Chaymaa Sobhy's custom tissue paper


"I really love the use of two color and white in this design. I think it's a really clever way to add contrast, movement, and depth to your packaging design by taking advantage of negative space (the white). This design is so captivating and intricate, and the autumnal colors really add a very classy touch!"

– Amanda Teo, marketing manager

Paper Picnic Design's custom tissue paper


"Their clever use of white on the contrasting blues makes it seem like there are more than two colors, and the use of a dark navy on light blue coupled with solid shapes means the pattern can be seen through the first layer, which creates a lot of visual depth!"

– Josh Bowden, co-founder

Have A Nice Day's custom tissue paper and stickers


"I'm a huge fan of packaging that shares a message or draws a smile... this playful design does both! The cheerful colors and messaging is just what I'd want to find on my doorstep in 2020 (or any year, really!)"

– Cathy Strini, partnerships manager

The Fox In The Attic's custom tissue paper


"I love how The Fox In The Attic have used such a vast range of individual illustrations to create a really busy and fun design, but have also kept it clean & crisp through the use of thin lines and a 1 color metallic gold print!"

– Tim Instone, operations

Maxine Vee's custom tissue paper


"The use of fall colours in this noissue tissue is amazing! Plus, I love how the tissue didn't use a pattern, which is what we usually see in most designs. I also love how the artist was able to showcase her art and illustration through her packaging. So gorgeous and original!"

– Arielle Calara, marketing associate

Mochipanko's custom tape and tissue paper


"This is such an interesting and fun noissue tissue and tape combo that I can't help but take a longer look every time I see it! The colour palette they used fits perfectly with their whimsical tissue design (look at those mushrooms!) Love how they matched it with their tape too."

– Maryanne Torres, marketing associate

Oana Befort's custom kraft mailer


"Oana's strong branding is always evident in all of her packaging elements. I'm always fascinated in the way she infuses her ethereal aesthetic in anything she designs- and that includes the noissue packaging! The classic gold on white color combination on her noissue tissue and noissue sticker was fittingly utilized for the holidays. The noissue Kraft mailer design, which is nothing short of elegant, completed the spread. What a sophisticated masterpiece to end the year!"

– Lia Amper, community manager

Aragma Swim's custom tissue paper


"As an ocean lover, I couldn't go past this beautiful two color tissue paper design by Aragma Swim. Just looking at it brings on feelings of calm and contentment, as the waves give the illusion of movement. It shows that sometimes the best designs don't have to be busy – they can be simple, but incredibly effective."

– Elly Strang, digital editor

Marisol Ortega's custom tissue paper


"Because of her clever use of the right paper weight that when paired with her illustration creates an entirely new masterpiece. #PackagingMagic!"

– Bless Regina Melad, senior marketing associate

jb0xtchi's custom tissue paper


"I love this because she used a simple black background to match her pale illustrations. Deep colors are often associated with sophistication and elegance and darkness and mystery. jb0xtchi's Halloween tissue makes so much sense, especially if you're a follower of her brand (she has a cute and creepy style)! Her designs, which are an absolute work of art + the expressiveness of the black color, and you have yourself a custom tissue with a hundred stories to tell."

– Claui Sta. Ana, marketing associate

Folio's custom tape


"I love how their simple packaging is easily elevated with the bold colors and design of the noissue Tape and noissue Stamp. It's sleek, straightforward, and striking."

– Joanne Millares, marketing associate

Amy Design Co and Maison Frida's custom tissue paper and sticker and @maisonfrida

"I just love the chunky, abstract pattern used for this children’s clothes packaging design. Can't imagine the fun colour combination on this tissue paper + sticker going unnoticed – and that’s what great branded packaging is all about! It may or may not be on purpose, but the ‘M’ featured on the sticker looks like a little elephant to me... My favourite animal!"

– Yara El Siwi, creative programs manager

Feeling inspired by these designs? Create your own beautiful custom tissue paper, stickers and tape here, and be sure to share your design on Instagram and use the hashtag #noissuetissue so we can see it!