My brand SHELDO was born in 2010 after finishing a Visual Communications Degree in Newcastle. After freelancing as a Graphic Designer and illustrator for many years, I decided to strengthen my brand by opening an Etsy shop, where I offer a selection of hand-designed quirky T-shirts, tote bags and prints. My online shop is a place where I can experiment and make artwork which expresses my personal identity, because It's important to me that the customer can get a little insight into my mind. I keep an eye on trends, but I focus on creating work that is unique and stands out.

My main inspirations come from listening to music and my vivid imagination. I suppose I’m a hippy at heart, with an interest in dreams, pattern, psychedelia, geometry, nature, and space. I especially love Art Deco and the 1960’s Family Dog posters. By ensuring a coherent style and subject matter which is recognizable, everything flows together and is a key part of my brand identity.

All of my t-shirts, tote bags and prints are made to order so that there is no waste, which is very important to me and my brand. I was fortunate to find companies in Newcastle who would provide fulfilment services which is amazing for a small business. It’s important to never give up on something that you love doing. It's not been the easiest path to get to where I am today, but it makes me super happy that people round the world like to purchase my designs! It's so cool!

I chose noissue because of their amazing portfolio of happy customers, as well as providing an environmentally-friendly packaging alternative. The custom packaging definitely makes my product feel really special, and helps to strengthen my brand image.