Waterproof stickers are a creative way for brands to customize their branding efforts, providing the right combination of aesthetics and detail to create optimal customer experiences. Customers especially enjoy receiving a personalized package that includes stickers with an eye-catching design or logo!

They’re not only great for personalizing packaging – waterproof stickers are used to keep products labeled in environments where packages and items risk exposure to humidity or moisture. Many waterproof labels are made using sustainable production methods and materials, including white-coated paper and soy-based inks. Thanks to the efficiency and cost-saving benefits that coated stickers offer, businesses can use them in various ways to keep a brand’s presentation consistent.

Whether for food items, bathroom products, and other materials, coated stickers successfully brand jars, bottles, boxes, and other packaging types. They can come in glossy or matte finishes and are curbside recyclable, while their release liners are compostable. Businesses can leverage coated stickers for different use cases, from packaging to cross-promotional initiatives to other creative ways that help brands maximize their credibility.

💡 Here are five of the most innovative ways to use coated stickers

1. As decoration on product boxes, paper tubes, and other packaging

Two creative ways to leverage coated stickers for packaging are by using colorful custom packaging and large stickers to seal or label packages. Coated stickers are ideal for businesses packaging cosmetics, flowers, jewelry, or other products that require a strong seal to keep them from opening or seeping through. They come in CYMK color options as well, allowing brands to use an appealing look complimented by valuable information to help customers/clients get the most out of their products.

Custom waterproof stickers come in different shapes and sizes, allowing brands to be more versatile with packaging and create seamless unpacking experiences for handlers during transit, as well as customers. As a result, brands can be creative with the design of the stickers as well as their size and placement, ensuring it’s an ideal fit for packaging purposes.

2. As waterproof product labels

Also, because waterproof stickers are durable and filled with multiple layers to provide maximum protection for packages, they preserve the readability of labels. The stickers can withstand moisture and precipitation. As a result, brands can customize their writing because they are corrosion and abrasion-resistant.

Waterproof stickers will stay on your product packaging, whether it’s made from glass, kraft, or recycled materials!

3. As marketing materials for cross-promotional activities

Brands looking to gain credibility among customers and other brands can leverage water or weatherproof stickers to their advantage. These stickers are good marketing tools that can show off your logo, website, or custom QR codes which businesses can use to promote and provide useful information.

When collaborating with other like-minded businesses in your industry, connect and ask to leave some of your custom waterproof stickers at events or receptions for attendees to take. Additionally, other businesses can use your coated stickers at their in-store registers, shopping bags, or online packaging.

Offering coated stickers that collaborating businesses can advertise on your behalf leads to increased exposure and grows your brand’s network. Food delivery services, florists, and clothing stores could particularly benefit from such a joint arrangement, expanding their audience bases and helping people familiarize themselves with your branding.

4. As extra branding on stock shipping boxes and packaging

Brands can ship their products in style using custom waterproof stickers to add some aesthetic appeal to newly-packaged products. Coated stickers are a part of the overall presentation for shipping as it reflects how willing brands are to customize and protect the quality of the products they are selling. Customers will be excited to receive a package that contains extra appeal and customization through cool stickers!

5. As custom QR code stickers for shipment tracking, website navigation, and more

Coated stickers for shipping can also come with tracking ability, using QR-code technology to ensure that brands can track where the packages are in transit and provide an accurate estimated time for delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. Creating water and weatherproof stickers for shipping makes the shipping process more efficient and safer.

Brands can take advantage of the portability of custom stickers to display a QR code that leads to their website or a microsite for customers to interact with. Continue the unboxing experience by having customers scan their QR code sticker on shipping boxes, mailers, product boxes, or clothing hang tags. They’ll be ultra-impressed with how smart your brand’s packaging is!

How to make waterproof stickers creative using soy-based ink

When going through the different elements of how to make waterproof stickers, protective overlays, design, and printing methods should all be considered. However, another important fundamental aspect that sparks the creativity of labels is the ink used to create the coated stickers, including their graphics, art, and brand logos.

Soy-based inks are becoming increasingly used for creating water and weatherproof stickers. They are plant-based inks that are derived from soybeans. Soy-based inks are eco-friendly and, like water-based inks, they emit very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meaning that they spare the atmosphere harmful oxides.

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With soy-based ink, brands can add logos or other creative elements to compliment packaging, possessing the necessary properties to ensure coated stickers stay vibrant and look relatively new long after being exposed to moisture. The ink also delivers strong pigment density, and gloss levels, adding distinctiveness to branding that other stickers don’t.

🎁 Wrapping it up

Choosing the right stickers for branded items requires strong attention to detail, best practice techniques to ensure that it reaches its intended destination without a scratch, and creativity to ensure brand packaging looks appealing. Now’s the time to design your brand’s customized labeling options for a spectacular and more sustainable unboxing experience!