What makes a neighborhood everyday store great is when their passion for providing good-quality, healthy, and yummy food selection is transparent in every single aspect of their identity. Suá Superette, a grab-and-go concept store based in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles, does this best.

To start, Suá’s menu consists entirely of dairy-free, refined-sugar-free, gluten-free, and nut-free side dishes and meal options, all of which are freshly made by their in-house chefs, so you can rest assured that they are all deliciously nutritious without compromising flavor.

Jing Gao, founder of Fly by Jing, which is known for its cult-favorite chili sauce, and fashion and beauty influencer Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth created this modern Sichuan-inspired marketplace. Together, with Jing’s expertise in accentuating Chinese flavors through her products and Stephanie’s family background in operating restaurants, they ventured to create a space where anyone can get organic and locally-produced ready-to-eat meals, high-quality retail and food goods, and many other lifestyle items.

Suá, since opening its doors in November 2023, has become a favorite go-to place for many from Larchmont Village and beyond, and what can we say? It’s not your typical neighborhood shop. Their Larchmont flagship is a beautiful space of white walls, warm wood shelves, and furniture, with a complementing concrete and green mix with their counters and planters, and a sparse display of curated selection of products.

Also associated with Suá’s identity are their signature colors, lemon yellow and a muted shade of green—both of which are reflected across their social media platforms, website, store accents, and even physical paraphernalia such as packaging.

Suá uses our Custom Sticker Sheets, designed with the Suá logo and a backdrop of their signature green color, to label their ready-made meal boxes and drink cups. These stickers are fully customizable with soy-based inks and made with FSC-certified materials, so not only do they look good, they are good for the environment too—the stickers are compostable and the liners are curbside recyclable.

The shop, other than the wide array of products they offer, also specializes in crafting matcha, tea, and coffee drinks for their customers to enjoy in Suá’s vicinity or on-the-go. For hot drinks, they use our Custom Recyclable Double Wall Coffee Cups. These are designed similarly to their stickers, with their logo and the body of the cup covered all around with their green brand color.

Double-walled cups are best used to carry your favorite drinks anywhere you go, as they provide an extra layer of protection from high-temperature drinks. Our custom cups are made from FDA-compliant materials, and to properly dispose of them, they are conveniently recyclable where accepted.

If you are out of your kitchen essentials and would love to discover some new ones to add to your set, it’s time for you to drop by Suá Superette at 144 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, California, or visit their website at https://suasuperette.com/.

The Suá Superette flagship store, photographed by Matthew Kang