“Hello! My name is Fei, and I am from New Jersey. I am currently a university student studying computer science, but art has always been my passion! I made an art Instagram account in 2016, during my first year of college, because I wanted to de-stress from school and share my work with others. I love creating cute and simple illustrations, especially of animals and food. My illustrations are mostly inspired by delicious foods and drinks, and adding a little animal in there makes it look more whimsical, which makes me smile. 😊”

“Starting a business has never even crossed my mind during that time. But as my audience grew, I got more and more comments saying they would love to buy my art or see my art turn into products. This gave me a lot of motivation, and in mid-2019 I opened my Etsy store selling pins and stickers. It brings me so much joy when people tell me my art has made them smile, brightened up their mood, or gave them inspiration to be creative. My goal is to continue making art that may bring a little bit of fun and happiness to myself and others.”

“One huge challenge was trying to balance my business with school and work. Packaging orders can take me a long time, especially since I like to make each order personalized. Sometimes I did not have time to work on orders, like if I had a lot of projects and assignments due, and also had to study for exams. Many times, I would stay up late to finish my schoolwork, and then package orders afterwards. I definitely needed to work on time management. Eventually I found a better and healthier schedule, and getting my tasks done has been much easier. Another challenge was trying to run my shop in my college room, but it was pretty fun. I just had to be a little creative with the small amount of space!”

“I am pretty new at running a business, and so I am still learning and seeking new advice! An advice for those who want to start a business is to not be afraid and that it is okay to move at a pace you are comfortable with. There were a lot of things that I had to learn before I opened my shop, and it was very overwhelming. I feared that something might go wrong, and I questioned whether I should even continue. But as I did more research, I became more confident and excited. I am extremely happy that I carried on even if I was scared.”

“I have been researching ways to help my shop become more eco-friendly so I can decrease my environmental footprint. When I first started my shop, I was not thinking of sustainability. I looked at the cheapest packaging options because I was trying to keep my costs low. The main reason was because I was uncertain if I was going to receive enough support to earn back the money that I put into it. However, I know that I need to think of long-term effects, and consider sustainable options in order to keep our planet healthy. I am working on using up all of my non eco-friendly supplies and starting to integrate more sustainable alternatives. I am extremely happy that noissue has provided me with an affordable option to become more sustainable!”

“Whenever I receive an order that is nicely packaged, I feel like I just got a present and I get so excited opening it up! I want my customers to feel the same way when they receive a package from me. When I first opened my shop, pretty packaging was not one of my main focuses. I just wanted to make sure that my items are securely wrapped and sent off. But later on, I felt that my presentation looked really bland, like something was missing. I wanted to do something more fun with the packaging, especially since I spend a lot of time putting orders together. Custom packaging gives my orders more personality and it shows that a lot of thought and care has been placed in each order, which makes the customers feel more special. I am having such a fun time packaging orders now, and giving each customer a unique experience!”

“I have seen so many shop owners using beautiful custom tissue paper to wrap their orders, and I always wanted to do the same! I was so excited to have my artwork printed on tissue papers and stickers, and it definitely made my orders look much nicer. Tissue paper keeps all the items together, and I use a sticker to secure everything together. I am loving the outcome!”

“I knew I wanted to include my favorite animals and desserts in the design! I was just not sure which color combination would work and where to place them, so that part took a while! I absolutely love how the tissue paper came out! The quality is amazing! The noissue design tool was very easy to navigate, and the team was extremely helpful, which made the design process easier.”

“I saw a lot of Instagram users use noissue packaging, and when I checked them out, I was amazed by the products they offered. Not only are they fully customizable, but also affordable and sustainable. This was perfect for me because I always wanted to have my own designed tissue paper, and it would also help my shop become more eco-friendly. Having noissue packaging definitely made my orders look more fun and special! I hope my customers feel excited when they receive their orders!”