Welcome back! As we've all settled into the new year, it was about time we share our annual packaging trends. Here's what we think we'll see more of in 2023.

Trend #1: Packaging as brand and advertising real-estate

This will come as no surprise, but packaging is great real-estate to share your brand values, make an impression, and create that excitement with every unboxing.

Creative messaging inside mailer boxes

Keep it simple and sleek on the outside, and add that pop of brand on the inside! You can also include important brand or product information, without adding extra materials.

By alegriadesign.co

Branded tape that puts the fun in functional

Make your packages tamper-proof with our water-activated branded tape. Functionality and style all in one! We love seeing color and brand personality on tape. Choose a white background for endless color-opportunities, or stick with kraft for a sustainable-chic look.


Cards that work double duty

Add QR to share more about your product, brand, a how-to-use video, or make it easy to reorder with a simple scan.  You can also turn it into a pretty postcard that they can keep around!


Trend #2: Multi-color is in

Lean into the multi-colored-verse

Custom tissue is easy to switch up with every season or campaign! We've seen a few brands leaning into contrasting color combos, and different base colors for each packaging element. Get multiple custom looks for your brand!


Multi-color sticker rolls or sheets, and tape let you customize each look!


Trend #3: It's all in the brand details

Totes on-brand

We all have an appreciation for the brand that goes the extra mile with their thoughtful keepsakes (think die-cut stickers, totes, or a little keepsake).

It's easy to turn your customers into walking brand-ambassadors. Totes are a great way to help them rep their favorite brand all day, everyday!

The Summer Label

Sustainability is always in

It's easy to include your sustainability goals, vision, or practical information on your packaging design.

Lolita by Lolita

Packaging end-of-life information made easy

We've made it easier for you to share about the appropriate packaging end of life with the Eco-Packaging Alliance certification. This QR-activated resource is free to use, and the perfect little badge to include on any packaging. Scan to see what your customers will experience!