Anybody looking out for some new, absolutely delish, and quality-made pork selection? Here’s an up-and-coming women-founded brand that’s definitely going to “meat” your expectations. Meet Lottie’s Meats, a meat company co-founded by two sisters, Chelsey and Cassie, from Denver, Colorado. They specialize in sausages and ground pork, all of which are nutrient-packed, flavorful, and handcrafted in small batches—the best of all worlds!

From Lottie’s Meats collab with Traveling Mercies Bar

As part of a family that has managed their own pork farm for generations, opting for this kind of business can just feel so natural for sisters Chelsey and Cassie. Other than offering the best—and only the best—in meat selection, part of their mission is also to “honor and empower the many women behind the scenes in the food ecosystem” as a brand that is women-owned and operated.

Cassie (left) and Chelsey (right), the co-founders of Lottie’s Meats

Part of their mission is also to make their commitment to sustainability apparent not only in sourcing the products that they offer but also in other things that will represent the brand outside of their founded network of patrons, which is through the use of sustainable packaging from noissue. Find out more about Lottie’s Meat’s story, design inspiration and process, and how noissue is the perfect fit for the brand, only here!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

Lottie's Meats is a sister-owned emerging food business born out of the six-generation family hog farm we grew up on in the Midwest. We offer a diverse range of chef-crafted, nutrient dense, all natural pork sausages and ground pork blends – sourced from our family farm network and crafted in small batches in Denver.

We grew up eating A LOT of pork and we’re motivated to carry through our family farm legacy in a new light – bringing pork (rich in vitamins and nutrients and less environmentally impactful than beef or lamb) back to the dinner table, and the conversation, in a new and meaningful way. One that centers around socially and environmentally friendly practices while also bringing new flavors, ideas and communities together.

Founders Chelsey and Cassie when they were kids

We want to break down gender barriers and help localize the meat industry by creating a brand that resonates with both women and meat lovers in our community who are looking for products that taste good, do good and make them feel good.

And Lottie’s - a family name - is here to do just that.

Lottie’s very much embodies and honors the women who have paved the way for us and played with the “big dogs” in systems that weren’t designed for them.

And here we are -  also playing in a system that has lasting consequences on our communities and our planet and we hope that by participating, we can start to move the needle towards collective action and an optimized ecosystem that benefits everyone.

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

When designing the brand for Lottie’s, we immediately gravitated towards warm colors with vintage tones and funky fonts and illustrations. We were constantly treading the line between heritage-style branding and what we affectionately called, “old-school diner and gas-station vibes” with a more modern, femme spin.

We also wanted to nod to the branding known in the meat industry - which is heavy on bright reds and shiny, black and bold packaging - but take it in a lighter, more accessible direction. Lastly, we knew we wanted a lot of fun sausage icons and illustrations that could be versatile and familiar to the modern eater and invite consumers in.

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

noissue was the perfect vendor for us given the commitment to eco-friendly packaging and variety of options, design and low MOQs. As a new brand, this was paramount to us. And, as a meat company, we are cognizant of our impact and we hold ourselves accountable to making the most responsible choices - from sourcing ingredients, to the suppliers and vendors we work with, to the packaging and materials we leverage.

Our Custom Food Paper, designed by @lottiesmeats

Chelsey, sister #1, is a professional chef and we’ve had a lot of fun hosting creative pop ups and collaborations to bring pork sausage to our community in a new way. We’ve used the noissue food paper for all of these events and we adore the product - it is easy to customize, order and most importantly, suitable for all types of products and compostable.

Our Custom Tote Bags, designed by @lottiesmeats

We also chose noissue tote bags when choosing bags to use as in our-day-to-day business and also, for our first merch sale - which benefited the Women’s Bean Project - a non-profit who provides job training and employment to women facing significant barriers to work. The totes are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and provide our customers with a sustainable, on-the-go option.