line your stock pizza boxes with waxed greaseproof paper for extra protection against spills, and label the exterior with waterproof custom stickers that showcase your brand name and logo
Bring the party to events and experiences with a branded three-bottle wine carrier!

noissue Recycled and Recyclable Custom Wine Carrier (US only)

  • Made from 32 ECT E-flute FSC certified recycled materials: 30% (coated Premium White carriers) and 60% recycled fibers (Kraft and uncoated White carriers)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Best suited for light to medium weight products (65lbs maximum)
  • Available to customize with water-based ink printing and coating
  • Comes in 2 different sizes
  • Carry branded wine bottles, oils and liquids, jarred products, and more in a custom wine carrier to extend your branding at events and experiences
Custom noissue Recycled Box by @juiceceramics

noissue Recycled and Recyclable Kraft or Custom Retail Boxes (US and EU only)

  • Made from FSC-certified recycled materials: 30% (coated Premium White boxes) and 60% recycled materials (Kraft and uncoated White boxes) for the US, or between 99% (uncoated White boxes) and 100% recycled materials (Kraft) for EU
  • 100% recyclable, reusable, and compostable
  • Printed and coated with water-based ink
  • E-flute and B-flute materials ensure durability
  • Available in 8 different sizes to customize or as stock kraft
  • Pair with custom food wrapping paper or tissue paper inside to display dozens of cookies, donuts, pastries, products, and more
Store and stack products inside a branded regular slotted container shipping box!

noissue Recycled and Recyclable Custom Container Shipping Box

  • Regular slotted container shipping box
  • Made from FSC-certified recycled cardboard: 30% recycled fibers (White coated) and up to 60% Uncoated (kraft and uncoated white)
  • 100% Recyclable corrugated E-flute
  • Best suited for light to medium weight products (65lbs maximum)
  • Available to customize for double-sided printing with water-based inks
  • Choose between Kraft, Uncoated White, or Coated White base in 4 different sizes
  • Package and protect retail and subscription boxes inside of a stackable custom container shipping box
  • Pair with an eco-friendly shipping label and custom packaging tape to seal your custom container shipping box

Experience Extras

Include your unique hashtag and website onto custom paper coasters for customers to check out while enjoying!

noissue Reusable and Recyclable Custom Coasters

  • Made from FSC-certified paper (30% recycled for our coasters outside of the UK) that’s acid-free, lignin-free, and sulphur-free
  • 100% reusable and recyclable
  • Choose between 2 different shapes
  • Available for double-sided printing with water-based inks
  • Save your table surfaces and add branding to event spaces with custom printed coasters for customers and attendees
  • Include a custom QR code that can direct customers to your website or a microsite containing menu images, sustainability information, item specials, and more
Custom noissue Eco-Friendly Tote Bag by @bitesbylex 

noissue Reusable Custom Cotton Tote Bags

  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton or 60% recycled organic cotton
  • 100% reusable
  • Printed with eco-friendly inks that won’t fade or crackle
  • Can feature a double-sided design or logo pattern
  • Perfect as reusable gift bags or packaging clothing, skincare and beauty products, branded merchandise, and more
  • Pair with logo-patterned tissue paper to wrap products and custom hang tags to decorate your tote bag handles
Custom sandwich bags can turn your takeout orders into a total knockout with customers!

noissue Recyclable Custom Sandwich Bags (US only)

  • Flat bottom sandwich bags made from 40% FSC-certified recycled Kraft paper
  • Features side gussets for expandability
  • 100% recyclable
  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • Available for single-sided multicolor printing with non-toxic HP inks
  • Seal your sandwich bags with custom stickers for easy labeling and sorting inside takeout bags or containers
Carry out wrapped sandwiches in custom takeout bags that show your branding for customers to know exactly where the goods came from!

noissue Recycled and Recyclable Custom Takeout Bags (US only)

  • Classic takeout bags with twisted paper handles for easy transport
  • Made from 100% FSC-certified recycled Kraft paper
  • 100% recyclable
  • Comes in 2 different sizes
  • Available for single-sided multicolor printing with non-toxic HP inks
  • Include a custom QR code sticker to direct customers to your brand's website, digital menu, or sustainability information

Wrapping it up

Bring out the best of your hospitality brand’s enticing eats with foodsafe packaging that won’t let your customers down! Specialty slices, indulgent desserts, and awe-inducing appetizers can look even more appealing on greaseproof food wrapping paper that displays your logo or artwork.

And don’t sleep on the significance of the takeout unboxing experience, either. Compostable food wrapping paper levels up confectionery and crumbly creations inside sleek and sophisticated containers or boxes while being the perfect background for capturing on camera.

Since noissue’s packaging is made from environmentally responsible materials, let your customers eat cake and dispose of their takeout packaging at the end of the day, completely guilt-free!

Shop our bestselling hospitality packaging products here and transform your takeout unboxings and branded events into unforgettable experiences. Customize your business’s coasters, food-grade tissue paper, bottle carriers, tote bags, and more to keep customers impressed and the party going!