How many pairs of socks did you receive in the past year? No matter the occasion, there's always going to be a person who's going to gift you a pair or two. And I'm sure you won't complain! Socks are great—they're stylish, make any shoes comfier, and they keep your feet warm during cold nights. Truly a gift to humanity.

Sometimes though, we tend to take them for granted. Having so many pairs on standby, we couldn't care less losing one in the dryer (or from our dog's mouth). But no matter what the story may be, one thing's for sure: a lonesome sock doesn't make it useless or less of what it is. You just need to find it a new pair, and they don't even have to match!

Hannah, the CEO and Founder of Pals Socks, strongly believes in the magic of mismatched socks that she centered her brand around it.

Before venturing into socks, the imaginative entrepreneur created and manufactured mismatched battling animal mittens for adults, called "Vs. Mittens". But selling mittens were too seasonal and wasn't ideal for someone aiming to be a full-time business owner like herself. Mittens then morphed into socks but rebranded to a message she felt passionate about; that you can be friends with someone who is not exactly like you, be it the way you look, how you view religion, or even how different you perceive things.

Pals Socks introduces this open-minded friendship concept to kids in an easy and unassuming way that will impact their life as they grow. The brand was created with two goals: to design the most fun, comfy socks ever! And to create positive social change amongst fellow humans.

"Our message is that we don’t have to match to be besties. We create an easy teachable moment that it is so fun to have a friend who isn't just like you. That is why all Pals Socks come paired as 2 different friends."

Making the best and most impactful choices is on top of Pals Socks' list. You'll notice this, not just with their mission and vision but also with all aspects of their supply chain, as well, that they go through very meticulously.

For starters, they've already replaced plastic sock tags with yarn, replaced their plastic packing tape with 100% recycled tape, and moved their manufacturing to a vertical factory in Colombia which is so much closer to them—the list goes on! To Hannah, and as a business owner in the apparel space, her business' choices matter to create industry standards.

Aside from these initiatives, Pals Socks also invested in circular packaging to match all the sustainable facets of its business. And because of ease, transparency, and cost, Pals Socks chose to work with noissue. They use custom branded tissue paper to pack their orders.

Pals Socks' custom noissue tissue

Pals Socks is also a proud member of noissue's Eco-Alliance, where they're part of a community of like-minded businesses that care for the planet and lend a helping hand in preserving the earth's resources in every order they place with noissue.

"I care a lot about preserving ancient forests, and actual sustainable forestry instead of greenwashing like so many other brands. FSC certification is the most reliable way to know you are not creating a devastating problem in the name of anti-plastic, and [I'm] so happy noissue exists." - Hannah

And to be transparent with their audience and customers, Pals Socks will have an entire section on their website dedicated to the progress they have made and what they are working towards. They have a mission to create a friendlier world, and this turns into how they treat the planet and individuals, as well.

"We not only need more open mindedness and empathy, but we need a healthy planet, forests, air and water. Most importantly, we are the only socks that are mismatched and collectible for a reason. Burgers and Fries are best friends, and they don't match! We aim to end hate and bullying through this easy teachable moment."

From starting a Mitten Business with only $600 and with no experience or connections in the industry, Hannah feels lucky to have a concept that resonated with people and got to where she is from word of mouth and strength of the product. It was anything but easy for the founder; gaining a fear of not being in the corporate world and ruining her career, going to therapy to cope with the unknown... Taking the leap was scary, but there's no doubt she's in a happier and better place now with a dedicated team and office!

For those seeking to launch their idea or business like Hannah's, her advice would be to do a lot of research and make friends! Be honest with yourself with what you can and can't do amazingly. To the creative, marketing and execution are everything, and your idea is 1%. The marketplace is crowded so it's good to be prepared to be good at marketing or be lucky, or it will take a long time to grow efficiently.

No matter the hardships at work, Hannah still finds it her favorite to create real positive change that kids are obsessed with. They get many emails thanking them, and most of them she'll treasure for a long time. She shares a special one right here:

"My daughter was given a pair of these lusciously soft and squishy socks for her birthday, and we all instantly fell in love with the entire thing. The socks are gorgeously done and top quality, but the messaging was everything to us. We are a mixed-race family, in a pretty non-diverse town, and these socks said everything we’ve been teaching our kids FROM the start. And the message isn’t preachy, its cute and fun and easy to understand. Thank you for Your products! They really do make a difference!"

Who knew finding your solemate didn't mean you had to match perfectly? Pals Socks teaches love in the simplest, cutest way possible. Their mismatched socks are a fun way for teaching kids acceptance and serving as a reminder for us that being different isn't a flaw.

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