Caring for your skin is a great investment, especially as every day becomes more and more busy with things to do and places to go, and the stress and mess inevitably, and over time, gradually catch up on you. So not only does your body need a break, but your skin as well. The solution: putting in extra effort to keep your skin healthy and glowing will always be worthwhile.

But with the seemingly endless options on the market nowadays, uncomplicated and consistent treatments that are personalized exactly to what your skin needs sound a bit more enticing. If that’s the kind of beauty therapy you’re looking for, Miami’s “new kind of beauty collective” is here for you. Meet Alexis Lauren, a luxurious beauty and wellness space founded by husband-and-wife duo Dr. Michael and Alexis Renda.

Dr. Michael and Alexis Renda, the co-founders of Alexis Lauren

Alexis Lauren specializes in bespoke medical-grade treatments such as injectables and facials, among others, and also offers a wide range of skincare products from trusted beauty brands. Every skin is different, so what Alexis Lauren does is cater to each type differently with customized and carefully curated treatments that would give the best results accordingly—resulting in their patrons not only looking good but feeling great, too.

A look inside Alexis Lauren

It’s part of their brand personality to not limit their special treatment to only their services but also on the retail side of things—for an overall transformational experience. So for packaging, Alexis Lauren chose noissue and opted for products that would reflect the same light of luxury and minimalism that is inherent to their branding, as well as their commitment to sustainability. Read on to learn how Alex Lauren started and their packaging essentials from noissue!

Tell us a bit about your brand, introduce it to the world!

When we moved to Miami, I was looking for a place for injectables and facials and I couldn't find an experience I loved. So, my husband and I started discussing what was missing in the space and what it would take to open a beauty collective that was luxurious and also offered bespoke treatments that really catered to the client and their needs. We wanted to marry the concept of injectables with high-end, highly curated skincare treatments.

One of Alexis Lauren’s treatment rooms

At Alexis Lauren, our approach is centered around personalization, delivering results-oriented, medical-grade services. We believe in offering what is best for you in the moment, satisfying varying skin needs, and generating transformational results. Located in Miami’s historic Coral Gables neighborhood, the studio offers personalized treatments that blend cult-favorite products by the likes of Biologique Recherche, Skinbetter Science, and iS Clinical. Clients can receive treatments through individual visits, or through a monthly membership in which clients receive monthly custom treatments, exclusive pricing, and members-only perks. Services available include injectables, custom facials, microneedling, and chemical peels using premium products with medical-grade devices and technology.

Our service menu is really tailored to serve the client—not overwhelm them—and our product lines are highly curated for maximum efficiency. You can expect a completely personalized experience without hidden add-ons. Our entire concept is built on serving others and making people feel good about their skin. We want people to feel relaxed, present, and confident that their individual needs and concerns will be met the second they walk in. At Alexis Lauren, the bar is set high.

One of Alexis Lauren’s treatment rooms

Tell us about the design for your packaging and how you’re using them?

During the design process, our goal was to showcase our brand in an elevated and luxurious manner. We experimented with various tagline ideas, but ultimately concluded that our brand name was the most fitting choice. Few brands offered the flexibility we desired for positioning the text, especially near the edge, but noissue proved to be the perfect solution.

The custom tissue paper played a crucial role in enhancing the presentation of our boxes. We sought something to introduce a lighter tone to our predominantly pink boxes and convey a sense of luxury. The lightweight and high-quality nature of the tissue paper made it an ideal choice. We utilize it for both our boxes and as filler for product bags, imparting a luxurious vibe.

Our totes serve multiple purposes, including gifting, events, and community outreach. Tote bags are incredibly versatile and practical, ensuring that recipients find various uses for them, whether it be a quick grocery run or a gym bag. This versatility makes them an excellent product for brand awareness and creating a special experience for our clients.

What made noissue a good fit for your packaging?

In our search for tote bags that mirror our brand, we sought high-quality options with a touch of luxury. The customizable feature appealed to us as it enabled a more personal touch. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, we aimed to incorporate our environmentally friendly office practices into our packaging.

Founder Alexis Renda with their customized tote bags

Opting for noissue not only provided customization but also aligned seamlessly with our commitment to sustainability and quality. We believe in presenting our brand values cohesively, ensuring that what we offer reflects our dedication to sustainability, just like what our clients take home.