Established online in 2013 by Emily Eggebrecht, Consider the Wldflwrs was born with the desire to create original and distinctive jewelry that is both non-traditional and highly personal. With Emily’s distinct background and credentials in jewelry design, she and her husband Ben Eggebrecht lead a small team based in Nashville where every Consider Bridal piece (Consider the Wldflwrs’ in-house jewelry line) is handcrafted.

As packaging is an important element in building your brand, Emily felt that it was time for a rebrand for their packaging. To help with the packaging refresh, she collaborated with HEW+Co, a fellow  Nashville-based design house specializing in illustration, branding, patterning, calligraphy & paper and fiber goods.

Consider the Wldflwrs is a family owned fine jewelry store based in Nashville, Tennessee. They take great pride in the craft of fine jewelry design, creation, restoration and repair. They make it a priority to put their customers' needs first and strive to forge personalized relationships to create and maintain heirloom pieces for life. From everyday pieces to timeless heirlooms, Consider the Wldflwrs carries a variety of distinguished designers to appeal to all aesthetics and occasions.

As the business has been established for some time now, it’s important that every aspect of your brand resonates with your current vision through the years. Having great packaging definitely elevates the customer experience and adds a personal touch to each order being received—making it a lot more special.

“Packaging our products with phenomenal packaging has always been a priority for us. One of our core values is to provide our customer with a surprise “wow” element by prioritizing the quality of our products, storefront, photography and packaging.” - Emily

With a packaging refresh in mind, Emily needed a designer to bring it all together, and, lucky for her, she knew just the right creative to fill the role!

Finding the ideal creative: closer than you think

Jessie Pickren Warner is the owner and creative director behind HEW+Co. Her fine arts background in fabric design combined with years of experience in both fibers and stationery in New York City, inspired and facilitated the creation of HEW+Co.

“My education in textile design is what lead to my expertise in repeat patterning. Access to and experience in playing around with surface design really allowed me to hone in on an illustration style that works well for both individual drawings and fully illustrated patterns, which are my absolute favorite to draw. If the event arises where I get to illustrate a brand's logo AND design them a custom pattern, I am in hog heaven.” - Jessie

Emily and Jessie had already been acquainted at having met previously on a Better Homes and Gardens shoot in Nashville. Jessie had designed some paper pieces and Emily had brought some of her beautiful jewelry for the affair. They exchanged information and a few months later, Emily actually ended up doing all the flowers for Jessie’s own wedding back in 2018!

The two have worked on several projects together, so it was an absolute no-brainer that Jessie was the perfect choice in helping Emily with Consider the Wldflwrs’ packaging rebrand.

Design journey: bringing the ideas to life

Emily shared: “Something like the tissue paper for our packaging for all of our engagement rings is deeply personal for me so it was more than fitting to have Jessie work on the packaging as well as the logo which was part of this project as well. We had worked with Jessie on previous small projects and knew that she had exactly what we needed as far as attention to detail along with an ability to tell a story through branding.”

Emily didn’t have a concise idea of what she wanted exactly, but Jessie definitely helped with the brainstorming process and putting everything together. They went hand-in-hand in developing the designs and taking inspiration from key elements of the brand itself.

As far as the actual tissue paper I didn’t have a clear vision but wanted Jessie to take the reins with the design after giving some general vision and direction. We knew we wanted to personalize the tissue with our Consider Bridal logo and we wanted the tissue paper to feel light and bright as well as unexpected. Much of our packaging is very neutral so we wanted this to stand out.” says Emily.

There’s no shortage of inspiration when working with CTW, from the interiors of her brick and mortar to the line itself but what guided me most was the brand’s connection to nature, specifically wildflowers. I am endlessly energized by the earth’s flora so I simply honed in on their already well established roots, and looked to the natural, wild world around me to guide me from there. And then I draw and draw until my hands cramp up, and then draw some more until patterns start to take shape.“ says Jessie.

In order to bring the packaging to life, they needed just the right company that could produce it. Some of Emily’s friends had highly recommended noissue and Emily was definitely on-board. She knew that having her own custom tissue paper for packaging was a level she wanted to achieve and she adored how customizable the tissue paper was. Jessie also agreed and was drawn in by the eco-friendly aspect of noissue.

“I am very sensitive about my role in adding more things to this planet. If I’m going to make something, it has to be done so in an eco-friendly manner. noissue checks all those boxes and executes good quality work.” - Jessie

With having previous projects together, no doubt, both Emily and Jessie had a few sentiments to share:

Jessie expressed: “I always have a great time collaborating with Emily and her team and am happy to be in cahoots. Emily is awesome to work with because she’s always game to go big. She had specific needs for tissue paper due to the nature of her jewelry business and how they package their products but being the ever enthusiastic client she is, she let me design two tissue patterns instead of just one :)”

Emily stated: “I am thankful to have reflected on the collaboration and continue dreaming for our next one!”

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