There is no avoiding the fact that many of the most delicious things in life – be it burgers, hotdogs or a sandwich – leave a mark on any packaging they’re placed or wrapped in.

If you’ve created specially designed paper for your food, it’s a disappointment when slop, grease or moisture hides your beautiful packaging creation. We know the food is the star of the show, but your butcher paper should be able to shine too!

Luckily, there’s a solution. With noissue’s Custom Butcher Paper, no elbow grease will be required to remove the marks from around your food! Our wax paper is coated with a foodsafe wax, which acts as a barrier to moisture and grease and keeps your custom packaging design perfectly intact.

You won’t have to worry about your custom branding blurring or being marked ever again because the waxed paper layer is the ultimate defence against grease.

We didn’t forgo safety or sustainability when creating noissue’s wax paper, either! Our custom-coated acid-free paper is also FDA approved, printed with water-based foodsafe inks and is 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

FDA-approved means it’s approved for use with food products, and FSC-certified confirms it’s made with sustainably sourced paper materials. Our Custom Butcher paper is the safest option for both the environment and for people.

Because both its coating and the material it’s made from are eco-friendly, noissue’s waxed paper can be curbside recycled after use.

What is Butcher Paper?

Butcher paper is a thicker type of paper used to wrap foods. Its name originated from the meatpacking industry, where butcher shops used this denser type of paper to wrap and store meats. Butcher paper is more durable and resistant to moisture and heat, so it's a great food packaging option to pair with hot or freshly cooked foods like takeout. Butcher paper can also go by many names: it's commonly referred to as deli paper, wax paper and greaseproof paper.

noissue's Butcher Paper is a wax-coated paper, which gives it additional protection from grease and moisture.

The Key Details of noissue’s Custom Butcher Paper

Color: Kraft or White background
Material: FSC-certified, acid-free paper
Thickness: 40gsm
Sizes available: 150mm x 150mm (6" x 6"), 150mm x 200mm (6" x 8"), 180mm x 250mm (7" x 10"), 200mm x 200mm (8" x 8"), 250mm x 250mm (10" x 10"), 300mm x 300mm (12" x 12"), 300mm x 420mm (12" x 16.5").
Print options: 1 side
Print colors: Pantone printing
Certifications: FSC-certified, FDA approved
Sustainability features: Recyclable materials, water-based inks, foodsafe wax
Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 250
End-of-life care: Curbside recyclable.

How to Use Custom Wax Paper With Your Food

Our Custom Waxed Paper can be used to wrap, line or be placed under many kinds of food. It will perform the strongest when paired with savoury goods, as this tends to be the greasiest type of food!

If you’re selling hamburgers, hotdogs, or toasted sandwiches, you won’t look back once you use noissue’s wax coated paper. The custom design won’t lose its vibrancy, no matter how hot or greasy the food is when it’s placed into the wax paper.

noissue’s Wax Paper is also an effective option for plating takeout and to-go orders, as its 40gsm thickness ensures any moisture or grease will be absorbed and not leak through to exterior packaging, like a Custom Sandwich Bag or Custom Takeout Bag.

If you’re selling baked goods that are cool when they’re being placed onto a plate or into a box, you may want a more lightweight parchment paper without a coating. Our Custom Food Wrapping Paper is uncoated and is a great choice for cookies, cupcakes and other sweet treats!

How to Get Started With Your Custom Wax Paper Design

noissue's Custom Wax Coated Paper can be curbside recycled after use

Get a direct match to your brand colors with Pantone printing! Create a design featuring your business name, or a logo, pattern or illustration – the choice is yours.

Choose between a white or Kraft paper background for your wax paper and one Pantone color. White doesn’t count as a color when you’ve selected the white background, but it does when you select the Kraft background!

You can also download packaging dielines and a print perfect checklist in the ‘Design Now’ section of the Wax Paper product page. Here are three of our top tips for getting the best results with your butcher paper design:

1) Text height should be at least 0.8mm (larger may be required depending on design color)

2) Line thickness should be at least 0.3mm.

3) Keep important elements at least 5mm away from the trim lines to avoid being cut off.

This article has more information on how to use color theory and design to make your food packaging look irresistible.

Wrapping It Up

Ready to get started with designing your brand’s Colored Waxed Paper? Learn more about the difference between butcher paper vs. parchment paper, or find out more about the best packaging products for hospitality brands.