What’s more comforting than the smell of freshly roasted coffee and baked bread? Caffeine connoisseurs and weekly regulars alike can vouch for how satisfying it is to call a bakery or cafe their second home. 🥖

Cafes and bakeries are no strangers to harboring a close customer community. And when a spot also serves up some solid cafe treats, like pastries, sandwiches, and wraps, it’s safe to say that there’s no other place to top it!

If you’re in the bakery or coffee roaster business, you know that your brand’s best interest lies in keeping your customers happy and keen on returning for more. There’s no better way to do that than offering irresistible daytime treats to enjoy alongside a signature cuppa!

Whether your company offers indoor dining or takeout, properly packaging your baked goods is a must. To elevate your customer’s experience while providing food that stays reliably fresh, you’ll want to consider food-grade packaging that’s not only handy but houses your logo and brand aesthetic.

But there’s no reason to leave out your beautiful branding – takeout supplies such as custom bakery bags are the perfect vehicle for handheld enjoyment at your establishment or ordered to-go.

Do-nut think (pun intended) that you can’t utilize these convenient catch-alls for your cafe! Bakery bags are one of the most versatile packaging products for coffee shops, restaurants, and hospitality brands.

Here’s why you should consider using bakery bags to pack your best treats and guarantee a great customer experience in the bag!

What is a bakery bag, and what materials are they made from?

To their name, bakery bags are often used to pack dry baked goods, like bread, pastries, cookies, and confectionery. They’re ideal for these items because they prevent icings, glazes, chocolate, and more from melting while preventing sogginess.

Trust us; no one enjoys biting into a mess of what was supposed to be a perfectly flaky pastry!

Pro tip: seal the openings of your bakery bags with a logo sticker to prevent tampering and keep all that freshness inside!

Bakery bags are typically made from thin paper material to ensure the items inside are protected from the elements without adding extra weight. They also feature a sealed bottom that makes for easy handheld eating.

The self-opening top is also flexible enough to roll down to prevent sliding or spillage, so customers can create a carrying handle if they’re eating outside or taking their goods to go.

Sometimes, bakery bags come with a synthetic coating on the inside that helps contain and transport pastries with sauces or jams. However, these bags aren’t as eco-friendly, as the layer could have non-renewable plastics.

When choosing pastry packaging for your brand, consider what best suits your current baked offerings, as bakery bags with an eco-friendly, biodegradable coating can do the job without sacrificing recyclability.

How to use a bakery bag

While they seem light and little, bakery bags can do a lot in delivering a neat dining experience!

Bakery bags with a grease-resistant lining can prevent accidents.

We’ve all learned that certain pastries (*cough* croissants) can leave flakes and crumbs all over the place. A grease-resistant pastry bag makes for a reliable barrier against accidental drops during eating and aids in keeping food off surfaces.

So, store the fine china back in its display. No need for extra plates here!

“Grab and go” is a crucial part of the cafe experience, especially for the busiest bees needing their early morning caffeine jolt on the way to the office. You’ll want to make the handoff as easy as they can order an extra shot of espresso.

Bakery bags take little time to package pastries and even less time to open and dig in.

The next time a regular is on a quick lunch or snack run, you’ll be well equipped to give them exactly what they need – and then some, when your bakery bags show off your branding.

Though they’re not ideal for heavier and saucier food, bakery bags make the takeout experience much more straightforward when a menu item requires toppings or add-ons.

Serving up bowls of soups and cut sandwiches is no problem when you can place bread and crackers into a lightweight bakery bag! And some confectionery, like chocolate and fudges, can join in on the action, as wax-coated bakery bags keep morsels neat.

Bakery bags can feature exciting and beautiful branding or art.

Bland has no place in your business, so don’t skip out on branding your bags for cookies and pastries. Consistent brand presentation increases sales and elevates your establishment.

Your customers will appreciate the thorough attention you put into the dining and takeout experience through custom bakery bags displaying your logo and brand name. Let your tasty treats shine and keep them safe while proudly displaying your logo on a bakery bag!

About noissue’s Custom Bakery Bags

There’s more goodness where that came from! Here’s what you need to know about our bakery bags to customize with your branding:

noissue Recycled and Recyclable Wholesale Custom Bakery Bags

  • Made from responsibly sourced 60% recycled kraft paper materials
  • Features an eco-friendly glassine coating for melt-proof and grease-proof protection
  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Lightweight kraft construction prevents adding extra weight to your pastries and baked goods
  • Self-opening top makes carrying easy by simply rolling down
  • Bottom-sealed, side gussets allow for slight expandability
  • Available in 3 sizes for double-sided printing with 1-2 water-based inks (white ink option available)
  • Shop custom bakery bags here and upload your logo or unique artwork for a delectable design!

Other takeout packaging accessories to pair with custom bakery bags

Make your cafe or bakery a special place for customers and turn your takeout into a winning knockout!

The elevated customer experience doesn’t stop here. By including your branding throughout a complementary takeout set, you’ll be making a statement to your customers in a sustainable style.

Competition won’t be able to come close to your brand when it’s all set with chic takeout packaging and dining supplies! Below are several examples of packaging options to make a perfect pair with your custom bakery bags:

  • Compostable food wrapping, deli, wax paper, or takeout tray lining will transform your dine-in dishes while protecting dishware and baskets! Turn your logo into a repeating pattern onto these grease-proof papers while your bakery bags boldly show your cafe name.
  • Custom recycled paper coasters can protect table and bar surfaces from iced and hot drinks, but did you know that you can use them as QR code menus, too? Have your logo on one side and a QR code on the other to direct to your menu and happy hour specials.
  • Terrific takeout has never looked better. Safely store your bakery bagged goodies in larger, sturdy recycled kraft custom takeout bags that showcase your logo and branding! Rigid handles and a flat bottom will have your customer’s back while out and about. On the exterior, your custom design lets passersby know precisely where to go for good sips and eats.
  • Selling bagged coffee – AKA liquid gold – for customers to brew a cup at home? Bag bread and donuts into branded bakery bags, and pour beans or grounds into custom resealable coffee bags. Maximum freshness guaranteed, no matter where your customer enjoys your goodies!

🎁 Wrapping it up

A cafe experience that goes above and beyond awaits! Customers will be thrilled to come and enjoy your cafe’s cups and confections in branded bakery bags that keep their tables and hands clean.

We will warn you that your bread and pastry stock will sell out in no time, though!

Make your custom bakery bags here! Personalize your design by uploading your logo or artwork on our easy-to-use design platform.

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