Customize your packaging design features to maximize customer satisfaction and enhance the product's attractiveness. 💯

Not all applicable features need to be used for every product, but you should consider what aspects are essential for product saleability and for customer ease-of-use. Some features for your custom snack packaging may include anti-counterfeit packaging, odor and moisture resistance,  and sustainable materials.

noissue's Snack Packaging

Anti-Counterfeit Packaging

Sometimes, customers can be tricked into purchasing an inferior quality product through the use of counterfeiting packaging. This can be devastating for many brands as customers may begin to associate low-quality products with their brand. Enabling anti-counterfeit packaging helps customers know that they are purchasing genuine products.

Odor and Moisture Resistance

Once customers have opened the snack packaging, the food inside can become stale or moldy. Peel-back packaging can prolong the food lifespan, but brands should also consider adding moisture and odor-resistant features to their packaging. Adding such features to your trail mix packaging ensures that moisture is kept out of the pouch, keeping snacks fresher for longer and ensuring your customers are getting value for their money.

Odor resistance is another feature that should be added to any food-type packaging. Most customers love flavorful snacks and foods. However, most do not want the odor to fill the entire pantry. The odor resistance feature helps keep the smell where it belongs.

Sustainable Packaging

The use of sustainable materials has become a major factor for customers when choosing their products. It is essential for brands to think about using sustainable materials in their packaging when initially designing printed snack bags. There are many options for sustainable packaging these days. You can choose bags made from recycled materials or packaging that has a smaller carbon footprint. Choosing sustainable packaging options automatically makes your product more appealing to the customers.

In today’s era, customers have become more conscious of environmental sustainability. They are changing their habits to adopt practices that minimize the effect on the environment. In such times, businesses prioritizing eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options are leading the way.

noissue's Snack Packaging

Personalized Snacks

Personalized snack packs are a great gift for the holiday season when customers want more than just plain packaging. You can also give out personalized snacks to your loyal customers as a way of saying thank you. A simple ‘thank you’ printed on packaging can go a long way in building customer trust and loyalty. Some brands are already leading the way with their personalized snack packaging, with phrases like “Mummy’s Snacks” and “Poppy’s Treats”.

🎁 Wrapping it up

At noissue, we prioritize your client’s needs and create custom snack packaging tailored for your customer base. Our packaging is made of circular materials, FDA-certified, and food-safe. With our features like puncture-resistant material, resealable packages, high-barrier films, tear notches, and hang holes, you can stand out from the competition and make the most of your product options.

Create your own design today and make your food-safe packaging as memorable as your yummy treats!!