Confused by greenwashing? GOTS to the rescue! A Global Organic Textile Standard certification cuts through the noise, guaranteeing truly organic and ethically made clothes and textiles.

Let’s dive into how GOTS products bridge the gap between conscious consumers and environmentally friendly companies committed to positively impacting our planet.

What does 100% GOTS-certified mean?

Think "greenwashing" is as bad as wearing polyester in a heatwave? Yeah, we do too. That's why GOTS isn't just another feel-good label made to make companies look good. It's the leading textile processing standard for organic textiles, helping to foster a sustainable textile industry. Backed by independent certification across the supply chain, the GOTS label gives you peace of mind. Every step in the process meets strict environmental and ethical standards.

What are the criteria for GOTS certification?

GOTS relies on comprehensive criteria to ensure health and safety, quality control, and environmental sustainability. This unified standard makes it easier for textile processors and manufacturers to export fabrics and garments with a single, universally accepted organic certification. Some of the criteria are as follows:

Using organic fibers

To achieve the GOTS certification, fabrics must be made of at least 70% organic fibers and grown without GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Products labeled as “organic” must contain a minimum of 95% approved organic fibers. At noissue, our totes and drawstring bags proudly wear the GOTS stamp of purity. Our products are designed from certified organic cotton material and are free of non-toxic dyes and chemicals.

Ensuring fair treatment

GOTS doesn't tolerate shady dealings. Child labor? Discrimination? Absolutely not. GOTS ensures fair wages, safe working conditions, and happy people making your clothes and materials – because ethical fashion is better for everyone all round, long term.

Environmental responsibility

Comparing organic cotton to regular cotton reveals the stark truth: 90% less water consumption and zero harmful chemicals and pesticides. GOTS helps protect the environment, guaranteeing that textiles are ethically sourced and have a lighter footprint.

What is the difference between certified organic and GOTS?

Organic materials are produced without synthetic pesticides, harsh chemicals, chlorine bleach, or heavy metals. Organic textiles champion biodiversity conservation, saving more water and nurturing vibrant ecosystems for a healthier planet. GOTS, however, takes it up a notch.

GOTS certification guarantees that the entire supply chain, including wet processing units, packaging materials, and the final stage of production, adheres to strict social and ecological criteria.

Think of buying cotton products as choosing your ingredients for a meal. Organic cotton is like fresh, locally grown tomatoes - good for you and the planet. But with GOTS certification, you're getting a Michelin-starred chef who not only picked the best tomatoes but also ethically sourced everything else, prepared it sustainably, and presented it beautifully. Which would you prefer?

From seed to shop, noissue has your back (and the planet's)

The GOTS label ensures sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices for organic textiles. From the tiny cotton seed to the final product, GOTS ensures everything's fair, eco-friendly, and top-notch. No shady chemicals, no sweatshops, just happy farmers, clean water, and good planet vibes.

Achieving GOTS certification is no cakewalk: These standards are uncompromising, no doubt. But at noissue, we believe in going the extra mile for our workers, customers, and Mother Earth. Our commitment to these stringent standards guarantees you’re buying the highest-quality organic cotton products.

Let your style speak green with noissue, and shop today

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