noissue Custom Stamp by @prettyininkpress

Special delivery! Who here loves receiving a gift or finding a parcel waiting on the doorstep? 👋 We sure do!

A package turns extra special with a well-thought-out unboxing experience in tow. Perfect personalized packaging is the extra magic ingredient to boosting brand power and customer loyalty.

Taking time to create a package full of personality and positivity shows your customers you care and helps create an instant connection. What better way of putting your brand’s best foot forward and making someone’s day all at once?

To elevate your business's unboxing experience, look no further than noissue's packaging options! Completely customize your branded and eco-friendly unboxing experience, from including Tissue and Cards inside to sealing everything up with Stickers and Tape. Wow your customers upon unwrapping by turning your logo into an impressive pattern, or unleash your creativity with a one-of-a-kind design.

Inspiration Station 💡

Looking for some instant inspiration? Here are some extra special unboxings from arts and crafts businesses that have combined creativity with a bucket load of charm!

Elizabeth Rachael

noissue Custom Tissue Paper by @elizabethrachael

Gorgeous imagery, colors, and fonts all play a role in setting a brand apart from all others, and a cohesive mix of these can showcase a hella’ good unboxing experience. Easily identifiable logos mixed with fun and fresh graphics pull everything together into one beautiful bundle – a bundle that’s hard to resist tearing into!

Check out British print designer Elizabeth Rachael and her positively perfect packaging! Not only do her custom noissue Cards complement her customers cheekily on their best assets (we’re blushing Elizabeth!) but the colors and fonts used all tie in beautifully to her overall brand identity. Clear, creative and consistent – now that’s a stunning unboxing if ever we’ve seen one.

Octavia Thorns

noissue Custom Tissue Paper and Stamps by @prettyininkpress

Art can be so incredibly powerful. It can serve as a mouthpiece for the oppressed, shine a light on important issues, and can move people to stand up and fight. Art can be anywhere and everywhere – including in packaging. So why not use your unboxing experience to not just wow your customers, but also educate them on causes close to your heart?

Politically powerful and visually stunning, this gorgeous packaging arsenal from printmaker and illustrator Octavia Thorns has our instant undivided attention. This sprinkle of black girl magic on some bright and bold yellow Tissue was originally made for Black History Month, but it’s effective any time of the year. Her matching compostable Stickers really put punch into the power of the piece! Octavia believes art is a form of expression, and packaging is the perfect place to showcase it: "I want to leave this place better than it was handed to me, and it starts with the little things; packaging and shipping." Amen to that.

Josie Shenoy

noissue Custom Sticker and Tissue Paper by @josieshenoy

Stunning packaging designs are one thing, but going the extra mile can really be the cherry on top in terms of an unforgettable unboxing experience! Getting up close and personal is key to creating a bond between customers and brand for any unboxing experience. Taking time to include a thank-you Card or even a simple hello can enhance the experience and make customers feel like a VIP. Connection is the key to lasting impressions, repeat business and brand loyalty.

London based illustrator Josie Shenoy is a master at creating art that connects to people through storytelling, and her packaging is no different. "The moment I added a unique handwritten note to every order, my customers loved it!” says Josie, whose delicately illustrated custom cards create a touch base between her brand and the outside world. “I think we all need a little cheering up, and it means the world to me to hear that happy customers have enjoyed unwrapping their purchases just as much as the artwork on it itself!”

Kimber Elements

noissue Custom Tissue Paper and Tape by @kimberelements

When your whole brand ethos is about making the world a better place, you’re gonna want packaging that promotes the same. Sustainability and social and environmental justice are at the very core of Kimber Elements. With jewelry crafted by indigenous Maasai women that preserve their traditional handcraft styles and techniques, it’s no wonder that they use environmentally-minded packaging to match.

Every order comes in a jewelry bag made out of repurposed fabric and is shipped in packaging made from 100% recyclable or compostable noissue paper products. Actively allying up with organizations and companies that have the same beliefs as they do, promotes Kimber Elements’ values to their customers. What’s more, with the customization offered by noissue, they ensure a professional look that reflects their indigenous roots, to partner up alongside a heartfelt ethos. Now that’s a power play.

Ivna Lins

noissue Custom Tape, Stickers and Cards by @ivnalins

Buzz off bad thoughts, all we want is positivity and fun, fun, FUNNN!  Sometimes all it takes to give our good moods a boost is looking at a piece of art, illustration or even a joyously bright color. So, do you want to spread some good vibes? Splash them all over your packaging and let brighter days shine through your parcels!

Vibrant and oh-so-cute, these doodles from artist Ivna Lins are living it up on her custom Tape, Stickers and Card combo. With a belief that the key to positivity is heaps of color (and drawing faces on inanimate objects) it’s no wonder we are instantly attracted to this unreal unboxing effort. “Packaging is like a brand's clothes. Color, words, drawings, composition - it's all about the message you wanna shout out – or whisper.” Time to bump up that saturation bar and let the good times roll!

Quinn’s Pins

noissue Custom Stamp by @quinnspinsuk

Stationary brand Quinn’s Pins not only specialize in gorgeously quirky enamel pins but also in the art of building excitement for their products! The simple stamped-on announcement of a “Super Special Delivery” boosts that plain kraft mailer up about a million notches. And the exclamation points don’t stop there! Open on up and see a beyond-cute shade of pink tissue with a matching sticker that just piles on the anticipation of getting to those goodies.

Designer and founder Ella knows the importance of perfect packaging: “I want each order to seem like my customers are opening a gift! I decided to order some Stamps to help bring some personality to my packaging and make it memorable.” Mission accomplished there Ella, we are digging your work!

🎁 That’s A Wrap

Time to pump up the volume on your packaging personality!

Using a range of customized packaging options to add a splash of YOU to your unboxing experience is easy with noissue. From Tissue paper to Stamps, we have you (and your parcels) covered. Check it out, stand out from the crowd, and see the rewards roll in.