One of the biggest struggles that emerging brands face is efficiently building an image that encourages customers to make repeat purchases. Premium packaging can be an effective way for brands to create a memorable experience for customers, and compel them to return again. When consumers experience something special, something outside of the retail/online shopping norm, they’re likely to remember it.

We know that premium packaging also improves brand perception. Sixty-one percent of online shoppers say that branded, gift-like packaging makes the brand seem more upscale, and 38 percent of online shoppers think premium packaging is important for luxury goods. For emerging brands, curating the appearance of being more upscale, expensive or exclusive can help to create a loyal customer base and a reputation as a reliable and premium brand. Gift-like, branded or fancier than a typical brown box type packaging — is a great way for emerging brands to improve their reputation and exceed consumer expectations, leading them to think highly of the brand. You can see how retailers and online business alike can easily and cost effectively raise their brand perception!

It's been covered many times before but it’s almost always less expensive to get a current customer to purchase again than it is to always find new customers. Creating a loyal customer base ultimately comes down to the feeling of personal care and service you provide them. Why go anywhere else, when you offer a gratifying and attractive service that caters above and beyond to the buyer?

A big part of building a long-term, sustainable brand is bringing customer back time and time again. You want your customers to remember the customised brand experience. The value of building such a product experience lies in the memories created with the customer: the attention to detail, the unboxing, the aesthetic advantage. In a recent survey from Dotcom Distribution they found that 52 percent of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers premium packaging. By exceeding a shopper’s expectations with premium, gift-like packaging, emerging brands can create a memorable experience that customers will share with others and value as a loyal customer.

The Wrap Up:

The main point to remember is that individuals appreciate feeling valued, and providing that feeling through extra care and thoughtful packaging is a great way to strengthen relationships with existing customers, and build strong links with new buyers.