For your festive fashionista, go all out on our guide on must-have holiday Accessories!

No shade to stale fruit cake, but there are many kinds of holiday bites that are stealing the spotlight this season. Why not indulge in them all? 🍰

Instead of bringing the usual and boring to the holiday potluck, switch it up with eats from incredibly talented small businesses whipping up tasty treats!

We’re 100% here for turning out the not-so-typical treats this season. From savory sauces and gift sets to craft coffee and confectionery, these small hospitality businesses welcome the holidays with unique and unexpected takes on the traditional. Santa’s cookies and gingerbread just got an upgrade to get excited about!

Read on to shop from eight small businesses cranking out the cheer through takeout and Custom Foodsafe-packaged gifts that’ll have even the grouchiest of Grinches going back for seconds – and thirds, and fourths. And remember to save room for a decadent dessert, of course.

Pransuk Dessert

From the United Kingdom comes Pransuk Dessert, a bakery specializing in the edible art of traditional Thai desserts reimagined in new ways. Pransuk translates to ‘breath of happiness, a form of meditation that inspired founder Chosita to pay homage to her culture and create meaningful morsels. Each delicate Thai pastry is handmade from family recipes passed down and transformed through modern methods and flavors, resulting in sweets that tell a beautiful story.

An assortment of auspicious desserts gets attentively packed in pretty Foodsafe paper for their Lucky Number 9 gift set, representing good fortune and sweetening the season.


Graft + Grind

For those who can’t get enough craft beer and beverages for the holidays, Graft + Grind has you covered! In Yorkshire lies this family-run coffee and bottle shop that’s also dishing up some local takeout. Graft + Grind’s got it all in their stock, from interesting IPAs and sours to stouts that pair perfectly with their sandwiches. Send a loved one a coffee bag for a kick of caffeine, or pick up a few lagers that will liven up the Christmas roast!

Stop by Graft + Grind for a special Takeout Christmas Afternoon Tea for Two – featuring an assortment of foodsafe-protected treats in a cool peel-and-reveal tea stand to slay at the holiday soirée. Or, if you’d like to surprise a friend a can or a few, shop and send from their large selection of beers, natural wines, and non-alcoholic drinks that come wrapped in compostable Tissue!


Dolce Vita

Anyone that’s all in for Peruvian alfajores, say aye! For a cookie sandwich that’ll knock everyone’s holiday socks off, look no further than Dolce Vita in the United Kingdom. Even Ebenezer Scrooge can’t say no to delicious dulce de leche-filled cookies! Dolce Vita aims to share the love passed down through generations through their alfajores and crafts gift boxes for everyone to enjoy the sweet life during the holidays.

Check out Dolce Vita’s personalized gift boxes, packaged with Foodsafe on the inside to make sure the alfajores remain awe-inducing from pick up to the party. You can even have a QR code of a song of your choice stamped on the box – just scan it on your phone to play, and get your holiday groove on!


Just Baked

Nova Scotia’s very own Just Baked totally takes the holiday cupcake. Just Baked can feed a crowd with their cute confectionaries, which are created with sustainably sourced ingredients. Founder Danielle offers up dozens of cupcakes varying in flavors and designs, all made with a cup of love and a dash of dedication. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available, so Just Baked’s cakes can fit in at any festive feast.

Choose from cupcakes, mini cakes, and cookies to customize through Just Baked’s website. Then, sit back and watch the compliments at your holiday celebrations roll in!

Thom Bargen Coffee Roasters

In Winnipeg, there’s no shortage of good vibes and great coffee. Thom Bargen Coffee Roaster is a local coffee shop with delectable drinks for pick up and a coffee subscription service for the caffeinated connoisseur. This conscious coffee provider prides itself on deep relationships with small farms and coffee bean producers while minimizing its products’ impact on the earth. Thom Bargen’s got your back on brewing up a meaningful holiday season by contributing to the local community and concocting comforting cuppas!

Thom Bargen’s curated selection of high-quality beans will be a big hit among brewsters – especially their Always Sunny, All the Time coffee bag subscription, which comes in compostable paper packaging and is aimed at pleasing any coffee lover’s palette!


Last Jar

No need to stick with the ty-pickle gift – Last Jar has the secret sauce! The New Zealand-based condiment company has more than a few tasty tricks up its saucy sleeves. Last Jar is known for its traditional and new spins on charming chutneys, jams, and a range of relishes that quickly sell out at farmers’ markets and online. If you need a unique addition to your holiday charcuterie or want to share a special spread with your loved ones, then Last Jar is your partner-in-brine.

For an all-around appetizer, the accompaniments that come in Last Jar’s Flatter With A Platter is a prime pick to set onto the table! And when you can’t get enough, take home your own Crack Pack of their best sellers.


Pink Lemon Cookies

Serving up the southern charm is Texas-based Pink Lemon Cookies, whose detailed designs are sure to add some delight to the holidays! The creator of Pink Lemon Cookies, Chelsea, is keen to share the seasonal cheer through her cute and clever cookies. An avid lover of the holidays, Chelsea will be baking her custom and unbeatable bites to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Keep an eye out on Pink Lemon Cookies’ website for when holiday custom orders open up since they go fast!

Santa says to get your celebratory cookie order in with Pink Lemon Cookies – and don’t forget to set out the customary glass of milk, too.


Chef Ai LA

Chef Ai in Los Angeles is bringing you bento boxes full of love and care this season. Chef Ai Kennedy is specially crafting beautiful Japanese bento boxes that contain traditional and contemporary flavors. Chef Ai believes that happiness comes from the collection of small moments, so her bento boxes s are designed to evoke immense joy when customers open her bento boxes and see all the elegantly arranged and delicious dishes. Each bento box from Chef Ai is a handmade work of art wrapped in an elegant Foodsafe design that’ll stand out at any event and spread joy to all (and their tastebuds!)

Seasonal bento boxes from Chef Ai can be picked up in the LA area, and do look out for popups throughout the holiday season to be able to get your hands on this happiness.

🎁 That’s a wrap!

As the sleigh bells are jingling (and a-ring ting tingling, too), savor these scrumptious eats during the holiday season! And don’t sweat any syrup spills or sauce accidents, since these bites come protected in Custom Foodsafe packaging that also makes for a pretty display. Trust us when we say that these edible masterpieces will set a miraculous mood.  

Having a feast for all the holiday festivities? Protect and present your food on noissue Foodsafe paper, which is 100% compostable and customizable with foodsafe ink that won’t bleed! And keep the party popping through the not-so-silent night with these treats guaranteed to please from our amazing Bites community.

Eager for festive fare to inspire at your next feast? Check out more branded and holiday designs from the noissue Bites community on Instagram!