Sometimes it’s not only what’s on the inside that counts. In the ever-evolving world of beauty, packaging isn't just an afterthought; it's a crucial element that can make or break a product's appeal.

From minimalist designs to eye-catching vibrant graphics, great packaging not only protects and preserves the product but also tells a story and creates an experience. It's the first thing that catches our eye on the shelf, the initial touchpoint that can spark joy and excitement. Whether it’s a luxurious eye crème, a chic body wash,, or an innovative skincare bottle, the best beauty packaging in the industry stands out, combining functionality with aesthetics to elevate the entire beauty ritual.

Here are some of our favorites:


epi.logic’s is founded by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Their products utilize science-backed ingredients to address a variety of skin issues, and their packaging is used to convey their simple, yet effective approach to skincare. Their signature ‘dots’ are present throughout the packaging, giving a science-y feel to everything they offer.


Neurae is skincare that’s elevated by neuroscience - they want to care for your skin, as much as your well-being. Their calm mentality is reflected in their pastel and neutral colored packaging. Sustainability is also at the core of their business, so all of their products are refillable. By using a natural, matte wood for the top of their products, they stand out from the other high-shine metallic options on the shelves.


Futurewise is all about slugging - the dermatologist-approved method of intense hydration. Futurewise targets a Gen-Z audience and is stocked in places like CVS and Target, so its bright, color-blocked packaging helps it stand out against the more bland brands on the shelves.


Doré is all about effortless French skincare. Their monochromatic packaging highlights their simple approach - and looks clean when placed all together on your vanity. Their packaging is clean and simple, just like their formulas which are made to be safe for all skin types.

Summer Fridays

Summer Friday’s core values are beauty, efficacy, and simplicity. Their packaging speaks to these values by offering a clean, yet eye-catching design. There isn’t unnecessary graphics or designs on the packaging, instead they let the product speak for itself.

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