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As the new year is off to the races, now’s the time to think about how you can get a headstart on standing out as a brand. And with sustainability becoming a significant value proposition among consumers, it’s more important than ever to think about how you can green up areas of your business – especially with your packaging!

Why do businesses need to use more sustainable packaging materials?

The answer might seem simple, but there’s more behind the idea of becoming a more eco-friendly brand. While it’s a no-brainer to generate less waste that would negatively impact the environment, it’s also necessary to attract more customers and establish a positive connection with your customer community.

Since June 2021, half of all global consumers surveyed by PwC say they’ve become more eco-friendly in their daily lives, including what they choose to buy. Nearly 72% of Americans prefer and are more likely to purchase products that use recyclable or reusable packaging. Gone are the days of conscious packaging being a secondary option – now, eco-friendly packaging for small businesses and more sustainable shipping supplies are becoming a must.

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And this is where circular packaging materials come in as one of the easiest ways for businesses to normalize sustainable practices through more eco-friendly packaging.

New to finding more sustainable packaging solutions? Here’s what you need to know about circular packaging materials and why they benefit your business and customers.

What are circular packaging materials?

Circular packaging materials are packaging that’s sustainable by design, including either compostable, recyclable, or reusable products. These materials ensure that businesses and consumers are more sustainable through packaging that’s easy to reuse or properly dispose. Circular packaging materials can also help retain customers through eco-friendly packaging and increase repeat purchases. So there’s a lot to gain by switching to more sustainable packaging materials!

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Now that we’ve covered what circular packaging means, your business can confidently make the conscious switch with your custom packaging! Here are some custom packaging ideas that will move you away from traditional packaging solutions to better ones for the environment and your customers.

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Check out these six noissue packaging solutions that are circular and customizable to your brand! These conscious swaps and eco-friendly finishes will get your brand started on the right foot toward a more successful (and sustainable!) year.

1. Replace single-use plastic poly mailers with mailers made from compostable or recycled materials

Flexible poly mailers are a popular packaging choice among most brands. But with interest in circularity on the rise, you no longer have to settle for unsustainable mailer solutions. Compostable or recycled poly mailers are one of the most sustainable packaging materials and retain the same features you love from traditional mailers! Because they’re made from non-new materials or are 100% biodegradable, they’re a lot better for the environment and for your customers to recycle or compost the bag responsibly at the end of its life

noissue Compostable Mailer by @pauromanmx

noissue’s compostable poly mailers and recycled mailers are best for packaging textiles, clothing, branded tote bags, small items, embroidered crafts, and more. Recyclable mailers are ideal for shipping to urban areas where commercial recycling may be more readily available.

2. Avoid generating non-renewable waste by filling packages with custom, compostable tissue paper.

Styrofoam packing peanuts are a standard method of filling boxes and bags, but they’re incredibly wasteful since they’re often made from non-recyclable materials. Instead of packing peanuts, turn to other packaging fillers, like biodegradable and lightweight tissue paper, that will completely disappear from the earth when disposed of.

Layering biodegradable tissue paper can fill empty space like packing peanuts would, creating an especially fun and delightfully branded unboxing or unbagging experience! Custom noissue tissue paper can be composted at home after use, and your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a creative unboxing in packaging that doesn’t harm the environment.

noissue Custom Compostable Tissue by @littlesistercreativenyc

3. Protect your product throughout shipment in recyclable padded mailers

Padded mailers and bubble wrap are notorious for generating bulky waste as virgin plastic material. That’s why it’s crucial for your brand to use padded mailers made from recycled materials, which extend the life of plastic already in circulation. Your customers will feel good knowing that your brand values circularity by giving materials another life. Plus, your products will stay protected from bumps throughout the shipping process, making recycled padded mailers reliable for artwork and fragile items.  

noissue Recycled Padded Mailer, Compostable Shipping Labels, and Custom Compostable Stickers by @bindmyheart

Padded mailers from noissue feature a double adhesive strip, making them extra durable and reusable for returns or exchanges. Then, the mailer can simply be recycled at the end of its use where soft plastics are accepted. It’s a sustainable win-win all around!

4. Craft an unboxing experience that's also kind to the earth with recycled and compostable Gift Boxes

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift box? Even better when it’s a custom gift box that rocks a breath-taking and memorable design! Studies show that 4 in 10 consumers share their package deliveries on social media, so having a special design that’s specific to your brand throughout the unboxing experience will significantly increase your brand visibility. Customize all components of your brand’s unboxing experience, especially on the box itself, where your logo can be displayed and first catch your customer’s attention.

Using circular-designed boxes, like custom and compostable cardboard boxes or recycled E-flute boxes, will earn your brand extra conscious points! Your customers will enjoy seeing your beautiful designs on a custom gift box as they experience an unforgettable and guilt-free unboxing.

5. Include fine details that don't generate extra waste in the form of compostable Hang Tags and Cards

It’s the little things that count! For apparel and accessory brands, adding fine finishes like hangtags and packaging precious pieces in drawstring bags will elevate the unboxing experience. To stand out with your branding, customize these small details to make a big and lasting impact on your customers! These finishes can also be turned into keepsakes when they follow a circular framework.

noissue Custom Reusable Drawstring Bag by @alignslimes

Custom noissue Reusable Drawstring Bags protect keepsakes while showing off your logo! To accompany your drawstring bags, include a note on how customers can sustainably repurpose your brand’s packaging.

Adding custom and compostable hang tags can further personalize your product, too! Include fillable spaces, specific care information about your product, or even instructions on how to compost the hang tags after unboxing. The possibilities are endless – and you won’t have to worry about creating waste with these whimsical details!

noissue Custom Compostable Hang Tags by @alignslimes

6. Seal your packages with durable paper packing Tape that can simply apply with water

Plastic packaging tape is a common culprit in packaging waste that clogs drain ways and clutters landfills. To ease things up on our earth, turn to paper packing tape that can pull its weight in durability and design.

noissue’s 100% Recycled Paper Tape is a no-brainer for branded and functional eco-friendly packaging, since it's composable and can be customized to your unique design or pattern. Not to mention, this paper packing tape only needs water to be applied to the outside of boxes and packages. Say goodbye to toxic adhesives and sticky situations!

noissue Custom Compostable Tape by @nearbynaturals

Suitable to seal and support packages that weigh up to 30kgs/65lbs, you can rely on noissue’s water-activated packaging tape to display your branding and make an excellent first impression. Did we mention that we use CMYK digital printing for noissue Tape, so you can customize your tape design with as many colors as you’d like? Let your branding loose on your custom and colorful packing tape design!

🎁  Wrapping it up

We hope this guide will help your brand choose circular packaging and shipping solutions! Start swapping out those traditional and wasteful packaging products for ones that will leave your customers and the earth happy.

Have the best of both worlds through circular-designed, custom-branded packaging. Your customers will be thrilled to receive an unbeatable unboxing experience through thoughtful and beautiful packaging!

noissue knows brands, much like yours! Add your branding to circular packaging products and wow customers with a great unboxing experience. Proudly showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability through creative designs and packaging made from better materials. Proudly display your brand’s commitment to sustainability, and let your customers they can compost, recycle, or reuse their noissue packaging!

From compostable tissue paper to recycled hang tags, E-flute shipping boxes, and more, we’ve got you covered in helping you create your dream packaging. And no worries if you don’t have design experience – check out our handy packaging design templates and get started on our easy-to-use design platform.