Art is a powerful expression of who we are, no matter where we are. 🎨

And for the holidays, gifting a piece of artwork speaks volumes and feels extra special! Whether it’s to welcome someone with an art piece to display in their home or items to proudly wear on the daily, you’ll be expressing yourself and thoughtfulness to your loved ones.


And what better way to feed that creative craving than through shopping small businesses owned by talented creatives? Below, we’re spotlighting our favorite creatives who are owning it in their respective art scenes through prints, pins, textiles, and ceramics. The perfect gift with an artistic touch awaits!

These eight artists span the globe and are all about giving the gift of creativity and wonder through their impeccable artwork and individual expressions. Trust us, your recipient’s inner Picasso is about to get some significant creative inspiration with these artsy gifts!

Maggie Stephenson

Maggie Stephenson’s illustrations might look mighty familiar, and that’s because her work has appeared on Sephora, Jungalow, and more! A Polish and German illustrator based in Florida, Maggie creates art influenced by her European upbringing with a modern edge. Rich textures and vivid colors combine and play off each other in much of her work and make for perfect pieces to include in your home.

This art print by Maggie can be a welcome addition to your abode’s entryway or gallery wall and is a kind reminder to take care of yourself and your soul (hence the title, “You are doing great!”)


Poppy Crew

Eccentric and electric are only a couple of words to describe Poppy Crew! Quirky characters and classic cartoon influences constantly appear all over Poppy Crew’s artwork in her Bristol-based studio. And aside from preppy prints, you can also find cute ceramics, totes, clay figures, and graphic tees on Poppy Crew’s online shop – be sure to act fast, as these unique designs tend to sell out in the blink of an eye!

Their Grow Together T-Shirt is a bestseller, and for a good reason. The overall feel-good vibes are phenomenal – plus, it comes with a mini-print on an earth-friendly noissue Card as an extra thank you!


Abby Leighton

Everyone’s got a little wanderlust in ‘em. For Abby Leighton, she leans into the ways of the wandering soul with artwork that fills us with wonder. Abby is a visual artist living among the red rocks of Utah and proudly represents her home with works deeply inspired by the American west and national parks. Get going toward her store stocked with nature-themed goods and souvenirs for your inner adventurer!

Not only does Abby sell pins, patches, prints, and other physical pieces, but it also provides fonts and font bundles to purchase for use in your artistic aspirations!


Mable Tan

Through Mable Tan’s illustrations, the more mundane moments in life have never looked more magical! Drawing inspiration from animals and her travels across Malaysia and Melbourne – where she’s located now – Mable brings flourishing fauna and charismatic creatures together as a pattern designer. Peek at her prints and tea towels featuring tantalizing text and joyous designs that are sure to fill any space with some natural playfulness!

Check out these beautiful tea towels from Mabel below, and head to her online store to find even more stunning creations.


Tati Abaurre

Tati Abaurre is a pattern designer and illustrator selling prints, stationery, and textiles full of floral life! Hailing from Slovenia, Tati finds bountiful beauty in the everyday and enjoys adding a touch of cuteness to everything she creates. Her son, Leo, serves as her greatest inspiration to much of her artwork, where she crafts entire colorful worlds into patterns and designs that spark childlike curiosity.

Check out the ultra-adorably patterned Oven Mitt and Potholder from Tati. Functional and festive, they’ll protect your hands from the heat of your Christmas day feast!


Klara Hawkins

Klara Hawkins isn’t afraid to transport you to wild and bold worlds with her art! Klara is a pattern designer and illustrator based in the United Kingdom who appreciates the ceaseless charms and colors of the animal kingdom. Her artwork features plenty of furry and feathered friends from past and present on prints, pins, notebooks, and ceramics. Who says that dinosaurs can’t look dashing?

Liven up your morning tea or coffee by sipping from this Colorful Bird Enamel Mug, courtesy of Klara’s inventive imagination!


Steffi Lynn

In case you haven’t heard it yet, we hope you have a nice day! So does Steffi Lynn, an illustrator and muralist specializing in lovely lettering and graphics. Looking at Steffi’s art, you can’t contain the smiles for long! Poppy patterns and complementary colors are often found in her work, and Steffi spreads positivity and happiness with every stroke of her brush on her murals, prints, and reusable bags.

Cards can sentimentally say happy holidays to loved ones, and this Season’s Greetings Card by Steffi does all that and then some with its inviting design and lovely lettering. Steffi’s products also come in noissue’s eco-friendly Kraft packaging for a zero-waste gifting experience – what a win-win!


Maus Haus

Venture on out to the great outdoors, regardless of where you may be! The artist and designer behind Maus Haus, Claudia, takes major motivation from her home surrounded by nature in Brisbane. Claudia is passionate about the environment and sustainability, and the color palettes she uses in her work reflect the wondrous and awe-inducing sights of the Australian wild. Shop Claudia’s love letters to the land in the form of prints, digital wallpapers, mousepads, and accessories!

Keep calm and carry on into the holidays with her 100% cotton Sunrise Tote – which is the perfect size to shuttle around presents or your daily carry.


🎁 Wrapping it up

Usher in the holiday vibes with unique pieces of art to display or wear every day! And if you’re searching for something that a loved one will use season-to-season, shop these artists to support the creative community. Trust us – with these cheery and creative pieces to choose from, your presents will certainly steal the show!

Cruise on over to The Wrap for more gift ideas before Christmas officially kicks off! And if you need more artsy design inspiration for your brand’s custom and sustainable packaging, give our noissue Creative Community a follow on Instagram.