Custom noissue Cotton Drawstring Bags by @mirrorsbylina

A great unboxing experience is in the bag! And it’s elevated even more when it’s a premium package that’s reliable and repurposable. Who wouldn’t love duality this helpful?

It’s no secret that single-use plastic is the bane of the contemporary customer experience. Packaging that generates tons of non-renewable waste can easily ruin what could’ve been an impressive brand experience. Brands need to get creative with their products to avoid impacting the earth without sacrificing their presence. Enter a solid and sustainable solution to end plastic waste: reusable cotton drawstring bags!

These handy little bags are often used as packaging for jewelry, small accessories, and handbags. While they might seem unassuming at first, they actually hold plenty of potential in delivering an excellent first impression that can last beyond the initial unboxing. Their superpower of reusability is a significant part of their utility. Since they can come in different sizes and customizable designs, they become all the more vital in presenting your brand to customers.  

Why your brand should use custom drawstring bags as reusable product packaging

Create your own drawstring bag design here! Pair with folded hang tags to display a custom QR code, care information, your brand’s social media, and more.

A common misconception about reusable packaging is that it’s expensive or over-the-top. We’re here to bust the myth that more sustainable packaging is unattainable or unstylish! At noissue, your brand can rely on custom cotton bags to secure your products without adding extra weight or waste. Adding a logo or artwork to a custom drawstring bag is a sure way to surprise customers with your attention to detail pleasantly.

A high-quality branded unboxing experience is tied into a convenient and consciously-made bag – without the excessive packaging or padding! Custom, eco-friendly drawstring bags are perfect for packaging various products, from skincare and cosmetics to fine jewelry and novelty pins. The durable yet lightweight construction keeps your products safe during shipment yet elevates your brand as a thoughtful one for using better packaging materials.

Since cloth bags are reusable, customers can continue enjoying their experience with your brand long after using your product. It’s hard to beat the added value that a beautifully branded and eco-friendly drawstring bag has over a typical plastic package! And because of their versatility, custom drawstring bags have many purposes for customers to keep using again and again (and again!)

Ways your customers can reuse your custom cotton drawstring bags

When packaging your brand’s product in a cotton drawstring bag, consider including something that conveys how your packaging is reusable. One easy way to do this without requiring extra bulky materials is to include a custom hang tag or thank you card about your packaging’s sustainability framework. A custom QR code linking to your website or a page with reuse instructions is also a fantastic way to provide important information to your customers and wow them with smart packaging!

About noissue’s Custom Drawstring Bags

noissue Cotton Drawstring bags are handy for businesses wanting to switch to reusable packaging. They’re also responsibly made and follow a sustainable, circular framework that keeps materials out of landfills!

Here’s what you need to know about our Customizable Drawstring Bags:

  • Made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton fibers
  • 100% reusable
  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Available for single or double-sided printing with water-based Pantone inks (one color)
  • Customize with your brand’s logo or artwork
  • Order quantities starting as low as 25 units.
Custom noissue Drawstring Cotton Bag by @haydesignco

Need a helping hand in tying up creative repurposing ideas for drawstring bag packaging? No sweat! Below are six ways customers can reuse your brand’s custom drawstring bags.

Use as a dust bag for handbags, shoes, and leather goods

Dust bags are essential in keeping fabric and leather goods safe from the elements. Your cotton drawstring bags will be a fan favorite among customers for storing purses and bags, shoes and footwear, and other fashion accessories for easy protection and access. Bonus points are in order if your logo drawstring bag displays a creative slogan or design indicating its reusability!

Use as a jewelry or accessories bag for on-to-go safekeeping

Custom noissue Drawstring Bag by @kathrynreidjewellery

It’s not uncommon for busybodies to need a safe place to store jewelry, watches, and hair accessories throughout the day. Hence, a cotton drawstring bag becomes especially handy in these situations. If only all our bags were magical and self-organizing like Hermoine’s! A custom drawstring bag that’s not only protective but looks polished will undoubtedly serve your customers that are constantly on the go.

Use as a travel toiletry bag to hold personal items and essentials

Jetsetters, rejoice! Gone are the days of the unkempt and bursting makeup or essentials kit. Instead of risking makeup, skincare, and personal health products popping open or rolling around, customers can turn your custom drawstring bags into travel toiletry bags. They’re perfect as lightweight and easy-to-open packing bags and take less space in carry-ons and luggage.

Pro-tip for soap businesses: package your sustainable bar soaps in organic cotton drawstring bags for customers to carry with them on trips and travel! Design by ‌‌

Use as laundry wash bags for delicates and small textiles

Suppose your business sells clothing or fabric items. In that case, a custom cotton drawstring bag is a convenient way to package your product as it can also be used as a laundry wash bag. Delicates, hand towels, and more will see cleaner days ahead when placed inside your brand’s cotton drawstring bags on wash days. Let your customers know how they can launder your product on a separate card or hang tag. They’ll be ultra grateful for the thought your brand puts in!

Use as a grocery or bread bag to cut down on single-use plastics

On your website or within your brand’s microsite, have a page showing customers how to reuse their cotton drawstring bags as grocery bags. Grocery shopping can get tricky and messy without a proper bag in which to place dry bulk goods, pantry essentials, and baked bread or pastries. And avoiding single-use plastics at the store is also vital to reducing our environmental impact. Hence, a reliable and reusable bag is crucial to provide customers with! Your customers will also be able to show off your logo while shopping, spreading brand awareness organically.

Use as sustainable gift wrap with or without the drawstring

Design by @posyceramics. Shop noissue Custom Drawstring Bags here!

We’ve all experienced the last-minute scramble to find gift wrap for presents, and it’s not a fun feeling! Luckily, your customers can keep on and carry on with wrapping their gifts for family and friends in your custom drawstring bags. Less waste is involved, leaving more time to appreciate the thoughtful gesture while putting your branding forward to potential new customers! Customers can also choose to reuse their cotton drawstring bags or remove the tie to package their presents as they like.

🎁 Wrapping it up

Dreaming of creating your own drawstring bags for a fun unboxing that lasts? We’re here to help bring your dreams into reality, starting with our beginner-friendly design platform where you can upload your company’s logo and designs! No design experience is required to tie together a beautiful unboxing for your customers.

Learn how to create a design for your company’s drawstring bags here. Customize reusable packaging with your brand’s style and know you’ve got a winning brand experience in the bag!