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Something you might be seeing more often in retail stores is CBD-related products. CBD is an ingredient that’s swiftly rising in popularity among consumers, particularly in the wellness, food, and beauty industries. Suppose you’re in the business of selling CBD goods like oils, snacks, skincare, and cosmetics. In that case, you’ll need to properly package your products to display required information without losing out on visual interest. In this article, we’ll help break down what CBD products look like, why they’ll need special packaging, and which packaging and shipping supplies work best for your CBD brand!

What is CBD?

First, if you’re quite new to the CBD industry, it’s important to know what CBD is. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound derived from the cannabis plant that can be applied topically or included in food and drink. CBD is a trendy ingredient with various beneficial and soothing properties, so it’s no surprise that the CBD industry is expected to reach an estimated $16 billion in the United States by 2025. While using CBD as an ingredient might seem simple enough, there are regulations brands must adhere to if they sell CBD-related products. But don’t worry – we’ll cover what your brand needs to know without the complicated jargon!

What’s the difference between CBD vs. hemp?

While CBD is a compound extracted from both cannabis and hemp plants, hemp is an ingredient derived from the seeds of hemp plants. Hemp seed oil is rich in certain acids and is typically found in cosmetics, edible goods, and even cleaning supplies. The difference between the two is that hemp is more commonly associated with having physical health benefits, while CBD is enjoyed as a soothing supplement for ingestion and topical use.

Your brand could benefit significantly from selling hemp and hemp seed-based products, too! Keep in mind, however, that the purchase and use of hemp-based products are legal across the United States, but specific rules regarding selling hemp products will vary by state. On the other hand, there are stricter regulations for purchasing and selling CBD products, depending on your state. But there are huge upsides to selling CBD, as it's exploding in demand in most states, especially along the west and east coasts.

What kind of CBD products are there?

Since CBD is a chemical compound that can be ingested or applied, it can be easily added to many products. CBD oil is sold for ingestion with food and drinks or for use on skin, hair, and nails as a nourishing step. Skincare and body care are commonly seen with CBD as an ingredient, as are cosmetics that utilize CBD oil in products. Certain edible snacks, like CBD gummies or mints, are available in many grocery and convenience stores in some states.

Custom noissue Tissue Paper and Custom Sticker by @hempcollectivebyron

What are the CBD packaging requirements that brands must follow?

CBD e-commerce stores have seen a surge in sales in recent years due to the legalization of marijuana and related products across the United States. However, not all states have adopted or finalized the legal sale of CBD, so brands must check their state guidelines for more information before beginning sales and designing packaging. In some states, food containing CBD is prohibited from sale in interstate commerce. Read the applicable rules carefully to avoid accidentally producing packaging for your brand’s products that don’t meet guidelines.

For edible CBD products, kraft paper tube packaging keeps items fresh due to a food-safe lining! Paper tubes work well as CBD gummy packaging or to keep oil vials from being crushed during shipment.

Refer to your state’s CBD packaging laws and the FDA’s Regulations, where you can learn more about interstate restrictions, specific cases, and how to label other ingredients like hemp properly. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to custom CBD packaging:


  • Accurately state the form of CBD that’s included in your product on the item’s packaging label, such as the use of CBD oil in lip balms and lotions.
  • Include the amount or percentage of CBD used in your product on the item’s packaging label.


  • Claim that CBD and your product help treat, cure, and prevent ailments.
  • Minimally label your CBD product. Ensure you accurately display the amount of CBD on your product packaging label.

Here are the best packaging and shipping supplies for CBD brands

Now that we’ve got the essential know’s squared away, let’s dive into the packaging and shipping supplies you can customize to your brand. Don’t think that you need to sacrifice sustainability or style for your CBD product. noissue products are designed with circularity in mind to be compostable, reusable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials.

No matter where your CBD brand is in its journey, it’s not too late to choose better packaging alternatives that show off your branding. Custom CBD packaging bags, boxes, tubes, and more are made more sustainable by using recycled materials. Customers will appreciate the thoughtful attention to detail when you use eco-friendly packaging and shipping options. Packaging CBD products can be creative, cost-effective, and conscious!

CBD skincare, body care, and cosmetics:

noissue Wholesale Custom Product Boxes

Product folding cartons made from 30% recycled White SBS paperboard certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Available to customize for double-sided printing with water-based inks
  • Choose between Kraft and White water-based coating
  • Comes in 4 different sizes
  • Showcase your product’s name, information, and ingredient list on personalized and protective product boxes
  • Customize Wholesale Product Boxes here

noissue Custom Paper Tubes

Paper tube packaging made from kraft materials certified by the FSC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • 100% reusable and curbside recyclable
  • Available as stock or customize the exterior with soy-based inks on Black Kraft, Kraft, and White bases
  • Features removable lid for easy opening
  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Ideal for packaging vials, cosmetics, candies, and more
  • Customize Paper Tubes here

noissue Custom Coated Labels

Coated waterproof labels made from FSC-certified white paper with a waterproof biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film coating and non-toxic adhesive.

  • Coated labels and release lining are 100% curbside recyclable
  • Comes in a Matte or Glossy finish
  • Choose between four shapes and five sizes
  • Available to customize with your branding or logo in soy-based inks that won’t affect recyclability
  • Display important product information or seal edible goods with custom waterproof stickers
  • Customize Coated Labels here

CBD snacks and candies:

noissue Custom Stand Up Pouches

FDA-approved Doypacks made from recycled materials coated with water-based polyethylene (PE).

  • 100% curbside recyclable and resealable
  • Has side gussets and a flat bottom for space-saving storage
  • Tear-notch included for easy opening
  • Waterproof, powder-resistant, and child-resistant press-to-close seal
  • Can contain edible products like cookies, coffee beans or grounds, candy and more, or even non-edible products like bath salts
  • Available to customize with your branding or logo in non-toxic CMYK HP inks that won’t affect recyclability
  • Customize Wholesale Stand Up Pouches here

noissue Custom Roll Labels

Custom printed roll labels with non-toxic adhesive made from FSC-certified acid-free paper.

Custom Die-Cut Sticker Roll by @shopsaikah
  • Roll labels and release lining are 100% curbside recyclable
  • Available to customize with your branding or logo in soy-based inks that won’t affect recyclability
  • Comes in four different shapes or die-cut and five sizes
  • Easily label products, add a QR code sticker, or personalize packaging with custom roll labels
  • Customize Roll Labels here

CBD oils:

noissue Custom Tissue Paper

Eco-friendly tissue paper made from FSC-certified recycled materials that are acid-free, sulfur-free, and lignin-free.

Custom noissue Tissue Paper by
  • 100% curbside recyclable, reusable, and compostable
  • Custom printed with soy-based inks (including metallics!)
  • Comes in two sizes and weights
  • Use custom tissue paper wrapping over products and to fill boxes for a pleasant surprise
  • Customize Tissue Paper here

noissue Custom Boxes

Custom mailer boxes made from FSC-certified recycled corrugated E-flute cardboard or fiberboard.

  • 100% recyclable, reusable, and compostable
  • Printed and coated with water-based ink
  • E-flute and B-flute materials ensure durability
  • Available in 8 different sizes to customize or as stock kraft
  • Print your logo, brand slogan, and a custom QR code directly on your shipping boxes
  • Customize Mailer Boxes here

Other shipping supplies and packaging finishes:

noissue Wholesale Custom Padded Mailers

Bubble mailers made from post-industrial 100% recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE) on the outside and 20% recycled LDPE on the inside.

  • 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Printed with water-based ink
  • Comes with two adhesive strips for reuse
  • Available to customize for wholesale or as stock kraft
  • Personalize the exterior with logo stickers or securely seal with custom masking tape
  • Customize Wholesale Bubble Mailers here

noissue Recycled Mailers

100% recycled mailers made from pre-consumer recycled plastic waste.

Custom noissue Wholesale Recycled Poly Mailer by @superette_shop
  • 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Printed with water-based ink
  • Comes with two adhesive strips for reuse
  • Package CBD goods inside while decorating the exterior with logo or QR code stickers
  • Customize Recycled Poly Mailers here

noissue Custom Gift Boxes

Mailer boxes made from FSC-certified recycled corrugated E-flute cardboard or fiberboard.

  • 100% curbside recyclable and compostable
  • Available to customize for single or double-sided printing with non-toxic CMYK HP inks
  • Choose from Uncoated Matte, Coated Glossy, or Uncoated Kraft finishes
  • Available in six sizes
  • Perfect for packaging a variety of CBD products for corporate gifts, client gifting, PR boxes, and eCommerce orders
  • Customize Gift Boxes here

noissue Custom Drawstring Bags

Cloth drawstring bags made from organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Custom noissue Drawstring Bags by @naturally_n_nature
  • 100% reusable
  • Printed with eco-friendly inks that won’t fade or crackle
  • Can feature a double-sided design or logo pattern
  • Great for packaging vials and accessories for a more luxurious touch
  • Customize Drawstring Bags here

noissue Custom Recycled Cards

Recycled postcards or folded cards made from FSC-certified 100% recycled paper.

Custom noissue Recycled Thank You Card with custom QR code by @_kikithekid
  • 100% recyclable and compostable
  • Available to customize for double-sided printing with eco-friendly inks
  • Comes in multiple sizes and weights
  • Create thank you cards or include a QR code badge for customers to scan to your website
  • Customize Recycled Cards here

noissue Custom Masking Tape

Crepe paper masking tape made from FSC-certified materials

  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Available to customize with soy-based inks
  • Comes in four sizes and lengths
  • Ideal for sealing paper envelopes, shipping boxes, and kraft mailers
  • Customize Masking Tape here

🎁 That’s a Wrap!

The CBD industry is booming, so expect your brand’s sales to ramp up and your business to scale up! Make sure to follow the guidelines set by the FDA and your state, and prepare your packaging to meet all regulatory requirements. Custom packaging allows you to easily display all essential information about your CBD products without sacrificing your brand’s personality. Earth-friendly CBD packaging adds positivity to the unboxing experience, and customers will appreciate your efforts in remaining responsible, stylish, and sustainable!

Shop by category or industry for more packaging and shipping supplies to customize for your brand’s exact needs! Keep up with us on The Wrap for other resources and helpful guides to quality packaging products that don’t skip out on being sustainable by design.