It’s basically part of our nature as human beings to want to document our lives’ special moments, may it be through photographs, videos, or any other medium we have at hand. These have always been such reliable ways to turn memories into something tangible—something we can hold on to and look back on; proof that we’ve spent countless wonderful times that are worth keeping forever—making them precious as gems and, at times, even eternal.

It's a little different for After The Tone. It all started with lifelong partners and founders, Jacob and Bailey, and their idea of elevating the standard (and oftentimes, ordinary) guestbook for their own wedding into something unique—through voicemail messages. This was inspired by Bailey’s grandparents having gotten married through the phone, and while this is something that is quite unusual then and even now, it’s nothing short of an incredible show of love—a mark of true inspiration.

Jacob (left) and Bailey (right), co-founders of After The Tone

After The Tone gives vintage telephones a brand new life through their audio guestbooks. And what’s great about it is not only the feeling of being brought back to the past through their funky and groovy colors that are perfectly reminiscent of the previous eras, but, more importantly, the overall process.

Your friends and loved ones calling in with messages of appreciation, affection, and just about anything, then collecting and turning them into either a digital or vinyl copy that you can always reach for and hit play whenever you want: simple but rather meaningful.

The Orange Phone, “The Bowie”

After The Tone recognized how these phones could be something that a lot of people might want displayed in their homes, but instead of the usual route of retailing each piece, they decided to go rental instead—by repurposing, refurbishing, and reusing those telephones—making the process more inclined toward the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

To further that mission, they collaborated with noissue to create a packaging suite that is not only made with sustainable materials but also looks impeccably on-brand and high-quality. The roster includes our Custom Multi Colored Tissue Paper, which is just our fan-favorite Custom Tissue Paper but more elevated with full color options that will expand your design horizons.

Another is our Custom Water-activated Packing Tape, which After The Tone has in two designs, all on kraft. It’s made from FSC-certified paper, printed using vibrant soy-based inks, and its water-activated adhesive is non-toxic, making it perfect for composting and recycling. The best bit? It can also secure packages weighing up to 44 lbs. (20 kg). Beautiful AND sturdy!

After The Tone also uses our Custom Poly Mailers. These durable and weatherproof mailers are made from 100% recycled plastic and have two adhesive strips, so they are reusable as well. All of these packaging materials combined are one whole bunch of essentials for After The Tone—perfect for wrapping merch, sealing boxes and mailers, and shipping many other things.

Any special events coming up? Keep all your memories in one place and experience After The Tone! Just head on over to, book the color of your choice, and you’re good to go. Enjoy!