Packaging food in eco-friendlier ways is becoming increasingly important as we strive to live more sustainable lives. One way to be greener is by using more eco-friendly and efficient packaging, such as doypacks. While they may look slim and simple, they're far from it! In this article, we'll be breaking down what a doypack is, why it can be a convenient packaging product for your brand, and its eco-friendly benefits.

Definition of a doypack

Doypack is the common name for a type of flexible packaging, also known as a stand-up pouch. It can be made from a laminate of several materials, including paper, aluminum foil, and polyethylene.

The name "doypack" comes from the French "doyen" and "packaging" in a combination of the two words. You might have seen doypacks before, and not even realized it. Many companies use this type of packaging for their products, especially food items.

Moisture is the enemy of food products, as it can lead to mold growth. Because of how kraft is naturally moisture-resistant, packaging food inside of a doypack will help keep your products fresher for longer while remaining slim and sleek.

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What can doypacks be used for?

Doypacks are a popular packaging choice because they are lightweight and easy to transport. Their unique shape also allows them to stand up independently, which is convenient for both consumers and retailers.

Though originally designed for the packaging of juice and milk, it has since been adapted for a wide variety of other products, including:

Food packaging

From candy to cereal, doypack can be used to package all sorts of food items. The material is also safe for contact with food, so the contents will remain free of contaminants. Another benefit of using stand up pouches for food packaging is that it helps extend the product's shelf life. noissue Stand Up Pouches are FDA approved and foodsafe, ensuring that your edible products arrive and store perfectly.

Coffee and loose leaf tea

Perhaps the most widespread use of doypack is for coffee and tea packaging. The material helps preserve these products' freshness by keeping out oxygen and moisture. Plus, its upright shape is ideal for displaying on store shelves.

Coffee lovers will appreciate that your grounds and beans come in convenient stand up pouches boasting your brand’s name and product information!

Beauty packaging

The cosmetic industry has also begun to use doypack for its products. The material provides excellent protection against light, which can cause some cosmetics to degrade over time. Doypack is also a good choice for packaging liquid or cream-based products, as it prevents leakage.

Cleaning powder packaging

Have you ever had trouble getting all of the powder out of a container? Doypack can help with that! The material is made to be flexible so that you can squeeze it until every last bit of powder has been used up.

Are doypacks sustainable?

Traditionally, standup pouches for food have not been considered a sustainable choice. Some companies add a plastic spout to the pouch, making recycling difficult. The ink used to print on doypack can also be a problem, as it may contain harmful chemicals that affect recyclability.

Thankfully, there are now fully recyclable doypacks on the market, so customers can thoroughly enjoy your brand’s products and easily recycle their pouches curbside.

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Our standup pouch packaging can be recycled curbside for quick and convenient disposal. Customers will not only keep packaging waste out of landfills but also ensure that materials remain in circulation longer.

As for the ink, we use water-based inks that are safe for both people and the environment. Your products stay protected inside your doypacks while the exterior impresses with your beautiful branding, making for an elevated customer experience that won’t harm the planet!

Why your brand should be using Doypack packaging

Now that you know all about doypack, it's time to consider if this type of standup pouch packaging is right for your brand. If you're still on the fence, here are a few reasons to make the switch:

You can create a custom design

When you work with noissue, you can create a custom design for your Doypacks. With our intuitive design platform, you can add your brand logo, colors, and any other elements that will make your packaging unique.

We even have templates that you can use as a starting point, and our team is always happy to help you with your custom design. Once you're happy with your design, we'll take care of the rest! For even more personalization to show off your branding, consider adding stickers or labels to your packaging.

Show customers your brand values the environment

Finally, using recyclable Doypack packaging is a great way to show your customers that you care about the environment. In today's world, more and more people are looking for brands that share their values. They might feel more inclined to purchase from you if they know that your packaging is stylishly sustainable, to boot!

🎁 Wrapping it up

By using sustainable pouch packaging for your brand, you’ll be leading the pack in noissue better packaging options for your fantastic food! And by making the switch to packaging and shipping supplies made from better materials, you’ll be showing customers that sustainability is on-brand with your values.

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For more packaging options that pack a punch of your brand’s personality while being earth-friendly, check out our guide to the best products for food and hospitality.