Tamper-resistant packages are packages that are designed to be difficult to open. They are often used in industries where a package could be tampered with, and the contents inside could be stolen or damaged.

Tamper-resistant packaging can come in many different forms, but they often include tamper-evident seals, paper padded mailers, and security tape. A seal is a device that attaches to the original packaging of an item and allows you to tell if someone has opened it. Security tape is used on the outside of a package to make it harder for someone to remove without leaving evidence behind.

Tamper-evident corrugate Kraft mailers helps dissuade tampering and can be further protected when sealed with strong gummed tape.

Tamper-proof packaging is most commonly used in pharmaceuticals, where tampering can lead to serious health consequences if the medicine is stolen or contaminated; however, they can also be used by other industries such as food, cosmetics, electronics, and more.

Packing and Shipping Tamper-Resistant Packaging

When you're shipping tamper-resistant packaging, it's important to take certain precautions to ensure that your product arrives safely at its destination. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you use the right kind of box or mailer. You can tell if a box is tamper-proof by looking at the seams and tape on it—if there are no seams or tape, then it's not tamper-resistant. If there are seams or tape, but they're not visible from all sides of the box or mailer, then it is tamper-resistant!
  • If you're using a corrugated box or mailer for your shipment, make sure it has been constructed with sufficient overlap and depth so that someone cannot easily rip through it (the corrugated should be at least 1/4 inch thick). If possible, consider using a corrugated board instead—it's stronger than regular cardboard!

Types of Tamper-Resistant Packaging

Tamper-resistant packaging can be divided into four categories: physical, chemical, mechanical, and electronic barriers. The most common types of tamper-resistant packaging fall under the categories of physical and mechanical barriers.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers include tough tape, metal, or plastic  materials that can be difficult to open without tools such as scissors or knives. This type of barrier is often used in medicines and cosmetics to prevent children from opening them, as well as for eCommerce packages.

Reinforced gummed packing tape is tamper-resistant due to its fiber glass thread that requires a sharp object to pierce!

Chemical Barriers

Chemical barriers are usually made of wax or plastic and contain chemicals that will harm whoever touches them if they are broken or opened incorrectly. These kinds of barriers are often used to protect consumer products such as food items and electronics.

Mechanical Barriers

Mechanical barriers use things like wires or metal clasps to hold together items inside packages so they cannot be opened easily by someone who does not know how they work (for example, children). These types of barriers are often used when shipping fragile items such as glass bottles or CDs/DVDs.

Electronic Barriers

Electronic barriers use wireless signals to make sure no one tampers with packages without permission from whoever owns them (for example, companies that have sensitive information stored on computers).

Difference Between Tamper-Resistant Packaging & Tamper-Evident Packaging

Tamper evident packaging is designed to make tampering as obvious as possible so that when the package has been opened or damaged, it will be obvious to you that someone has tampered with your goods. This can be used to prove to tamper in court if needed.

Tamper-resistant packaging is designed to make tampering as difficult as possible. The idea is to discourage anyone from tampering with your package because it takes too much work, requires tools, or might draw attention.

Both types of packaging are useful because they let customers know if their goods have been compromised during shipping or storage in a warehouse.

Risks With Choosing Tamper-Evident Packaging Over Tamper-Resistant Packaging

One of the risks with choosing tamper-evident packaging over tamper-resistant packaging is that it's not always possible to tell if someone has opened an item. For example, if you're shipping a vial of liquid and you want to know if someone has opened it, then tamper-evident packaging will let you know if they have. However, tamper-resistant packaging and shipping supplies are designed to prevent tampering in the first place, and you can mix and match tamper-evident and resistant products to best suit your brand's needs and budget.

What To Consider When Choosing Tamper-Resistant Packaging Suppliers

When you're looking for tamper-resistant packaging, whether it's for your business or your home, there are a lot of things to consider. But perhaps the most important one is reliability.

Choose a reliable supplier that not only provides tamper-evident and resistant packaging products, but offers customizable features for your brand to stand out from the crowd!

Proven Track Record

The first step in choosing reliable suppliers of tamper-resistant packaging is to select companies that have been around for years and have a proven track record of success. This will help you to ensure that you are working with an established company that has the resources necessary to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices.

Reliable Suppliers

Another thing you should look for in reliable suppliers of tamper-resistant packaging is a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. A good supplier will be able to provide you with all the information about their products so that there are no misunderstandings about what they can offer or how long it will take them to deliver it once ordered.

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State of The Art Technology

Finally, make sure that any potential supplier of tamper-resistant packaging has access to state-of-the-art technology such as laser engraving machines or weather-resistant coatings, which are used in many industries, including pharmaceuticals. They allow companies to create unique labels on each product without having to rely solely on traditional printing methods, which results in high costs.

To remain as sustainable as possible, you can consider using tamper evident shipping supplies such as sturdy mailers sealed with tamper-resistant tape, which would require a sharp object to pierce through. Taking extra safety measures to properly package and protect your customer's orders will go a long way in establishing your brand as a reputable one.

🎁 That's a Wrap!

Tamper-evident or resistant packaging is a necessity for your company's brand image. It's a simple way to make sure that your product reaches its destination unaltered, which increases your customer’s trust in you.

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