From sweet to spicy scented, there are a variety of candles in the world to choose from. The candle industry is a vast business worth over $2.97 billion dollars in 2021 and is expected to reach 5.02 billion dollars by 2029.

Even though candles are mainly used for decorative purposes, they’re found in almost every household. Candles are among the most common gifts to loved ones, friends, and family. If your candles smell good and come in high-end sustainable packaging, it will drive customer loyalty.

Candle packaging is crucial to the brand identity. Good packaging can boost sales and protect the candle from harmful or toxic elements outside. Candles are pretty fragile and can break if not properly packed right.

As such, choosing the right kind of packaging material is essential. Product packaging is the first thing that customers interact with. This means if the packaging is appealing, there’s a higher chance that customers will buy the product. Here are some of the most common packaging materials for candle boxes:

Kraft Paper

The most commonly chosen material for candle boxes is kraft paper. Kraft paper combines sturdiness and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for product boxes. Containers made of kraft paper are suitable for light and delicate things like candles. Similarly, these boxes are ideal for heavy items too. Kraft paper material can be molded into any shape and size.

Cardboard Material

Another type of material that is preferred for making product boxes is cardboard. The process involves taking premium quality sheets and compressing them all together at really high pressure. This results in a solid box where candles can be safely stored. The compression lends sturdiness to the boxes, making them perfect for shipping candles. The boxes become rigid and durable and, at the same time, have a smooth outer layer.

Corrugated Material

One of the other options for making candle boxes is corrugated material. It’s the strongest and the toughest one of the three. That’s why packages made of corrugated material are considered ideal for shipping candles across all parts of the world. If you’re using these boxes, you don’t have to worry about the candles being damaged. Corrugated packaging is ideal if your candles are delicate and super sensitive.

All these materials are great for packing candles and other sensitive products. They can be molded in different shapes and sizes and be reused and recycled. You can give your product box a matte, glossy, satin, or even velvety finish to give your customers a unique product shopping experience.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

While manufacturers have been using different kinds of packaging materials, eco-friendly packaging materials are environmentally friendly and reduce the overall carbon footprint. There are many benefits of using eco-friendly materials for your candle packaging. Some of them include:

1. Adding Brand Value

Selling your custom candles in eco-friendly packaging will add brand value and improve your brand’s reputation. In an age when environmental consciousness is increasing and customers are putting a high value on sustainable products, packaging your candles in eco-friendly materials can add brand value and drive brand loyalty. Moreover, using eco-friendly, sustainable packaging will demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment. Being sustainable with your packaging is an excellent opportunity for brands to build customer trust, especially millennial customers who highly value sustainability.

2. Reusing and Recycling Materials

Eco-friendly materials used to prepare custom candle packaging can be easily reused. Companies help in reducing waste by choosing environmentally friendly packaging materials. Additionally, the usage of eco-friendly packaging materials for shipping reduces waste. As these materials are recyclable, manufacturers contribute to the reduction in the use of raw materials and garbage produced by such packaging materials.

3. Gifting and Storing Items

Many people purchase premium candle boxes to pack gifts for their loved ones. Since these boxes are more robust than paper or plastic boxes, they’re even used for storing food items. These boxes used for shipping candles are very multipurpose – they can be used to hold many different things.

4. Embracing Transparency

Using sustainable packaging will give brands a chance to embrace transparency and make their customers aware of the ingredients of their packaging material. By being transparent about the kind of packaging material used, brands gain the trust of their customers.

Wrapping Up

There are many things one needs to consider while choosing the right candle packaging for your brand. Designing the right kind of packaging can make all the difference since the packaging reflects your company’s values and creativity, while sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions can help you attract more customers.

At noissue, we’re committed to high-quality and sustainable packaging. We can customize your candle packaging based on your brand’s value and aesthetic. Check out our candle packaging products and find the best fit for your brand!