FORAH’s Everyday Mineral Sunscreen

A good sunblock or sunscreen is definitely a keeper, but with all the variety of options out there, how exactly should you choose one? Great news to adventurers of all kinds—those who surf with the waves, wander in the forests, traipse along the mountains, or even those who navigate through the daily—this one's for you.

FORAH’s Dayglow Oil Serum

Meet FORAH, the creator of your next favorite go-to sunscreen and skincare essentials. Their products not only provide either the best shield against the harmful rays of the sun or an effective aid to reduce sun damage, but they’re free from harsh chemicals too, making them better for your skin as well as the environment (their sunscreens are completely reef-safe!).

FORAH’s Zinc Surf Balm

To complete the package, FORAH collaborated with noissue to create the perfect packaging partner for their Dayglow Oil Serum, Deep Cleansing Oil, and Everyday Mineral Sunscreen. Not only does their packaging choice reflect the brand’s signature yellow color, but it also reflects their commitment to sustainability by opting for FSC-certified compostable packaging.

Curious for more? Read all about it—brand story, design process, and more—only here!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

FORAH is a raw, natural, and powerful sunscreen & skincare brand born by vast mountains, rich temperate rainforests, and expanses of rugged land bound by deep, sometimes unruly seas. It’s from these natural spaces that FORAH draws much of its inspiration and in turn, it's that nature that plays an intrinsic role in its guiding fundamentals. Crafting skincare and sunscreen with an experience that mirrors the authenticity and vigor of the environments shaping us. Using nature not only as a muse but also as a shield, protecting us from the harsh elements it presents.

At the core of FORAH's philosophy is a commitment to purity and transparency. We craft all our products with an unwavering dedication to excluding harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, dyes, microplastics, and petrochemicals. This commitment is not just about what we put into our products; it's a reflection of our respect for nature and the well-being of our users. Our environmental consciousness extends to our packaging. We strive to use the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials available, minimizing our ecological footprint. This dedication is not just a trend for us; it's a responsibility we embrace wholeheartedly.

Caley Vanular, the founder of FORAH

Our team at FORAH is all about collaboration, independence, and entrepreneurship. FORAH founder and CEO, Caley Vanular, has worked freelance in Creative Direction and Marketing for over 15 years and proudly hires independent contractors and creatives on an ongoing basis to make up the FORAH team. She believes that hiring inspired and empowered experts is the way of the future and due to the nature of that working style, FORAH has no official headquarters or storefront. The brand lives online at FFORAHH.COM, @FFORAHH, and on the shelves of over 50 curated boutiques across the world including retailers like the popular clean beauty destination, GOOP, known for its cult-favorite status.

noissue Custom Product Boxes for @fforahh

FORAH is more than skincare and sunscreen; it's a holistic approach to well-being that recognizes the profound impact of nature on our health and vitality. With every product, we invite you to experience the raw power and rejuvenating qualities that nature has to offer, bottled with care and respect by FORAH. Welcome to a skincare journey that goes beyond beauty – it's a celebration of nature's gifts and an ode to the untamed beauty of yourself and the world around us.

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

From the outset, our founder and CEO, Caley Vanular, set out to craft natural products of the highest quality and shape a brand identity that elicits moments of awe. This commitment to product excellence and purposeful design and photography has been intricately woven into the essence of FORAH since its inception.

Collaborating with Danielle Hall, an NYC- and Toronto-based designer, formerly of MoMA, Pentagram, and DOB, Caley reflects fondly on those early days of creating the brand – drawing inspiration, immersing herself in the works of favorite artists, and meticulously crafting a variety of logo iterations.

noissue Custom Product Boxes for @fforahh

The core of FORAH's identity lies in the juxtaposition of art and nature. Our logo serves as a visual journey through art, symbolizing our belief that profound impacts stem from seemingly small actions, much like a daily ritual. The color palette, inspired by a rich spectrum, resonates with the expressive hues found in both artistic creations and the tranquility of nature.

Art, design, and photography to us, are the heartbeat of FORAH, transcending mere visual appeal to reflect the dedication and effort invested in formulating our products. We view the objects that surround you as the visual tapestry of your life, interconnecting to create a universe of superior, more intentional products and designs. When you behold it, the impact is palpable – a sentiment echoed in our packaging. The resonant interplay of artistry and intentionality is unmistakable in every facet of FORAH's design journey.

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

noissue was the perfect fit for FORAH's packaging for several reasons. Rooted in our brand ethos of design, environmental consciousness, and sustainability, noissue seamlessly aligns with these values by providing eco-friendly and customizable packaging solutions that empower us to minimize our environmental impact.

noissue Custom Product Boxes for @fforahh

What particularly caught our Production Manager’s, Sarah Micioni, attention was noissue's strong commitment to waste reduction and its unique capability to maintain a distinctive brand identity even with small-batch production runs and a streamlined start-up team. The use of FSC-certified paper and soy-based inks in their packaging aligns with our dedication to crafting products that are free from harmful chemicals and eco-friendly.

This not only resonates with our brand's principles but also allows us to extend our commitment to sustainability to every aspect of our product, from formulation to presentation. In essence, noissue allows us to deliver our products in a way that aligns with our commitment to people and nature, ensuring that every aspect of the customer experience reflects the authenticity and sustainability at the core of our brand.