Valentine's Day is more than just a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s the perfect time to spread a little bit of love to the people most important in your life, including your customers.

With an estimated $21.8 billion being spent in the US alone this Valentine’s Day – and three-quarters of consumers agreeing on the heightened importance of the holiday due to the pandemic – brands are paying extra attention to this romantic day in 2021.

Love is in the air, after all, which leads to a huge jump in gift-buying. This means ecommerce businesses are getting creative with irresistible packaging makeovers to help boost sales.

From gorgeous traditional imagery of hearts and flowers to brands thinking outside the romance box with quirky designs, custom packaging is a great way to transform any product into a swoon-worthy gift this February.

So, without further ado – roses are red, Violets are blue, and here are 10 awesome Valentine’s packaging ideas just for you.

Just Another Ada


We are crazy in love with this fun and funky packaging. UK-based artist Ada Crowe loves color, illustration, and positivity – and that’s pretty obvious from her vibrant custom tissue paper design, right? The simplicity of the bold but clean illustrations on the pink and red color palette makes our hearts skip a beat. And don’t get us started on the cute little stamps being used on the outer packaging and envelopes.

Black Lamb Studio


Founder of Black Lamb Studio Isabel Serna proves her love for her furry friends is boundless with this adorable packaging design. After all, what says ‘I love you’ more than a dog in heart sunglasses? The custom card, stickers, and tissue paper combo mixes perfect pinks with perfect pooches and is the ideal gift choice for the ultimate dog lover in your life.

Mad About Style


This delicate design by boutique fashion store Mad About Style proves romance doesn't have to be cheesy. Their stylish, subdued tissue paper floral design reflects their classic products with pops of color that are just perfect for spreading a bit of classy allure this Valentine’s. Talk about a big kiss on the (tu)lips!

Lucy Blooms


Flowers are a timeless gift at Valentine’s Day that are always guaranteed to set hearts racing. But creative design studio Lucy Blooms makes their bouquets even more special by using a floral custom two-tone tissue paper design that strikes you right in the heart. Lucy Blooms boss, Clarissa, believes thatFlowers are a universal message of love, light, and peace.” The world could always do with a little more love, so why not say it with flowers?

Sonia Stegemann


We can hardly believe our eyes at this cotton candy color combination. A calming pink is the universal color of love and femininity, which is the perfect shade for customers this Valentine’s Day. And that’s not where the love ends, either. Illustrator and graphic designer Sonia Stegemann has proved that even a simple thank you can spread gratitude and positivity through packaging. Those gorgeous custom stickers get the message across and tie everything together perfectly.

Doodle Moo


Hearts. It wouldn’t be Valentine's Day without them, right? But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditional styles. Lifestyle brand Doodle Moo has the perfect edgy alternative for playful souls, designing a custom tissue paper with bold black hearts immersed with funky illustrations that shows customers how they can be a rockstar but also enjoy a dash of romance.

Moonchild Illustrations


Our hearts rejoice at this gorgeous design by full-time daydreamer, part-time illustrator Sara Kajba. Her cartoon-style illustrations on both the custom tissue and packaging tape are definitely our cup of tea. Boldly printed in a rich red, these fun-loving images are perfectly placed on a neutral background ready and waiting to instil the festive spirit into any lucky customer that gets to unwrap.

Bubbi Pets


Love takes many forms, and you’re definitely not alone if the love of your life isn’t even human. Show your best fur-end some love this Valentine’s with a new pet accessory from Bubbipets, and you’ll get your hands on their perfectly pink tissue paper wrapping too. This cutely illustrated baby-pink tissue arrives at doors in our noissue recycled mailers, once more proving that you can show love not just for other people, but for the Earth and all its animals too. Pawsome.

Emeldo Design


Super bright, super cute and super fresh: accessory brand Emeldo describe themselves as “eclectic, fun, bold, bright and wonderful” and we couldn’t agree more. The eye-catching color palette used on their tissue paper is perfectly balanced by a simple patterned design that is guaranteed to make their customers feel special, instantly.



Find Valentine’s Day designs a bit too full-on? Maybe pink, girly hearts are not really your thing or you want to try something new? Time to take things back to understated elegance with an inked illustration or message. Traditional artist Nicole's Art has used a noissue custom stamp to create a sophisticated and intricate design with just the right amount of romance, and says: “I'm in love with my custom wooden stamp. I’ve always wanted to do this and it turned out more than great. Amazing quality and the design prints effortlessly in one go!”

Your brand + custom packaging = a match made in heaven

As the saying goes, the best thing to hold onto in life is each other – and beautiful packaging, of course.

We hope these packaging designs have left you feeling inspired and ready to share some love in 2021. Don’t forget to hit our follow button on the 'gram to keep the inspiration going all year round.

Happy Valentine's Day!