There’s something about sitting down at a restaurant and looking at a well-designed custom menu card that evokes both romance and nostalgia!

As chefs and food critics know, we eat first with our eyes. Part of the experience of working up an appetite and getting excited for your food to arrive is the experience of reading a beautifully worded menu and selecting the dish that sounds appealing.

During the pandemic, many restaurants rightly opted to add another layer of safety to entice diner fans into returning to dining out by introducing virtual menus that are accessed by scanning QR codes.

But now that so many other protective measures, like plexiglass dividers, extra spacing, and hand sanitizer dispensers are beginning to fade away, many are begging restaurants to bring back physical menus.

Here are the top benefits of using personalized menu cards in your hospitality business.

Make your Mark with Personalized Menu Cards

The best way to stand out as a restaurant or café is to have a unique vision and offering. The expression of the vision is communicated through the food, the ambiance, and the service and includes every detail, from table décor to the menu.

It always feels like a bit of a disappointment when hospitality establishments forgo attention to the important details, like having personalized menu cards. The font, the menu card size, the cardstock, and of course, the imagery and design communicate the restaurant brand to customers.

noissue Recycled and Compostable Custom Menu Cards make promoting your products to customers easier without harming the environment!

Those working in any design field know that to be effective, the design must be carried cohesively through the space. Embracing this flow enhances the transporting effects of design and, ultimately, the magic of the whole experience.

Design is one of the things customers look forward to when opting to eat out. Details such as the menu card size, the colors, and the textures all express a level of quality and attention to detail that puts patrons at ease and enhances the perception of value for their money.

Promote Hygiene and Safety

Using compostable menu cards is hygienic and safe. The truth is if you’re in a restaurant, you know that every surface, including your plate, cutlery, and food, will be touched by multiple people. We place implicit trust in restaurant workers’ professionalism and training to keep patrons safe.

To that end, compostable menu cards can be printed on card stock and biodegrade in a home compost. No waste to be left behind!

Demonstrate Social Awareness

Your hospitality business can practice social awareness by understanding the different needs of potential patrons. Seniors, young people, and many others who opt out of having their smartphones on them at all times will be at a loss in your restaurant if you cannot offer personalized menu cards.

Even better, consider providing a custom QR code to scan on your menu, that way customers can access even more options right before them. They'll appreciate the extra thought that you put into making their dining experience as seamless as possible!

A custom dynamic QR code can go a long way in smartening up your compostable menu cards! Consider linking a QR code to your restaurant's website or a microsite with your social media that customers can easily browse.

Emphasize and Enact Sustainability with Compostable Menu Cards

By utilizing compostable menu cards, restaurants can feel proud and responsible for decreasing waste on multiple levels.

Working with companies that promote sustainable business practices and using sustainable materials is the best way to mitigate waste and environmental degradation.

🎁 Wrapping It Up

Through noissue, budding brands and restaurants can become proud members of the Eco Alliance. Customers using these products will feel assured that their patronage goes to the responsible stewardship of the earth, while elevating their customer's experience through sustainable and smart solutions.

If you’re interested in designing sustainable, custom menu cards for your food and hospitality establishment, start here. Instead of sacrificing your brand's unique style, boldly let your logo and colors shine on packaging supplies made from better materials!