In choosing your everyday wardrobe staples, compromising on design, quality, and comfort is always a no-no, because looking good is just as important as feeling good in your own clothes. That’s the same for kidswear—moms and dads would of course like quality-made pieces in comfortable silhouettes for their kids. But kids? They can be absolutely discerning with the clothes they wear too, and they often love fun and colorful designs. Sonnie is great at that!

Sonnie is a kidswear brand based in Auckland, New Zealand, that specializes in high-quality, vintage-inspired silhouettes and comfortable wardrobe staples that are made with 100% organic cotton. What makes their clothing line even better is that Sonnie collaborates with local artists to create stylish and fun design prints that make every piece a statement for kids’ everyday wear.

From the start, sustainability has always been part of the Sonnie brand. From opting to use only sustainable fabrics for all the pieces in their collection to choosing noissue as their sustainable packaging partner. In Sonnie’s packaging journey with noissue, they share all about their mission, design process, and packaging essentials, all of which you can read in our chat with co-founder Eloise Shanahan below!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

Eloise Shanahan, co-founder of Sonnie, photographed together with her kids

Sonnie is the creation of friends and co-founders, Eloise Shanahan and Ally Munro, who sought to create a sartorial solution to meet their own needs for premium, stylish wardrobe staples for their children.

With six sons between them, the Kiwi mothers had a clear vision—a children’s clothing label that was functional but fashionable with a focus on quality pieces that can be worn, loved, and passed down.

Sonnie's story took a turn when Ally made the bold decision to relocate to Europe, prompting her departure from the team. However, this change sparked a new chapter as Sarah Helm, a dedicated fan of Sonnie, stepped in to fill the void. With her background in e-Commerce, Sarah brought fresh insights and expertise, enriching the brand' s strategies and operations.

Designed in their Auckland, New Zealand studio and calling on local artists to collaborate on one-of-a-kind prints, Sonnie’s collections are created with rambunctious kids and their discerning parents in mind.

Sonnie garments are ethically and sustainably produced using quality fabrics—including 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton—which are safer for children and kinder on the environment.

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

Our packaging design is simple and effective, utilizing our SONNIE flag across tissue, circle branded stickers, and branded tape on a brown kraft box.

Seasonal campaign imagery is featured on our postcards, along with a little thank-you note on the back.

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

noissue is perfect for us because the website is super user-friendly, and they have a very prompt and helpful design team. The product is premium, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly. We LOVE no issue!

noissue Custom Compostable Tissue and Custom Recycled Cards, designed by