As a clothing item, denim has always been on the cooler side of the fashion spectrum – but with Juiced Denim, this idea is brought to even newer heights.

Based in London, in the heart of the UK, Juiced Denim started its life as a passion project by Julia, a fashion graduate from South London.

As a fashion student, Julia has naturally long since held a love for all things involving clothing and fashion and a particular affinity for redesigning pieces with her own creative touch of vibrant, nature-inspired illustrations.

But besides being a highly creative artist, Julia’s also held a long-time love for something else — sustainability! So in September 2020, after years of dreaming of owning her own shop, Julia brought her two passions together and channeled them into launching Juiced Denim — her own little space where she affixes her unique creative touch on old denim pieces, and upcycles them into all-new creations that are truly works of art!

Julia uses a wide range of techniques to breathe new life into each of her creations, most of which were learned from her time doing textiles in school. But most particularly, she uses a mixture of fabric paint, embroidery, and appliqués. She’s also open for custom designs for those who really want their pieces to be one-of-a-kind.

As a creative, Julia surrounds herself with several of her fellow artists, where she’s also found a supportive community of  entrepreneurs like herself who’ve helped her and her business grow since its earliest challenges. But like the best of artists, she credits her perseverance and sheer love of her craft to keep her moving forward.

“Getting the brand off its feet has been a challenge, it's still early days and I'm gradually learning how to refine my ideas and gain a clear vision. And then a bucket load of new ideas pop into my head... so it's a lot of trial and error. Perseverance and the sheer love for what I'm doing is the key though.”

Being a young artistic business in the industry is truly no easy feat, but Julia’s definitely found her own way to stand out among the others by using pre-loved fabric as her own canvas. In fact, it was this very dedication towards sustainability that propelled her to start Juiced in the first place.

“Sustainability is what pushed me to start Juiced in the first place. The importance to practice ethical production from source to packaging is a real no-brainer in my eyes. The more sustainable brands there are, in any industry, the more accessible they become!”

And aside from customized jeans and jackets, Julia’s also taken on working her magic on other items as well — like headbands — that are all made from remnant fabrics collected over the years. Most recently, she’s been able to take her sustainability efforts a step further by using noissue Stamps in her packages instead of clothing tags, that she’s affixed with her own one-of-a-kind logo.

Although she may just be starting out, Julia’s been on a roll with her designs — you can expect a summer collection to be launching in the very near future.

And that’s definitely something you can consider us juiced about!

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Instagram: @thisisjuiced

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