Packaging is an extension of your product presentation and an undeniable precedent for a memorable shopping experience for customers, so why not bring out your A-game? 😉 What you will need to up your packaging game another notch is to choose a packaging that is fully customizable, reflects your brand personality in the best quality possible, and, above all, is made sustainably—our Custom Kraft Mailers check all the boxes! ✅

💡 To visualize sending off your own packages in style using branded, sustainable packaging, we have curated a list of our favorite Kraft mailer designs to date just for you!


Inspired by the Adriatic Sea, Anjac's kraft mailer design will surely take your breath away with its deep sea blue shade. She's THE moment!

Aquarius Cocktail

Aquarius Cocktail doesn’t compromise on quality—especially with fun. Now here’s a kraft mailer design that will put a smile on your receivers’ faces!


Clothing brand BELLA+CANVAS specializes in simple, quality-made, and sustainable pieces, so they also did the same for their kraft mailer design!

Rebel Patch

Rebel Patch, known for their art-like patches, uses a beautiful, lush green color for their kraft mailers. Simple yet magnetic!


Chic, timeless, and sleek. Nothing else can be described about the renowned clothing label Roucha’s kraft mailer design.

Sumner Lane

Going for the “soft girl” aesthetic this time around? Here’s Sumner Lane showing you how it’s done!

Wilson & Dorset

Who knew you could mimic sheepskin on our Custom Kraft Mailers? Wilson & Dorset takes it to the next level with this enigmatic kraft mailer design.

All of these designs (and more) are possible not only with our customer favorite Custom Kraft Mailers, but also with our newest product, Custom Paper Padded Mailers. Curiouser and curiouser? 🧐 Click here to see more about Custom Paper Padded Mailers!