We all have many wonderful childhood memories that we keep close to our hearts: the countless times we played with the neighborhood friends from morning ‘til noon, the special days and holidays we looked forward to that gave us our favorite toys and foods, and a lot more memories unique to our own experiences. For Deanna Yang, it was the mornings when the three of them, siblings, woke up to the lovely smell of freshly-baked cookies made by their mother—a treasured memory that led her to create Moustache.

Moustache is a milk and cookie bar based in Auckland, New Zealand. It was founded by Deanna Yang in 2012 as a testament to her—or just about any other person’s—childhood memory of dunking a freshly-baked cookie in a cold glass of milk, forming a milk moustache, which is where the brand name Moustache was derived from. It has always been a dream of founder Deanna Yang’s to open up a cookie and milk bar ever since she was a child, from selling cookies to her classmates in high school to finally opening one at 21 years old.

Now 11 years strong, Moustache has gone through a lot of changes, but never to its ever-delicious selection of cookies. From starting out in its first-ever store near the Civic, then switching it out to a shop in a bus touring across the country, to finally settling down on its two milk and cookie bar locations at Manukau and Remuera in Auckland; and very recently, the change has expanded to the brand’s overall look while still maintaining that playful authenticity that Moustache is best at portraying, with the help of Studio South, a brand consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand.

One thing that remains a staple for the new and elevated look of the brand is its logo: a moustache. Only this time, it has turned into a character that perfectly encapsulates the playfulness that is inherent to the brand. Another thing is the brand color: a fresh and adorable shade of yellow. It evokes a special kind of familiarity and joy, a color that can not only be associated with child-like happiness but now with Moustache as well.

Moustache never compromises on quality. The ingredients they use for their cookies are, according to their website, made with “free-range eggs, real NZ butter, premium Dutch cocoa, and plenty of delicious Whittakers chocolate with no use of additives or preservatives". Because great quality is innate to Moustache, it must be as well for other aspects of the brand, such as packaging; so for that reason, Moustache partnered with noissue.

Moustache uses noissue Custom Product Boxes for easy storage of their signature cookies for dine-in, takeout, and even delivery. Our Custom Product Boxes are made with FSC-certified materials, printed with vibrant soy-based inks, and can be conveniently composted or recycled after use. The boxes are available in a range of sizes and can also be customized depending on your preferences or the kind of products you’re going to store in them, so your products will not only look great in personalized, sustainable packaging but are safe and secure as well.

They also use our Custom Coated Sticker Rolls for easy and effortless branding and sealing. These sticker rolls are made with FSC-certified and curbside recyclable materials and coated with BOPP, which makes them grease- and moisture-resistant and best for labeling jars, bottles, and other food and drink packaging.

For their limited edition merch, they opted for our Custom Premium Tote Bags, designed with their logo on one side, a tagline on the other, and a wide bottom gusset that is perfect for a quick grocery or market run, a daily stop at the gym, or just an overall addition to your #OOTD. These totes are reusable, made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, and printed in eco-friendly water-based ink.

To keep their milks and shakes looking sleek and on-brand, they use our Custom Single Wall Cups, which are made with recyclable materials, printed with vibrant soy-based inks—as seen reflected beautifully on Moustache’s cups—and are available in sizes 8 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz, and are a perfect pair with our Stock Cup Lids.

And last but not least, for easy carry of their delicious cookies in and out of their stores, Moustache also uses our Custom Bakery Bags to pack one (or two) of their freshly baked goods safely and securely so their customers can perfectly enjoy them on-the-go. These paper bags are made with FSC-certified greaseproof paper that can be conveniently recycled or composted after use.

Is all this cookie talk making you crave some? Come and visit Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar at 40 Cavendish Drive in Manukau and Orakei Bay Village, 228 Orakei Road in Remuera, Auckland, and go crazy about their mouthwatering selection of signature cookies, or have them delivered to your door when you order online at https://moustache.co.nz/.