Mornings usually feel like it’s just you and your coffee against the world. ☕ But it can’t always be like that, right? It can also be you and your coffee in a really aesthetically pleasing coffee cup design against the world—definitely much better!

In short, a good design can bring about a good feeling. It can attract the right people to your brand. It can also help people subconsciously associate it with your brand, thus becoming what they might call “iconic”. Who wouldn’t love that? 😉 And it doesn’t matter if it’s in something as tiny as a coffee cup; a good design is a good design, period.

🌟 Let us show you some of our Coffee Cup Staff Favorites from the last couple of months!

See how six coffee cup designs create a visual identity.

Still Here Café

First up, we have Still Here Café from the New York-based denim brand Still Here. Fun fact: the coffee is made with beans that are grown using the upcycled waste of their denim production! And this info is made accessible at the back of their branded coffee cups through the use of a QR code. How cool is all that?

Sun Day Carwash

Sun Day Carwash, the fresh, new carwash destination in San Luis Obispo, takes on things a bit differently. They offer coffee to their early-morning customers using their vintage Californian beach-inspired coffee cups with “Good Morning Sunshine” text on a bright blue base. Just exactly what you need for a morning boost!

Joe Coffee x Mulberry

Renowned coffee brand Joe Coffee, in collaboration with British lifestyle brand Mulberry, created this minimalist ribbon design in a rich shade of purple for their coffee cups. Simple yet gorgeous—what more could one want?


DOOLITTLE’s, a coffee shop slash grocer in Catskills, gives you everything you need in a neighborhood market—a cute little space for your essentials and caffeine boost—and all you’d ever want for a coffee cup—fun, stylish, and a little odd (and we love it)!

The Menagerie

The Menagerie, a holiday haven in Fredericksburg, Texas, weaves the beautiful gardens from their private estates seamlessly into this coffee cup design. Embellished with a variety of colorful flowers against a lovely shade of lavender as a backdrop, The Menagerie’s coffee cup design is sure to be a favorite.

BONUS: Broad Street Coffee Co.

For the bonus round, we have Broad Street Coffee Co.’s custom cold cup design! This coffee shop, derived from the infamous seafood shack Broad Street Oyster Co., is a certified go-to hang place for the people of Malibu and beyond. And their cold cup design? It’s just the iconic yellow and white brand logo against a blue-green flag—no big deal.

That’s all, folks! 📝 If this list has gotten your creative juices flowing, then great news for you—our Custom Coffee Cups have just been upgraded. Check them out here: