When it comes to packaging, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts.

External packaging like stickers, shipping labels, tape or stamps are a really important aspect of brand building. Even a simple custom branded sticker can be enough to kick-start customer engagement as soon as a package arrives on their doorstep.

After all, as a brand, why would you wait to show off gorgeous packaging materials that lay hidden inside? An engaging unboxing experience can begin immediately, simply by ramping up a package's exterior.

Say goodbye to stock standard parcels, and hello to flaunting a bit of individual style on plain boxes or mailers. Here are 8 ideas to help you get creative in labelling your packages.

1. Create Stickers That Bring Everything Together

Stickers being used on shipping bags

Looking for a quick and effective way to not only instantly tie your packaging to your brand, but to literally stick it all together? Branded stickers are the way to go!

Stickers serve a dual purpose by securely sealing your packaging flaps and edges together, and letting your customers know instantly who their package is from.

Peel it off and slap it on – it’s that easy! And when it comes to deciding what your sticker is going to look like, the choice is yours. From logos, illustrations, thank you’s or even a positive message for your customers, there’s just so many possibilities for these multi-talented stickers.

2. Design Tape That Makes Your Boxes Artistic

Customised tape on a box

Plain packaging doesn't exactly create excitement. You might have a show-stopping product and wrapping on the inside, but being faced with a box stuck together with dull packaging tape isn’t exactly the best way to amp up the customer for what lies within, is it?

Customized tape is the perfect opportunity to get your brand's personality across before customers open anything up. Customized noissue tape can be designed to fit all your wants and needs, and adds some extra security to your parcels.

Add a splash of color or perhaps a sophisticated illustration like Emerald Jungle has above – whatever reflects your brand's identity. If you’re an artist, designer or illustrator this is the perfect opportunity to showcase even more of your personality and style.

3. Create Shipping Labels That Highlight Your Values

Shipping label printer

Ensuring your packaging is eco-friendly can start by investing in sustainable packaging. If you're using compostable packaging like our Mailers, did you know that all your efforts could be for nothing if regular shipping labels aren't removed before composting?

Most regular shipping labels rely on customers remembering to remove them before sustainably disposing of their compostable mailers. What a headache!

The answer to this is noissue’s compostable roll shipping labels, which are made from recycled paper and use non-toxic adhesive, so they can be thrown straight onto a compost heap. How awesome is it to be able to tell your customers that every piece of packaging you send them leaves no negative impact behind? Happiness (and no headaches) all around.

4. Design Tape That Shares a Care Message For Post Handlers

Custom tape on an envelope

Ever received an order that you were excited about, only to find it broken or damaged in the post? Talk about utter disappointment. Sometimes recipients or post handlers won’t realise what fragile good lay inside their parcels, so giving a little hint reminder is always a wise idea.

Graphic and print designers Akula Kreative get this message across swiftly with their cute monochrome custom tape. Not only does it remind the handler to take care of the package, but we love the simple and effective imagery (including the subtle placement of their logo) used in their design. Hooray for snail mail that arrives in one piece. 🐌

5. Use Stickers With Your Logo on a Stock Mailer Bag

Stickers on a mailer bag

Sometimes all it takes to make your mark is a simple sticker. Take Laguna Beach coffee roasters, Jedidiah Coffee, as a perfect example.

Looking at their recycled mailer we immediately know they have two important messages to share: 1) Sustainable packaging is vital to their brand vision and 2) A branded sticker is all they need to create a focal point and add a personal touch to plain parcels.

Custom stickers are an effective way to give packaging the 'wow' factor. They create brand awareness while being low-cost and are attractive and take almost no time to apply to packaging – perfect for the small-business owner that's doing it all themselves.

6. Design Tape That Says Thanks to Your Customer

Custom tape on a kraft mailer

'Thank you' is a phrase that no one gets tired of hearing. These two words can have so much power. Simply showing gratitude to your customers can make them feel like extra special VIPs, encouraging brand loyalty and repeat business.

Illustrator Calga Zimmermann shows that packaging tape can be fun, say thanks, and create a branded opportunity to securely close your packages all at once.

Her illustrations show-off her brand personality immediately and create an eye-catching alternative to plain mailers. This water-activated tape also gives thanks to the environment as it is recyclable and doesn’t use toxic substances to create its stickiness. What a simple way to make everyone feel appreciated!

7. Create Stamps That Show Your Brand's Stamp of Approval

Custom stamp on a box

Brown paper packages tied up with string is a look that will never go out of style. Even better than that is when this package is adorned with glorious ink stamps that tell customers exactly who their package is from.

Based in Battle, UK, The Beauty Barn sends out their salon products in old-school rustic brown boxes, complete with the unique simplicity of their stamped-on logo.

The noissue soy-based ink stamps can be used to mark your packaging with logos, messages or pictures – there’s so many ways you can use a stamp. As they’re reusable for up to 10,000 impressions, they’re an amazing budget-friendly tool too.

8. Combine all of the Above!

Stamp, sticker and tape on a box

Stamps, stickers, tape: what packaging items would make the biggest splash for your brand?

Sure, it can be a difficult decision (they’re all so good!) but who said you had to choose just one thing? Take a leaf out of Laura Pereda’s book and stick and stamp away to your heart's desire!

We feel only good vibes from this stamp, tape and sticker combination. “Correo Feliz” translates as happy mail and we know for sure our spirits would be lifted if we received this joyful treat in the mail. Go for it.

Wrapping it up

It’s time to boost the exterior of your packaging and amp up the engagement factor for your customers.

Our noissue stamps, stickers and tape are customizable and fully sustainable, while giving your packaging that home-made feel.

Made from quality materials, you can rest assured that your brand, your customers and your planet are getting the absolute best of the bunch.

Make a great first impression – don’t forget what’s on the outside counts, too!