☕ Nowadays, takeout is synonymous with enjoying food or drinks as fresh as when made at your eatery, but in the comfort of one’s home or outdoors.

Carrying out and to-go orders for coffee, light lunches, and baked goods have also become more of the norm in a post-COVID world, making having the proper packaging materials all the more important than ever. The last thing a budding food or coffee brand wants is for customers to have a subpar experience with your irresistible eats!

To ensure that your brand is always on its A-game for every order, you’ll want to use the most convenient containers, cups, and portable pouches that still show off your beautiful branding. Bonus points for solutions made from more sustainable materials that don’t sacrifice reliability, either.

Create your coffee shop's custom stand up pouches, coasters, and more for a cafe experience like no other!

This guide will cover the customizable takeout packaging products that will elevate your brand while serving up your best coffee or tea drinks, cafe menu items, and more.

⭐ How branded takeout packaging turns to-go coffee and cafe orders into five-star experiences

Custom noissue Soy-Based Ink Stamp by @palette_melbourne

No shade to the typical takeout containers and boxes that hold some of the best meals on earth, but in the case of food presentation, what it comes in has to look equally as good. And customers agree!

Beverages are one of the top kinds of shared content on social media, and every diner would want their mid-day energizer to look like a work of art for friends, family, and followers. Therefore, it’s in a brand’s best interest to make their cafe's packaging memorable to complete the portable package and attract new and loyal customers.

And for customers who want to enjoy your establishment’s products at home or try via ecommerce easily, it’s ideal to ensure they receive the same thoroughly crafted experience they would when dining in.

Coffee cups with lids, takeout paper bags and boxes, and pouch packaging with your logo or distinct artwork should be eye-catching on the first impression and show your customers that your brand doesn’t skimp on any details.

Custom noissue Stand Up Pouches by @torquecoffees‌‌

Best of all, your paper coffee cups and pouch packaging need not be wasteful. Sustainability is at the forefront of most consumers’ preferences, after all! To remain thoughtful to both people and the planet, turn to packaging made from better materials that can either be recycled, composted, or reused.

Your customers will appreciate your commitment to being a more conscious brand without losing your sense of style or brand personality. A coffee shop or cafe that’s not afraid to walk the walk with eco-friendly packaging is sure to attract even more customers for a cuppa or two (make it three!)

Eager to produce excellent cafe takeout? 🛍 Here are our recommendations for personalized coffee packaging and more!

We know you must be hungry to hop right into it! Without further ado, here are the essential takeout packaging products that cafes and coffee brands can customize for endless rave reviews.

Coffee & Drinks

noissue Compostable Stock & Custom Coffee Cups with Lids

  • Kraft coffee cups with lids made from crystallized PLA for high temperature durability
  • 100% commercially compostable cups and lids
  • Choose between a Kraft or White cup base
  • Tab-free lids make it easier for sipping hot beverages on the go
  • Customize noissue Coffee Cups with your branding, logo, or artwork in non-toxic HP inks that won’t affect compostability
  • Cups come in 12 oz and 16 oz sizes
  • Package hot coffee, tea, and cocoa drinks for takeout in personalized eco-friendly coffee cups with lids
  • Shop noissue Custom Coffee Cups here.
  • Looking for unbranded coffee cups with lids? Check out our Stock version.

noissue Custom Stand Up Pouches

  • FDA approved stand up pouches made from recycled materials coated with water-based Polyethylene
  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Has side gussets and a flat bottom for space-saving storage
  • Tear-notch included for easy opening
  • Waterproof, powder-resistant, and child-resistant press-to-close seal
  • Can contain edible products like cookies, coffee beans or grounds, candy and more, or even non-edible products like bath salts
  • Available to customize with your branding or logo in non-toxic CMYK HP inks that won’t affect recyclability
  • Show off your artwork at the front and center of your stand-up pouch, or include a QR code for customers to reorder product
  • Shop noissue Custom Stand Up Pouches here.

noissue Stock Paper Straws

  • Made from 3 layers of FSC-certified food-grade kraft paper that can withstand hot drinks up to 75 degrees Celsius
  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Available in brown kraft, solid or striped colors, and festive patterns
  • Leave recyclable paper straws on your cafe's counter or include them in takeout bags
  • Shop noissue Stock Paper Straws here.

noissue Stock Sugarcane Straws

  • Made from FSC-certified 20% sugarcane pulp and 80% PLA (bioplastic made from renewable resources) for use with cold and lukewarm drinks
  • 100% compostable
  • Available in a natural, translucent color
  • Provide customers with compostable sugarcane straws to enjoy with smoothies, iced coffee, and iced tea
  • Shop noissue Stock Sugarcane Straws here.

noissue Custom Coffee Bags with Tin Tie

  • Coffee bags with a square bottom gusset and tin tie made from recycled kraft paper certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • 100% compostable or curbside recyclable
  • Remove tin ties before composting
  • Features a food-safe polylactic acid (PLA) coated lining
  • Available to customize with your branding or logo in non-toxic dry foil hot stamping on one side
  • Catch your customer’s attention at the counter and display your roasts on custom coffee bags with a convenient tin tie for easy resealing
  • Shop noissue Custom Kraft Paper Coffee Bags here.

Labels & Accessories

noissue Custom Coated Stickers

  • Made from FSC-certified white paper with a waterproof biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film coating
  • Coated labels and release lining are 100% curbside recyclable
  • Comes in a Matte or Glossy finish
  • Choose between four shapes and five sizes
  • Available to customize with your branding or logo in non-toxic soy-based inks that won’t affect recyclability
  • Display important information on product packaging or easily add your logo to takeout containers and cups using waterproof stickers
  • Shop noissue Custom Coated Labels here.

noissue Manual and Self-Inking Stamps

  • Reusable manual or self-inking stamps made from durable FSC-certified wood or 65% post-consumer plastics
  • Comes with a soy-based ink pad or ready-to-use cartridge
  • Choose between various sizes and four different ink colors
  • Best suited for use on paper or kraft products like coffee cups, paper bags, and more
  • Leave impressive personalized stamps of your logo or artwork onto paper packaging and stock coffee cups that won’t affect compostability or recyclability
  • Shop noissue Custom Stamps here
  • Check out our water-based ink refills for when your stamp pad or cartridge runs low.

noissue Custom Coasters

  • Made from 30% FSC-certified recycled water-absorbent paper
  • 100% compostable, curbside recyclable, or reusable
  • Circle or Square shaped
  • Choose between Single or Double-sided printing
  • Available to customize with your branding or logo in non-toxic water-based inks that won’t affect compostability or recyclability
  • Personalize dining surfaces and takeout orders with custom paper coasters that feature your brand’s social media or a QR code menu
  • Shop noissue Custom Compostable Paper Coasters here.

Containers, Bags, and Merchandise

noissue Custom Folded Takeout Containers

  • Made from FDA-approved recycled kraft materials and features a food-safe, greaseproof PE lining
  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Folding closure prevents container from popping open during takeout or delivery
  • Available to customize with your branding or logo in vibrant soy-based inks that won't affect recyclability
  • Choose between 1-color or 4-color printing or full bleed printing
  • Keep pastries and light lunches like salads, sandwiches, wraps, and more protected in eco-friendly, personalized folded takeout containers
  • Shop noissue Custom Folded Takeout Containers here.

noissue Custom Sandwich Bags

  • Side gusseted, flat bottom sandwich bags made from 40% recycled FSC-certified kraft paper
  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Choose between five sizes
  • Available to customize for one-sided printing with your branding or logo in non-toxic water-based inks that won’t affect recyclability
  • Place your logo at the front for customers to instantly recognize when ordering takeout or delivery
  • Shop noissue Custom Sandwich Bags here.

noissue Custom Takeout Bags

  • Traditional and sturdy takeout bags featuring twisted paper handles, side gussets, and a flat bottom made from 100% recycled FSC-certified kraft paper
  • 100% curbside recyclable
  • Choose between two sizes
  • Available to customize for one-sided printing with your branding or logo in non-toxic water-based inks
  • Boldly show off your brand’s logo and contact information on a takeout bag for customers to snap a photo of, and seal the opening with a waterproof sticker to prevent tampering
  • Shop noissue Custom Takeout Bags here.

noissue Custom Tote Bags

  • Made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton, OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, or 60% recycled organic cotton
  • 100% reusable
  • Choose between three sizes
  • Available to customize for double-sided printing with your branding or logo in non-toxic water-based inks
  • Create eco-friendly tote bags as merchandise for customers to rep your brand and reuse daily, or use as premium eCommerce packaging to contain your coffee bags or standing pouches
  • Shop noissue Custom Organic Cotton Tote Bags here.

🎁 That’s a Wrap!

You can bet there’ll be more where all the above came from! Stock up on personalized takeout packaging to bring your eatery, cafe, or coffee business to another level. Let your beautiful branding on effortless and eco-friendly custom packaging complement your brews and bites, and watch as the lines go out the door!

Keep an eye out on The Wrap for the latest takeout packaging products to put your brand’s best foodie foot forward. Curious about more ways to use standing pouches for your eatery and other products? Check out this story!