The interior of Machine Shop

In just the year and a half since it opened, Machine Shop has already become a staple for baked goods in Philadelphia. Started by Emily Riddell, Machine Shop features French pastries that are made with locally-sourced ingredients. The bakery is housed in a historic building that used to be home to an auto body workshop for a vocational school.

Emily Riddell, the founder of Machine Shop
A selection of pastries from Machine Shop

To compliment their pastries, Machine Shop uses our custom concession bags and custom bakery bags. The custom concession bags reference the businesses name by deconstructing a variety of tools the bakery uses to make their pastries. These custom concession bags are FDA-compliant and printed on grease-resistant paper.

noissue x Machine Shop custom concession bags

The custom bakery bags used by Machine Shop are minimally designed, which allows the vibrant pastries to be the star. These bakery bags are also FDA-compliant and made with grease-resistant paper as well.

noissue x Machine Shop custom bakery bags

To learn more about Machine Shop (and stare at photos of beautiful pastries) click here.