As your brand’s sales soar through the rest of this year, now is an excellent time to think about how to streamline your processes to be as stress-free as possible. And with the latter half of the year fast approaching, you’ll need to set up your packaging to par for the holiday course. Put your trust into packaging that can stay on through it all – stacking, stuffing, shipping, and surprising!

The Problem

If you’ve noticed that it takes significant energy and products to pack and ship your products, it might be a sign that your brand can benefit from switching to more effortless packaging. This switch doesn’t have to sacrifice quality or style, either –– options like heavy-duty packing tape are simple yet effective in transforming your packaging without breaking a sweat.

Paper tape is a solid solution for smaller businesses. Still, brands slinging out bulk and heavier orders of product will need something that’s also reliable in sturdily sealing large packages, kraft mailers, and containers. You want to avoid the worst-case scenario of your shipping box or envelope busting open at all costs – so your packing tape must be able to withstand stacking and shipment while keeping your goods extra secure.

The Solution

Reinforced gummed tape, also known as fiberglass tape, can reliably get your products across the shipping line while showing off your beautiful branding. Composed of responsibly sourced paper materials and fiberglass threads, this packing tape is best for keeping box packages and kraft packaging effectively sealed. Especially great for heavier packages, reinforced gummed tape requires a sharp object to pierce, so you can comfortably send your best-selling products. Custom reinforced packing tape for shipping boxes and envelopes ensures your branding stands out while keeping contents secure from spilling out.

The newest addition to noissue’s tape family is more than just a strong solution to sealing your brand’s box packaging and shipping mailers. It’s a clever way to personalize your packaging without adding excess weight or material and see you swiftly shipping out orders with confidence!

Here’s what you need to know about this terrifically tenacious shipping tape.

The Specs

noissue Custom Reinforced Gummed Tape is a convenient companion for sealing cardboard shipping and container boxes, paper mailers and envelopes, and more.

  • Made from 100% recycled FSC-certified paper materials and fiberglass threads
  • Non-toxic, water-activated gummed adhesive is strong enough to seal boxes and kraft shipping supplies
  • Available in two sizes to customize with multicolor soy-based inks
  • Comes in Kraft or White base options
  • Simply use water to apply your tape onto kraft shipping boxes and mailers with a dispenser or using a sponge
  • A sponge is included with your custom reinforced gummed tape order
  • Please note that while our reinforced gummed tape is made from recycled materials, it is non-recyclable.

When applying your custom gummed tape, measure the amount of tape you’d like to use. Feed the tape through a water-activated tape dispenser or use a wet sponge to apply it to your package and activate the adhesive. Let dry for several minutes, and afterward, pat yourself on the back for finishing the packing process as quickly as you can say “perfect.” Talk about efficiency at its finest!

Need a dutiful dispenser to make the packing process even speedier? Our Water-Activated Tape Dispenser and noissue Tape Dispenser are perfect for applying a tough layer of tape that’ll stay taut throughout the shipping journey. Breathe easy – your packages are all set to stun with a safe arrival every time!

The Perfect Packaging Set

Your custom reinforced packing tape needs only a matching set of packaging products to complete an impressive unboxing experience. After all, you want to create an unforgettable moment between your brand and customers. Through a well-designed packaging set, recipients will become more enthusiastic about continuing to order from your business! Below, you’ll find some inspiring ideas to complement your custom tape.

  • Logo packing tape on the exterior of your boxes will stand out even more when paired with logo-patterned tissue paper padding the interior. Delight your customers with a creatively designed package, inside and out!
  • Beautifully branded companions have to stick together! Custom stickers can go well with logo-patterned tape or even display a QR code for customers to scan upon arrival.
  • A custom shipping box deserves equally as chic tape to seal the deal. While your custom reinforced gummed tape can house your slogan, showcase your logo on a unique design for customized shipping and retail boxes.
  • Wow customers with smart packaging that extends the interactive experience! Along with your brand name, Include a QR code on your custom packing tape that directs customers to your website.
  • Kraft mailers deserve a touch of thoughtful design, too! Pair your custom reinforced paper tape and kraft envelope mailers for a plastic-free and aesthetically pleasing package.

🎁 Wrapping it up

Reinforced gummed tape will help give your customers with a sense of security, knowing that their orders are well protected while looking pleasant and professional. When customized with branding and paired with other packaging products, every package sent from your business will result in a premium customer experience.

Get started customizing your tape design here and let your creativity run wild while providing customers with a secure surprise!