Storing your coffee beans in standard (and often plain-looking) coffee bags is good and all, but where's the fun in that? To make your coffee—in both brand and taste—stand out, you will have to kick things up a notch! And what better way to do that than to opt for fully customizable, quality-made, and 100% sustainable coffee packaging, just like our Custom Coffee Bags? 😎

With artisanal details like a tear notch for easy opening, a resealable zipper to lock in freshness, and a one-way valve to extend the life of your coffee, our block-bottom bags check all the boxes for a practical, quality storage option. And if you are looking to give your coffee bags their much-deserved rebrand, we've got just the right design inspiration for you! 🌟

Hex Coffee Roasters

There’s quite something about going for a minimalistic design on coffee bags like Hex Coffee’s. It’s cool, chic, and crisp—nothing too exaggerated, but a classic.

Medici Coffee Roasters

With a splash of color (to easily differentiate flavors) against an all-black backdrop, there’s only one word to describe Medici Coffee's coffee bag design—sleek!


The cherry on top! Airship’s adorable, nostalgic design on their pouches is such a gorgeous upgrade from their earlier classic kraft bags.


Inspired by the Sherbrook landscape that surrounds Kaapeh Café, their coffee pouch design is sure to take your breath away!


Matchstick’s commitment to providing their community with great coffee is beautifully evident in their abstractly designed coffee bags.

Le Brûloir

You know the best thing about Le Brûloir's coffee bag designs? They are created by passionate artists that the brand collaborated with and they all look absolutely très bien!

Wolf Coffee Roasters

Last but not least, Wolf Coffee Roasters boasts a stunning coffee pouch design that only plays along navy blue and white, evoking a sense of effortlessness in both look and taste.

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